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📌 New Blog Post: In Search of the Promised Land. | 🔗in Bio #ruthhochmanblog
The things you hear when quiet. 💟☺
Okay... Sweet Dreams. 💟💟💟 Lucid dreaming.
He said: I think I migjt be interested in getting to know you.

She said: When you know for sure try again. Never know?
"Eat, drink and be merry. The whole point (of life)." - A Wise Jewish King.Solomon/Koheleth.  My favorite biblical hero, and there are many. He taught me so so so so much. 💟 Ruth is my fave femme fatale of the bible. ☺ 
Happy weekend! Shabbat shalom. 💟
Scan this nametag. 💟
Progress is an Illusion: Evolution, the End of Civilization and the Humanities. | Research Paper available at #ruthhochmanwritings
Happy Monday. 💟
I just love Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. What an incredible photo. What a Goddess. What a story these two. 💟💟 Thank you @ regram #kensingtonpalace for sharing this.
Happy Friday, folks. 💟
"I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers". L.M. Montgomery