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Black Friday is almost here.. CHAOS will descend upon the @alphalete website at 12AM CST. Alphalete RARELY has sales, so I urge you to partake in this purge. Everything on the site will be discounted a minimum of 20%. There will even be some items that are 70% off. You can shop for things to wear while you’re hitting PR’s in at the gym, or you can pick something up from the lifestyle range that’ll add some spice to your sauce. Idk about y’all but I don’t miss out on opportunities to get stuff for the low low.. The link in my bio ( will take you to the promise land come 12AM CST. Good luck fam and Happy Holidays! 
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“I used to pray for times like this, to lift like this
So I had to grind like that, to shine like this..” - @meekmill 
I’m truly happy with where I’m at right now. I’m obviously striving for more, but I can honestly sit back and say I’m thankful for every set back. I’m thankful for every misstep and every failure. Growing is about bodying your lowest moments while expecting to bounce back with vengeance. To my people battling hardships... Persevere. Your time is coming. 
#GetBetterToday #FreeMeek #WowWhatALongCaption #DatWay
I break myself down only to build myself back up. I refuse to be out worked. I’m not grinding for participation trophies.. Every day is a new challenge that I’m willing to embrace with open arms.

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Me: Ahh, I love Monday’s! I can’t wait to start my week off on a strong note!! Monday: lol 
#GetWreckedToday #ImOkay #GymFail
I still got somethin’ left to prove since they left me room.. #GetBetterToday #EvenOnASunday #YourMansNotHot #FreeMeek
“They be like, ‘Russel you bodied this’, that’s my prerogative
💩 on bench, that’s on my potty list..” - A$AP Rocky 
I smashed 385lbs/174.5kg for a set of 2. Huge PR but we still cookin!

#GetBetterToday #BenchGettingStoopid #FlexxGang #BenchPR
Every. Single. Day. 
#GetBetterToday #GrindLife #DayInDayOut
625lbs/283.5kg for a set of 4 for today’s pull session. I’m feeling my new set up for deads going forward. I just gotta keep chipping away... #GetBetterToday #GrindMode #ChipAwayAtIt #ComingForCanadianBacon
Maaaaaaaan... last week was rough training wise. Today I felt much more like myself and I went to WEERRRK. I tempo squatted 555lbs/252kg for sets of 3 and balled out. Bad days, or even weeks, come and go.. just make sure you stay in the pocket and be consistent 👌🏾 #GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #BackOnMyBullShiiiiiid
Consistency is about understanding what needs to be done. Feelings and the occasional lack of motivation will not be a deterrent of the ultimate goal.

#GetBetterToday #NoExcuses #SaturdayGrind #OnlyAMatterOfTime
“Drop the top, when it’s cold but you feel the heat.” - @quavohuncho 
The @alphalete launch is now live! Use my link to shop all the new hoodies. You can also find this link in my bio! 
#Alphalete #QuavoWithTheClutchLyrics
I had a baby bench PR with 375lbs/170kg for 3 reps yesterday 👌🏾
My bench is finally on the come up.. never be afraid to take in new information so you can better your craft. You can catch all the action by clicking the link in my bio to check out my newest YouTube video.

#GetBetterToday #TeamJoeyFlexx #ASF2018