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Congratulations you musketeers! Cheers to another phase of life 🍻
A very rare chance to see the golden hour especially with the crazy weather lately.
Caroling week 1; first house
Post convo through the lens of @luacaptures
Important people who have helped me survive three years of university life. I owe you guys so much, but not as much as I owe PTPTN lah...
Late night sketch
I've lived in Kuching for 3 years and I have never explored this place till today with the family 😌 #dasarkatakbawahtempurung
My brother helped me pick out this one out of the hundreds I took (yep, I'm exaggerating).
Highkey showing off our nails 😝
@terayen is finally out people! Bah, visit us at our Instagram account and let your eyes be feasted on your soon- to-be favorite cultural product esesehhhhhhhh. But for real though, drop by or I'll haunt you in your dreams 👻
Aren't you a pretty one 😻
Tbh i really miss uni life