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A gorgeous morning in the mountains is just what we needed to start this weekend off right. It was crazy windy but man, that sun felt great. Hope your weekend is off to a great start! #runswithsole #PCT #trailrunning #sdtrailultra #sdtrailrunners
Some days you just feel like a big bowl of ramen. Thankfully there’s @lotusfoods gluten-free ramen to satisfy my craving. High in vitamins, minerals and protein, with tons of veggies, it’s an awesome way to prepare for #allthemiles I plan to run this weekend 😉 Happy FriYay! #runswithsole #glutenfree #ramennoodles
Throwing it back to the amazing double rainbow at the end of the Avalon 50K. It was a perfect sight to see after coming around a turn on an awful steep downhill on pavement. It definitely energized me to finish strong. There’s not much I don’t love to see out on run but rainbows are especially lovely. I always feel like it’s a special sight because they’re fleeting. Blink too long and they’re gone! #runswithsole #avalon50K #tbt #throwbackthursday #catalinaisland #rainbow
Happy to enjoy a run outside before it starts raining again. I know we need it, so I’m not complaining. Just enjoying some time outside before it starts up again. What made you smile today? #runswithsole #workoutwednesday
One of the best things about trail running is the amazing wildlife out there, especially the foxes 😉#runswithsole #avalon50K #trailtuesday #watchforfoxes
The first #medalmonday of the year! Love the wooden medal from @elevationculture for the Avalon 50K. So unique and beautiful. I love the outline of Catalina Island. And we just had to celebrate the race with the 3-scoop sampler from @scoopscatalina. (Swipe to see) The Nutella hazelnut is 💯 Because #nutella #runswithsole #avalon50K #catalina #catalinaisland #runcatalina
Sunday Runday! Encinitas Half Marathon program getting their long run done while I’m on my way back from the Avalon 50K. They had a great run and I couldn’t be more excited to see them when I get back! ❤️ #runswithsole #encinitas #halfmarathon #moonlightbeach #sundayrunday
Avalon 50K ✅ It was a crazy day with rain at the start and rain at the end with beautiful views of Catalina Island in between. Lots of mud, lots of laughs with @runlxsrun, no buffalo sightings but a rainbow at the end. Truly a tough but fantastic experience. 📸 @ocrunningmama #runswithsole #avalon50K #catalina #catalinaisland
It’s been a week! My kids are still on winter break and the juggle is real. All my miles have been on the treadmill so I’m throwing it back to some random run when I happily frolicked through the trails 😃 #runswithsole #tbt #throwbackthursday
Jumping on the #toasttuesday bandwagon with some toasted gluten-free banana bread topped with fresh banana and a tiny drizzle of honey. This is the perfect pre-run meal. I’ll sometimes add a little protein powder and nuts to my mix and then toast up a slice for a recovery snack. I love banana bread. It’s so comforting and delicious. #runswithsole #foodisfuel #glutenfree #bananabread
It’s the first Monday of the year! It’s a great day to do great things! But remember, “great” is a relative term. Sure, “great” can be climbing mountains and slaying dragons. But it can also be getting the kids off to school without tears and tantrums. It can be a smile at a stranger or holding the door for someone. It can be choosing water over soda, walking up stairs instead of the elevator, making dinner at home instead of getting take out. Great can be everyday things that are hard to manage. We all do great things everyday that go unnoticed. Keep up the great work you’re doing everyday 💪🏻💪🏻 #runswithsole #seenonmyrun #beaconsbeach #encinitas #dogreatthings #mondaymotivation
Such a great first session for our @encinitashalfmarathon training program! The rain stopped and the sun came out just for us! 😃 It’s going to be an awesome 12 weeks! #runswithsole #encinitas #halfmarathon #moonlightbeach