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A community of student leaders dedicated to improving the world through social entrepreneurship. Follow us to watch our journey in transforming lives!

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We're excited to announce that we're holding a case competition focused on promoting the use of entrepreneurship in solving issuing facing our community. This competition will take place on December 1st from 2pm-7:30pm in LSC 201AB. Learn more at and RSVP at We look forward to seeing you there! 
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Meet alumni Trevor Johnson when asked how Rutgers Enactus impacted his life after graduation he said, "Stumbling upon Enactus at the involvement fair sophomore year changed my college experience. I didn’t realize college students had the capacity to impact their community and that drew me in. Through our projects with local businesses and leadership opportunities, I was able to gain valuable project management experience. Enactus gives students the ability to take business concepts out of the classroom and get exposure to real world problems while still in school. As a Finance Lead for one of our projects, I worked to analyze financial statements and find ways to make a local business sustainable. Being a member not only gives you a place to learn and grow, but also a family of other hardworking students. When I was a sophomore, older members gave me career/professional advice and I got to network with Fortune 500 companies at the Enactus Career Fairs. I grew in so many ways during my time in Enactus. You have everything to gain from joining and I’m so happy I did." This is the ENACTUS ADVANTAGE!
P.s. Happy Birthday Trevor
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Meet alumni Sriniketh Gande, when asked how Rutgers Enactus impacted his life after graduation he said, "I was part of Rutgers Enactus for 3.5 years. When I joined Enactus as a Freshman, I was reserved and lacked important skills for the real world such as networking, presentation, and organizational skills. However, this organization cultivated an environment that enabled me to grow, prosper, and become the person I am today. Through Enactus, I have attended networking events, participated in case competitions, volunteered at campus events, and managed a social entrepreneurship project. Leveraging these experiences, I was able to successfully land a Co-op my Junior year, an internship as a Rising Senior, and a full-time job after graduation. 
Joining this organization was one of the best decisions I made at Rutgers!" This is the ENACTUS ADVANTAGE!
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Meet alumni Justin Liu, when asked how Rutgers Enactus impacted his life after graduation he said, "When I was a Freshman, I struggled to find a student organization that suited me. I spent the first couple months of the semester looking and looking for something that would teach me about business, entrepreneurship, and innovation while allowing me to help people and examine social issues.  I didn't know it at the time, but the organization that embodied these concepts (matched with a group of driven, passionate people) was Rutgers Enactus.  And looking back on it, I truly owe the bulk of my development during college years to this organization. 
More than anything, getting involved with Enactus taught me the importance of sustainability and empowerment.  These universal concepts have influenced my outlook on the world and have already influenced my work in my current role.  While I miss the Rutgers Enactus community, I'm grateful for the knowledge and insight imparted on me that I know will last a lifetime." This is the ENACTUS ADVANTAGE!
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We asked our alumni to reflect on how Rutgers Enactus impacted their lives after graduation. This is the ENACTUS ADVANTAGE! 
Cynthia Lin: "During my time at Rutgers Enactus, I discovered the true meaning of working in a diverse team. We needed to develop communication skills, align our visions, and learn to work with the different backgrounds and personalities of our team. I also learned how much we all could accomplish when the right amount of trust and support is provided. Rutgers Enactus taught me we all have the ability to reach our greatest potential as long as we are in an environment that celebrates diversity. I spent my time in Enactus trying to give our members the supportive environment I had and I hope it’s sustained for years to come." #rutgers #enactus #enactusadvantage
We asked our alumni to reflect on how Rutgers Enactus impacted their lives after graduation. This is the ENACTUS ADVANTAGE! 
Schatze Palen: "Throughout college I learned about social issues caused by companies. Enactus taught me that businesses can not only run sustainably, but be a part of the solution to advance positive social change. Being a part of Enactus challenged me to think about problems differently, understand root causes of social issues, and ACT on today’s problems—all of which have helped in my professional career. It also gave me an amazing network of like minded peers, academic leaders, and business leaders both at Rutgers and worldwide. Finally, Enactus introduced me to a company with shared values, Unilever, and I am still able to be a part of Enactus through it today!" #rutgers #enactus #enactusadvantage
We asked our alumni to reflect on how Rutgers Enactus impacted their lives after graduation, this is the ENACTUS ADVANTAGE! 
Kathy Meyer: "Enactus provided me the opportunity to get real world experience while helping my community and working with great people! The real world experience I gained allowed me to come into my full time job more prepared, and with a better understanding of the needs of real people in local communities. This reminds me every day to think from their perspective, look for ways to meet their day-to-day needs, and how I and my organization can make the world a better place." #rutgers #enactus #enactusadvantage
We are so honored to be able to have competed at the 2018 Enactus United States National Exposition! As a four year old chapter, we are always excited to share our sustainable impact on our community and to see and learn from the massive impact chapters all over the country are making in diverse communities all over the world. #WeAllWin
Entrepreneurial, Action, & Us.

We are Rutgers Enactus and we say it with pride. Our team is among the thousands of teams worldwide working on projects that set foundations for development of sustainable social impact. On April 27th, 2018 we held our End-of-Year Banquet. This annual celebration is one of the ways we recognize the contributions of our passionate and dedicated members. Each and every member is the heart and soul of our team and among the driving forces of the global Enactus organization. Our work is non-stop all year but we want to take the time to reflect on our struggles and achievements. We congratulate the seniors and wish them the best of luck in their endeavors post-graduation. This is the last year in which we have members of our team's first generation. But the foundations that our alumni and soon-to-be alumni have established are not forgotten. Each year we see strong leaders grow from these foundations that you all have set. But like all successful pursuits, there will be growing pains. Except Rutgers Enactus always pushes through the hardships to improve. That's what sustainability is all about. So here's to looking towards the upcoming year! ❤❤❤❤❤
This year for #RutgersDay we're being sustainable by making pillows and friendship bracelets from old clothing! ✌ #RutgersPride
Practice makes perfect but we also value feedback! It takes a village to develop and prepare for competition. But we strive to present the highest caliber of work. Every year, as we prepare for competition, we make sure to have several run-throughs of our presentation. Last night, we had our mock competition viewing to prepare for the National Exposition in May! 
A special thank you to our Business Advisory Board and Rutgers Enactus alumni for all of your questions, advice, and insight. Your contributions are going to make our performance even greater when we present at Nationals this year!
#tbt Two summers ago, our current Director of Projects, Tiffany Fong, had the pleasure of volunteering with @yes.nb's OASIS summer camp as a counselor.
"Here you see me with a fellow counselor at Good Morning America, a trip in which YES and its kids were featured! At YES, children from minority families have the opportunity to experience amazing things like this, as well as going to amusement parks and fun summer activities, for a reduced cost. Beyond the summer, YES provides free tutoring and mentoring services and I can say for certain that they have made a real impact on the lives of more than 250 kids each year. But to keep creating this change in our community, YES needs the same support from us. Please consider donating to this organization that has tirelessly innovated to improved the lives of others." #YESNBcan #RUrootforYES #goodmorningamerica #gma #nyc