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I've been consuming too much coffee for the past few weeks that I can't function normally (LITERALLY) without it for a day. Who'd knew caffeine withdrawal is a real thing 沽・
Looking at the clear sky, I somewhat see a resemblance of it with my future. Nothingness. #probablyexpectingsomefancypositivequotewerentya
Happy birthday to you flirt master 沽
"try not to lift your pen" kind of thing
Sorry, all parking spots are full
Don't have much pictures of last year's Christmas, but it was a great one with these amazing bunch 笨ィ
Thank you @seeralua , you are AMAZEBALLS
Old photos that I found the night before my brother's wedding
Yes, i carry a bandage with me in my phone cover just in case someone cuts their fingers.

On a side note, look at that 笨ィ on my cheeckbone!
Tari Topeng Bali by Ridhuan #msbw13gallery
Visit us at FACA Arts Gallery tonight! #msbw13gallery