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Dragon Ball Z vibes today because I窶冦 trying to be as strong as Goku.. #DBZ #NarutoIsStillBetter #OffWhite
630lbs/285.5kg for smoooooth single 12 days out from the Arnold 汨交沛セ
I feel like I only post squat videos lmao oh well.. #GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #ICanSeeTheLight #12DaysOut
Sunday窶冱 are dedicated to good food and nasty arm pumps! I窶冦 just outchea trying to get them balloon arms you feel me? 洟キ沛セ窶坂凾ク #GetBetterToday #IWantBalloonArms #EvenOnASunday
When you have to ascend to new heights to hit your last set on squat 沽を沽 沒キ: @spaceope 
#GetBetterToday #SuperSaiyanBlue #DragonBallSuper
615lbs/279kg for a set of 3! I窶冦 basically 2 weeks out from competing again and I窶冦 汳汳汳汳汳. It won窶冲 be long now.. I can see the light lmao
Anyways I will be competing at the Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio, March 3rd (Saturday) around 2PM in the Columbus Convention Center. Come out and watch amazing lifters ball out if you happen to be in the area! 
#GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #ASF2018 #ImDead #2WeeksOut
In honor of the movie dropping today, here窶冱 rare footage of the Black Panther deadlifting what is believed to be 7000lbs of vibranium plates in the secret nation of Wakanda. 
#BlackPanther #KingOfWakanda
585lbs/265kg for 3 reps.
(14yrs old, 156lbs)

#GetBetterToday #StrengthIsComingBack #14yrOldPowerlifter
窶弸OUR limitations don窶冲 exist in MY world. So don窶冲 put that on ME!窶
- @etthehiphoppreacher 沒キ: @jokonye24 
#GetBetterToday #YourRealityIsNotMine #YourCeilingIsNotMyCeiling
窶廴y heart don窶冲 skip a beat, even when hard times bump the needle..窶
- @kendricklamar 
A little over 2 weeks left and I already got my game face on.

Headband: @junkbrands 
Discount Code: RUSS10
Socks: @sasquatch_socks 
#GetBetterToday #ASF2018 #ImReady #NoWorries
Don窶冲 you hate it when people flex in front of cars they don窶冲 own? 
Socks: @sasquatch_socks 沒キ: @timrodriguezfitness 
#ThisCarAintMine #FannyPackSwag #HitEmOverTheHeadWithIt #IveNeverSeenSandlot
I窶冦 a huge advocate of 窶徘owerbuilding窶 but I try to limit my accessory work going into a meet. I usually go through multiple isolation movements following a compound movement (whether it be bench, squat, or deadlift) but this changes as my training becomes more specific. For example, I hit bench and finished off my workout with the rows. You have to train to your goals! Bodybuilding is dope but it has to take a backseat to powerlifting for a bit as I try to get this Canadian bacon 衍 沽、

#GetBetterToday #YoGirlLikeamyHeadband #RowThatBoatYoungFella
窶廬窶况e been gone since like July, lifters actin窶 like I died
They won窶冲 be expectin窶 sh*! when @joeyflexx7 go to slide.窶
- @champagnepapi 
LOOK ALIVE! 600lbs/272kg for a set of 4 with some reps left in the tank. The Arnold couldn窶冲 come any faster. I can窶冲 wait to hit big weights and hang out with cool peeps! Just a couple more weeks... #GetBetterToday #ForTheGang #LookAliveOrJoeyCominToSlide #ASF2018