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A community of student leaders dedicated to improving the world through social entrepreneurship. Follow us to watch our journey in transforming lives!

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For this week's #WhyEnactusWednesday we'd like to introduce you to current Rutgers Enactus Director of Competition Pranjal Singh. Pranjal is a Sophomore majoring in Business Analytics and Information Technology and Finance in the Rutgers Business School. 
When asked "Why Enactus?" he said, "I walked into an interest meeting my first semester at Rutgers and instantly felt welcome. Enactus is one of the few organizations at Rutgers that has such a warm environment. Combining this culture with the hardworking and passionate people ends up creating an organization that goes beyond Rutgers and benefits the community. I love working with the people in Enactus to create sustainable change and after all the club has accomplished in the past few years, I know that going forward, there's a lot more to come!" #enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
For this week's #WhyEnactusWednesday we'd like to introduce you to current Rutgers Enactus Treasurer Christopher Galea. Chris is a Junior majoring in Finance in the Rutgers Business School.

When asked "Why Enactus?" he said, "I enjoy Enactus because it lets me have a positive impact on the community around me. The club also gives me the opportunity to learn and practice different professional skills. The different teamwork experiences I have had have also been very rewarding. It is also fun to work with all the different types of people in Enactus." #enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
For 2019's first #WhyEnactusWednesday we'd like to introduce you to current Rutgers Enactus Director of Research and Development Alina Lou. Alina is a junior majoring in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Economics.

When asked "Why Enactus?" she said, "It's fun, and I get to hang out with my friends doing something useful. I have good teamwork experiences to talk about in interviews. Also, competition is a really fun time." #enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
We hope you're having a great holiday season! For this week's #WhyEnactusWednesday we'd like to introduce you to current Rutgers Enactus Director of Projects Allison Szeliga. Allison is a senior majoring in Supply Chain Management in the Rutgers Business School.

When asked "Why Enactus?" she said, "I joined Enactus my freshman year because I wanted to find where business intersected the potential to positively impact lives. The more I’m studying business, the more opportunity I’m uncovering to continue to improve the livelihood of the people around me, starting with the projects we take on as an Enactus chapter! 
Through our project work, members get to chance to professionally improve their critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills, while also simultaneously planning and executing projects that effectively impact lives. Joining Enactus enhanced my college career and presented opportunities that changed my perspective of the world! "

#enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
For this week's #WhyEnactusWednesday we'd like to introduce you to current Rutgers Enactus vice-president Tiffany Fong. Tiffany is a senior majoring in Supply Chain Management with a minor in Spanish. 
When asked "Why Enactus?" she said, "Enactus is a great environment to learn and practice REAL LIFE skills – I've had the opportunity to learn so much about leadership, professionalism, building and maintaining relationships, and countless other things that I'm 100% confident I'll be able to take with me even after college. I've been able to do this not only through the various leadership roles I've held, but also through the amazing, talented people I've been able to meet through Enactus. You meet people with all different types of strengths and perspectives and everyone is invested in your growth in some way. This is what makes me so excited about the things we've accomplished and the things we WILL accomplish together down the line." #enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
Congratulations to Kaylyn Tong on winning the Rutgers Enactus award for top performance! Kaylyn received this award in recognition of all the hard work she has put into her project, Youth Empowerment Services, over the past month. When asked why Kaylyn was selected for this award, Kaylyn's lead said, "I wanted to nominate Kaylyn as Member of the Month because I saw how much passion she had for YES. She really wanted to use her skills to create a new look for YES that would further help our team. She was always quick to finish the work she had and was always coming up with new creative ways to improve on our ideas. She would go out of her way to be more engaged within YES and spend time with the kids. She is  an amazing and hardworking member of our team and we are so lucky to have her and her skills!"
#enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
Congratulations to Nicki Wang on winning the Rutgers Enactus award for top performance! Nicki received this award in recognition of all the hard work she has put into her project, Popcorn for the People, over the past month. When asked why Nicki was selected for this award, Nicki's manager said, "I nominated Nicki because she showed a lot of initiative over the last month/semester in her grant work. She was put in an unusual situation where she was the only member of her team, which was definitely not an ideal scenario. But she didn't let that deter her and consistently made progress every week in getting various applications done, and even has put a lot of effort towards compiling all of our applications in a centralized guidebook for P4P to use after Enactus's departure. Her efforts really were and continue to be above and beyond, so it only made sense to recognize her for that initiative and independence she showed in her position."
#enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
#WhyEnactusWednesday is back and better than ever! Meet current Rutgers Enactus president Kimberlie Chao. Kim is a senior majoring in marketing with a minor in economics and a concentration in business analytics. Outside of school, she likes drawing (follow her art insta: @my_skim_milk) and playing ultimate frisbee. 
When asked "Why Enactus?" she said, "Rutgers Enactus taught me how there's opportunity to learn from anyone, anywhere. We just need to listen and care for one another in our different situations. We share this one world that's filled with interconnected, complex issues. And, we have the power to unravel and address them together. Our partners, advisers, and members past and present gave me what I needed to make the change I wanted to see. This year, I've been excited to collaborate with other students, who want to be those change-makers, in hopes of maximizing the positive impact of our projects." #enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
A huge thank you to everyone who came out to our case competition yesterday and made it such a fun and impactful experience! We couldn't be more proud and excited about all the amazing ideas the teams came up. Congratulations to Team 3: beLeaf for winning our social entrepreneurship case competition!

#enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
With our case competition less than 24 hours away, we want to take a moment to thank our amazing partners who have made this event possible! We chose to partner with these organizations because we truly believe in their missions! So check them and their amazing products out below!


#enactus #enactusUSA #rutgers #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #enactusadvantage
Our case competition is THIS SATURDAY! We're so excited to hear the innovative solutions the teams come up with! 
That being said we still have 2 spots left in our competition before we hit capacity. So signup NOW if you haven't already since space is limited and spots will be given out on a first come first serve basis. 
Learn more at and RSVP at Look forward to seeing you guys there!h
Meet alumni Trevor Johnson when asked how Rutgers Enactus impacted his life after graduation he said, "Stumbling upon Enactus at the involvement fair sophomore year changed my college experience. I didn’t realize college students had the capacity to impact their community and that drew me in. Through our projects with local businesses and leadership opportunities, I was able to gain valuable project management experience. Enactus gives students the ability to take business concepts out of the classroom and get exposure to real world problems while still in school. As a Finance Lead for one of our projects, I worked to analyze financial statements and find ways to make a local business sustainable. Being a member not only gives you a place to learn and grow, but also a family of other hardworking students. When I was a sophomore, older members gave me career/professional advice and I got to network with Fortune 500 companies at the Enactus Career Fairs. I grew in so many ways during my time in Enactus. You have everything to gain from joining and I’m so happy I did." This is the ENACTUS ADVANTAGE!
P.s. Happy Birthday Trevor
#enactus #rutgers #enactusadvantage