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Rutgers student @carinafeeney traveled to Shoin Jinja Mae in Japan! “I’m half Japanese so I grew up going to Japan once a year so my mom could send me to school in Tokyo over the summers. It was a way for my family to immerse me in that half of my culture and ethnicity. More recently, I was there traveling abroad celebrating the new year with my family and friends that live there. In this photo, I’m at a shrine writing on an ‘ema’ what I wish to achieve in the coming year.”
Are you currently or have you recently traveled abroad? Send us your best photo in your Rutgers gear to be featured on our grid! Submissions can be made to our instagram account or through our email
Are you currently or have you recently traveled abroad? Then send us your best #RUAroundtheWorld photos in your favorite Rutgers gear to be featured on our grid! Submissions can be made to our instagram account or through our email . Don’t forget to include information about where you are, why you are there, and your instagram handle!
photo courtesy of: @beccakoblin 
Marseilles France
Meet Sridhar Sriram, the 11th @RutgersNB student awarded the prestigious @Gates_Cambridge Scholarship in the last 12 years!

Sridhar’s family always stressed that his actions were only meaningful if they had a positive impact on the people around him.

While studying computer science at Rutgers, that desire to make a difference sparked his interest in eliminating the bias that creeps into algorithms and impacts results from online search engines and social media platforms.

That is the work he hopes to pursue after graduation in May as a recipient of a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which is awarded to applicants who demonstrate outstanding intellectual ability, leadership potential, and commitment to improving the lives of others.

Established in 2000, the scholarships funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation cover all fees and living expenses for a student’s full-time master’s or doctoral studies at Cambridge, one of the oldest and most esteemed universities in the world.

Sridhar, who grew up in Edison, wants to work on fixing the bias created when programmers, consciously or unconsciously, encode their own biases into the platforms and products they create.

Click the link in our profile to visit Rutgers Today where you can read more about Sridhar and other great stories from around @RutgersU. #RutgersPride #RutgersExcellence #RURahRah
In 2014, two complete strangers, Alyssa Chesnut, a flight attendant, and Jay Dougherty, a commercial copilot, had settled into their adjacent seats awaiting the departure of a 9 a.m. flight. Both worked in the aviation industry but little did the two know how much more they had in common.

They greeted each other, began talking and before long, it was revealed that they had both graduated from Rutgers eight years earlier. How could it be, they mused, that they had such an overlap in experiences, yet had never seen or met each other? It had been four years of near misses.

An hour into the flight, Dougherty asked Chesnut: “Would you like to go to the movies?” She gladly accepted. Staring at the entertainment monitors mounted on the seats before them, they pressed the play button at the same time and watched American Hustle together.

Three-and-a-half years later, they were married, in December 2017. Today, the couple, who live in Mahwah, New Jersey, continue to fly and now work for the same airline. Just last December, they worked the same flight together for the first time – romantic in its own way. 
#ValentinesDay #RutgersPride #RURahRah
Schauna Lawson, a @RUNewark alumna, and Jarvis Lawson tied the knot on December 1, 2018 in a rather unusual place. When Schauna needed a location for her upcoming nuptials, she immediately thought of hosting the wedding at her alma mater. “It was the best decision I ever made,” she explained, “because they made my wedding better than I could have ever imagined on our very small budget. It was beautiful. The food was delicious, and the room was decorated beautifully.” Schauna and Jarvis grew up less than a mile from each other, but they didn’t meet until the end of Schauna’s freshman year in high school. Before their relationship had a chance to blossom, however, Schauna’s family moved and they lost touch.

It wasn’t until 2009, when they both happened to be sitting in the same area at a college step show, that they rekindled their friendship and began a relationship. “It wasn't love at first sight, but it's definitely everlasting love,” she says.

#ValentinesDay #RutgersPride #RURahRah 📷: Jeff Lamothe @jefflamothephoto
Erik Kent and Beth Voxland met as sophomore communication majors, bonding over an art history course in Voorhees Hall at @RutgersNB. In 1994 the two were married in Kirkpatrick Chapel.

Soon after their own wedding, the two discovered their friends were using this newfangled thing called The Internet to research wedding venues and vendors in the Garden State.

Erik, originally of South Orange, had what he recalls as an “Aha!” moment. “When Beth and I got married, we did our research the traditional way: bridal shows, newspaper ads, bridal magazines. But this was something new,” the entrepreneur says. And it was something they could develop from the ground up.

That is how a love story that started at Rutgers led to the birth of a business. The pair launched, a first of its kind online resource for couples planning nuptials in the Garden State. This #ValentinesDay, the couple will celebrate 22 years since they launched the business as a true labor of love. #RutgersPride #RURahRah
Any @Jeopardy fans out there? Tune in tonight to cheer on Rutgers alumnus Eric Backes! #RutgersPride #RURahRah
@rutgersdining’s Red Pine Pizza hooked up the #RutgersPride special for 🍕 #NationalPizzaDay 🍕. Where is your favorite place to grab a slice? #RURahRah
The 2019 @RutgersCareers Spring Career & Internship Mega Fair kicks off at 11 a.m. in the RAC! Grab your resume and don't miss out. #RutgersPride #RutgersWorks #RURahRah
Tonight, @ru_eagletoninstitute hosted a conversation between former Governor Chris Christie and Mike DuHaime about the governor’s career and his new book “Let Me Finish.”
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As part of the ‪#Robeson100‬ Celebration, ‪@zimmerliartmuseum‬ will feature six portraits of Paul Robeson highlighting the different facets of his identity. Click the link in our profile to visit Rutgers Today, where you can learn more about the portraits which will be on display from February 9 through April 14. #RutgersPride #RURahRah