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This squat session was definitely not my best. I only got one meal in yesterday after a full day of traveling so I knew 600lbs/272kg for today's triple was going to be rough. Tough/off days are dope because you get to see what you're made of. What can you do when the odds are stacked against you? What excuses will you make? Will you fold or will you rise? What you about my g? I'm too close to competition time so excuses will not be tolerated 🤷🏾‍♂️ #GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #BoutDatAction #BoilerUp
No pressure. No diamonds. 
Don't ask for it. Get up and go take it. 
Ain't no games to be played, just gains to be made. 📷: @timrodriguezfitness 
#GetBetterToday #AttackYourGoals #RawNationals2017
Episode 1 of my prep for Raw Nationals 2017 is now live on my YouTube channel. You can click the link in my bio to check it out!

Shouts out to the homie @_pabloaguilar for the amazing edit! 🎥: @motivefitco 
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You got to dodge the negatives and seek the positives.
#HighlyFavored #WhatsMeantForMeWillComeToMe #SendingPositiveVibesYourWay
635lbs/288kg moving at RPE 8. I'm 3.5 weeks out from the big meet in Orlando. I'm ready to prove myself on the big stage! 
#GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #RawNationals2017 #USAPL
She melts when I put the pressure on her 😏💦
Football and chill kinda night. It looks like I'm gonna be spooning bae all night again 😋😏 #SheIsSoThicc #EveryoneIsOutPartyingButIllTakeNightsInWithHer
"The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else." Headband: @junkbrands 
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HUGE 700LB/317.5KG SQUAT PR 😤🙌🏾 🎥: @sophia_nicolee_ 
Post shower shenanigans. I have to tighten up the diet going into this next meet. No more late nights with Ben & Jerry's ice cream :( #IdkWhyIMadeThatFace
650lbs/295kg at RPE 7ish. 
Ahhhh the count down has finally begun 😈
I'm 4 weeks out for Raw Nationals in Orlando, Florida.
Every. Single. Workout. Going forward will be executed with extreme precision. All energy, good or bad, will be directed towards being the best version of myself next month on the platform. Let's work.

#GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #OctobersVeryOwn #ThingsAreAboutToGetSpooky
"I'm gon' shine like I'm supposed to
Antisocial extrovert
Excellent, mean the extra work.."
- @kendricklamar 
Stay true to YOUR grind and everything else will fall into place.

#GetBetterToday #KendrickSpeaksToMySoul #YouAreLowkeyInTheWayBruh
I was feeling pretty good today! I hit a pretty conservative single of 585lbs/265kg and did volume work with 515lbs/233.5kg. I'm so focused in the gym these days. I have noticed that I tend to drag during workouts when I talk to friends or people that are around me. I've decided to eliminate that going forward for this prep because it takes away from what I'm trying to accomplish. It's not a bad thing to catch up with others during your workout, but I have found that socializing doesn't mix well with ME when I'm trying to grind. I personally workout better with a "You Vs. Everybody" mentality so I'm truly enjoying my time in the gym again. Sometimes you just have to turn the headphones on and turn everything els off ✌🏾 #GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx 
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