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“I don’t make excuses, you know that I’m hungry, I still got the juice..”
- @2chainz 
The goal for my 2018 Raw Nationals prep is to stay healthy. Everything else will take care of itself. The focus becomes EXTREME when you KNOW what you need to do. These next 16 weeks will be handled with the upmost care. I can’t wait for October.. things will get really spooky.. 🎃 
Headband: @junkbrands 
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📷: @sixjuan3 
#GetBetterToday #SpookyHours #MakingUpForLostTime
My IPF Worlds 2018 video is now live! Click the link in my bio to watch it!

@loadedbarcollective and did an amazing job of capturing my 1st Worlds appearance! Enjoy 😌 📷: @sixjuan3 
#GetBetterToday #NewYoutubeVideo
1st time around wasn’t too bad! 🥈
I’m so excited for what future has in store. This is only the beginning.
Thanks for the love and support guys! 
Dope ass video coming soon! 📷: @sixjuan3 
Ahhh the last day of prep 🙌🏾
I’m shutting down my IG account from June 13th-June 15th! You can keep up with me and my journey during IPF Worlds 2018 on @junkbrands IG account. I’ll be active on there and keeping you guys updated on how everything is going! I want to thank y’all for the support during this prep! Now it’s time to step on that 🌎 stage!! 📷: @torievansfit 
#GetBetterToday #UpNextIsWorlds #ComingForThatCanadianBacon
What you do in silence will speak for itself.
Kinda funny because I post about my workouts all the time.. so that’s not working in silence but you get the picture 😂😂
📷: @klvnstudios 
#GetBetterToday #KindaIronic #YouGetWhatIMean
Okay guys, on the left you have a sad, unconfident, reserved version of myself. I was hungry, lost, and honestly suffering. However, on the right you have me in my best form. I’m happy, self-assured, and my eyes are gleaming with what the future holds! I hope this in some way drives you to push through and achieve whatever goals you have in the future! 
Last deadlift session of this prep! 😃
8 days out! 
Fresh Headband: @junkbrands 
Discount code: Russwole 
Shorts: @alphalete 
Socks: @sasquatch_socks 
#GetBetterToday #WeAlmostThereFam #ImSoTired
“This is for my bodybuildin’ clients movin’ weight 
Just add water, stir it like a shake.”
- @kingpush 
625lbs for today’s single on squat 😤
The kid is slowly coming back to lifeeeeee!!! Tell @joeyflexx7 im gonna done ‘em 😤

The donut @sasquatch_socks will be coming soon 🍩 ✌🏾 #OoooooILikeItLikeThat #HeatingUp #JoeyWithTheKeys
Awesome squat session! Hope you guys kill your workouts today ✌🏾 #GetBetterToday #Alphalete #OhWeBack #TodayWasSlightWork
“I say a prayer for my enemies
They cannot slow down what’s meant for me.”
- @bigsean
Today I hit 405lbs/183.5 for a SMOOOOOTH single on bench. 
I’m 11 days out from IPF Worlds and I’m ready to kill it 😤

OH YEAH! I’m doing a Q&A for tomorrow’s YouTube video. Ask your questions in the comment section ✌🏾 Headband drip: @junkbrands 
Workout fueled by: @bpnsupps 
Discount code: Russwole 
#GetBetterToday #AskYoQuestions #ThatTimeIsAlmostHereAgain
Responding to YouTube comments be like 😂😂😂😂 #DeletingLater #NahIMightLeaveThisUp
“I know that it’s difficult 
I’m stackin’ up these plates, it’s sort of habitual
I blow the residual
And hittin’ these big weights like it’s part of my ritual.”
- @realcoleworld 
13 days out.. Headband swag: @junkbrands 
Headphone covers: @beat.kicks 
Discount code (for both): RUSSWOLE

#GetBetterToday #Alphalete #PutInTheWork