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On Meaning:

This is the Queen of my Heart. Her and my Mum. Some situations are so hard, for more reasons than one might care to divulge. 
I always wished I had someone like me, who was willing to be selfless and sacrifice and who just loved me. And took me on even though it meant discomforting themselves.  I often thought had that happened when my Mum died maybe my life would have been better, different. But that was not my fate. And so I suffered greatly in this world. 
That is why I picked her up last August. Because I didn't want her to suffer.  She is my grandbaby. My heart. And just maybe love and safety will spare her from untold agonies. I do wish her parents get straight and come through for her.  But until that day, I will never give up on this precious life. She has taught me the meaning of life and love. And given me strength I did not know I had. 
My only hope for her is that she has a happy and safe life, one of love and laughter. Today I thank God for carrying me through the Storm! And two people who exhibited such kindness to me, a nurse practitioner and my VSO. I will treasure them forever for their encouragement and understanding and for doing all they can to help me. 
Alonna is a precious child and she just connects me to my mother and makes me know what love is. Being there for her is the best thing I have ever done so far. πŸ’

The truth is... this is True. πŸ’•
TGIF! Last class of week. So thankful our new journey has turned out to be all we hoped for and more. Most of all she is thriving and happy and I am better able to handle the load and challenges. No more PS (public school yuckiness). A big bonus is I get a chance to rest in PMs now. 
Soccer turned out to be a No Go for her. She just wasn't having it. But everything else just flowed. Between, YMCA and Boys & Girls Club, a child has a well-rounded and excellent educational experience. 
We are set to go swimming after her art class. A Friday afternoon activity. So drained and tired, but advised I need to push myself a bit. So the swimming will be good for my health, too. 
Enjoy your weekend, all! XO πŸ’•
Alonna's 1st day of The TIG School - our home school. She is also in educational and fitness programs at the YMCA and afternoon enrichment programs at The Boys and Girls Club.

Our school motto is: Teach. Inspire. Guide. 
Here she is about to start a science class at the Y. It was a rough road getting to this point, but wow, I am so happy, it all worked out. We use for her curriculum -- very well put together on both the front and back end. Highly recommend to any parents or caretakers. And we pair that with Prodigy and ABCya! 
I can't exercise this week. But just an added benefit to this set up is that when she is in her course programs at the Y, I can swim, which will be good for my own health issues. 
We started our day with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance. Then we had math, language arts and language arts extension at home. 
Learning is lifelong. Have an awesome day! ☺
A Christmas gift for Alonna (and her mum, Briana) was that they got to see each other for the holidays. #thingsremembered πŸ’•
Alonna's Class is officially ready for January 8, 2018. Our motto is: Teach | Inspire | Guide. Only thing left is our American Flag. We will start our day with prayer and pledge of allegiance. 
And the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club will round out the curriculum. I went with And during class I have been advised I am 'Miss Ruth'. And go back to Grandma 'after school'. Two other programs we will use are abcya! and Prodigy. So, here we go. 
And of course, she chose Sonic as 'our school's mascot. She looooves Sonic!

Happy weekend, all! #Saturdaylove πŸ’•
Had oral surgery today. Best oral surgeon in world. A kind and wise doctor and capable. Having confidence in someone's ability makes such a difference in the healthcare experience. As do doctor's who care for people and take the time with their patients instead of treating them as a chart. 
Everything happens for a reason. God speaks to us if we simply remain open and listen. And often the messages come from the most unexpected sources. But always at the perfect time.  The staff was phenomenal, too. First time I was not terrified and in panic attack mode at dentist. 
So thankful it was easy breezy and that my tooth problem is finally behind me. General anesthesia is the way to go. Quality care makes every difference in a patient's experience. 
Enjoy the life God gave you and the people God put in your life to love and care for. Family, friends, community. This is what matters most. 
Have an amazing weekend! Shabbat Shalom. πŸ’• #tgif
"Stars can't shine without darkness." I was about to make a cup of coffee when it hit me. I always wanted a refrigerator that spoke volumes. That just said, Home is my Heart and Home is Here. Because there is beauty in the mundane. The every day 'stuff' of life. That is where the magic is. Have an amazing day! #thursdaymorning #TrumpPence πŸ’•
Alonna painted this in Art Class last week. πŸ’•
You can only be 45 once. God-willing I will be an old lady some day and look back at this time as a beginning and not an end. πŸ’• #thingsremembered
First Gingerbread House. Lots of firsts. πŸŽ…Grandma and granddaughter fun. πŸŽ„πŸŽ #christmaseve