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A community of student leaders dedicated to improving the world through social entrepreneurship. Follow us to watch our journey in transforming lives!

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When we were introduced to @vets4warriors (V4W), their mission resonated with us because of their unique peer support network for veterans. We were so impressed that V4W serves not only veterans but that they are also committed to supporting other service members and the caregivers and families of these veterans and service members. We believe in V4W's 24/7 commitment to offer direct and immediate access to a peer who understands their life experiences and the challenges they face anywhere in the world. (2/2)

Special thanks to:
General Mark A. Graham (Director)

Second Lieutenant Fatimah Aguilar (Program Development Specialist)

Lloyd Deans (Supervising Mental Health Specialist)
We are ecstatic to launch our newest project: @vets4warriors (V4W)! On Friday, February 16, 2018 we met with three members of the organization's senior staff to sign our official Memorandum of Understanding for our partnership. Vets4Warriors is so welcoming and eager to start working that we know this relationship is going to be an exciting venture for all of us! (1/2)
Happy Valentines Day! We have another #whyenactuswednesday post for our members to express why they love being a part of Enactus. Today we have Richard Yu, a Junior Computer Science major with a passion for graphic design! Here's his experience on our Youth Empowerment Services (YES) project and Marketing Committee: "When I first came to Enactus, I was very intimidated by how business oriented the organization was. Being a CS major I felt out of place but over time, through joining YES Marketing and the Rutgers Enactus Marketing Committee, I grew to find my own niche within Enactus. Ever since middle school, I have been an amateur graphics editor and my skills grew as I did. Enactus enabled me to use my abilities to help spread the word of several resourceful and helpful programs run by Youth Empowerment Services. Although I may have disagreements in how certain designs may look, I have never doubted the heart and passion that the members of Enactus put into their projects to create better futures for others. I look forward to the next adventure Enactus has to offer."
Happy Humpday! Today for #whyenactuswednesday we are featuring Ben Foresti who is a Junior BAIT major on the Popcorn for People Finance team & the Rutgers Enactus Marketing Committee. He has shown exemplary dedication by taking initiative and was a key person in acquiring a large grant for the project. In addition, he is using his major to help set a foundation for our chapter's future. Here's what he most values about Enactus: "I joined Rutgers Enactus because I realized that I need to get more involved on campus Sophomore year. I was looking for student organizations to join, and Enactus seemed like the club that would give me the best experience. The combination of volunteer opportunities, leadership roles, consulting responsibilities, and case combinations stuck out to me. 
I stayed in Enactus because I found out that I was getting so much more than just a resume booster. Being able to have a meaningful impact on our community while working with such an inspiring group of people has been one the most rewarding experiences I have had to date. Every week Enactus inspires me to think about how I can use the skills I am developing in the business school to positively impact my community."
This week our #whyenactuswednesday feature is Tanvi Kataria! She is a member of our Youth Empowerment Services Operations committee. She joined Rutgers Enactus last fall and this is what she has to say about her #enactus experience! "This organization has really become a defining part of my freshman year at Rutgers. When I found out about this organization during the Involvement Fair, I knew this was something I wanted to join. I knew I wanted to apply skills related to my major to help people. I knew I wanted to meet others who shared this same desire. When I first walked into Tillet Hall that Monday, I sat with 3 other girls who I instantly vibed with and were always there for me Enactus-related and beyond. When I went to my first YES Operations meeting, I met some of the kindest and most hardworking people. No matter who I talked to, everyone I met was excited that I was a Member In Training (MIT). General members and Leadership wanted to get to know me and encouraged me throughout the MIT process. I think Enactus is the perfect place for anyone who wants to find a welcoming community in which they can pursue their passions and make a difference." #enactus #weallwin
Who's excited for our General Interest Meeting tonight??? See you at Tillett Hall Rm 232 at 9:45 PM! #weallwin #rutgers #enactus
Today Lisa Tsinis, of our @keepitrealnb project, wants to share her #whyenactuswednesday journey from joining Rutgers Enactus as a general member to a Co-Project Manager. "As an incoming freshman, I made it my top priority to join clubs that I窶囘 be proud of and would thoroughly enjoy. During the involvement fair, I came across Rutgers Enactus, where I became instantly captivated by the Enactus mission and the members窶 ambition and positivity. Rutgers Enactus seemed to be exactly what I was looking for; it was an organization where I窶囘 be able to apply my skills for an incredible cause, while also surrounded by like-minded students. I became a member of the Operations team of Keep it R.E.A.L., where I worked on various prototypes (bringing out my creative side!!) that were meant to be environmentally friendly and would bring entrepreneurial opportunities to New Brunswick teens. Since I joined Rutgers Enactus, I was given many opportunities to problem-solve, collaborate with others, and think outside of the box. Keep it R.E.A.L. is our chapter's first attempt at starting up an ambitious project so I appreciate that my peers and I could have a significant impact on the New Brunswick community. This eventually lead to my decision to apply to become Project Manager of Keep it R.E.A.L. So far, I have had an incredible experience, and am super excited to see what is to come this upcoming year!"
We're starting off this semester with a  #whyenactuswednesday from a member of our oldest project: @yesnewbrunswick

Alex Wong is a current sophomore on our YES Finance team whose experience with Rutgers Enactus allowed him to witness first-hand the social impact of Enactus, "As a Rutgers Enactus member, I was able to see the change this club has done for the city of New Brunswick. When I volunteered at our annual Community BBQ initiative for YES it was a wonderful experience to work alongside other members in providing the children with food, drinks, and happiness. Barry, the founder of YES, has really changed these children's lives and I was glad to see this impact in person and to help out with this cause. If it weren't for Enactus, I would not be able to participate in supporting YES and seeing these children improve in their schoolwork. As a member of our chapter's YES Finance team, I can see how we truly helped this amazing organization now and into the future! Rutgers Enactus has shown me that change can really happen when you have a hard-working group of amazing individuals who all support the same cause!"
Welcome back Scarlet Knights! Are you looking to take entrepreneurial action to make social impact? Come join us at our General Interest Meeting! ALL MAJORS are welcome!!!
As 2018 approaches, we've been reflecting on the past year and taking a look back at our #bestnine posts of 2017! This year we received 3041 likes in total. Thank you for helping us grow to over 400 followers! Stay tuned for our adventures in 2018!!!
Have a fun break everyone! 沽岩擘
For Spring 2018, our meetings will be 9:40 PM to 11 PM in Tillett 232
Relax and enjoy your time with friends and family so you can come back to Enactus ready and eager to make more social impact!
Studying for finals leaving you tired and hungry? Can't decide where to eat? Stop by Moe's for dinner at Busch Campus Center between 5 - 8 PM TODAY and show this flyer to help out our @yesnewbrunswick project!

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