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To Hell with Hersheys Nestle Day!!
Make love and hearts everyday!
.Ready to make shapes this weekend with this bad ass right here. @jennisaddler .
#bettertogether #acrolove #acroduo #heartopener #acroyoga
Without words after our first class together. The room was filled with so much joy and laughter. Thank you so much to everyone who came out. .
Thank you @jennisaddler
for pushing us and being an amazing partner in everything.
Thank you @homegrownyogawr for having us and thank you Rachael for grounding me and telling me to stop and take it in. Reflect on what we did rather than rushing in to what's next. I really need to hear that EVERYDAY. .
#partneryoga #midgaslackro #acroyoga #yogaslackers #thaimassage #yoga
Throw back. #tbt .
Coldest day on a line yet.  I'm literally frozen in more ways than one. .
#slacklife #slackfamily #holdwhatyougot
Cooking pancakes isn't always easy. πŸ₯žπŸ₯žπŸ₯ž
This line is called "Cloud Weaver"
Not sure if it will ever get rigged again due to blocking a main look out point for other hikers. 
However, it was a fun time establishing and walking this line with so many great people.
@actualspidermonkey @lizasouras @ucancallmeflower @minnslack @ryanmellon 
I know many others enjoyed a session or few on it as well. ↔️130ish
↕️ 200+ 
FA: @lizasouras .
The static anchor was a great collaborative effort between David and River. Sadly the only good view was from the angle of this shot or looking down from the campsite. Not discounting the awe just being honest with the other lines that were available .
 We also had a fun night session because it was so close to camp. .
πŸ“· thanks to @charliecharlieoxenfree .
#slacklife #slackfamily #yogaslackers #slackline #balancingearthslacklines #holdwhatyougot #southeast #naturalrigging
Because of probably thousands of hours in creation we have @breathefest connecting hundreds of movers and shakers in one location for a week of #community and #movementmedicine β€’
Reasons #welikemike #breathe2018
We are all mirrors!
My side body stretch since surgery last year however is not mirrored. 
Somehow during my rehabilitation I didn't do (what feels like ANY)  side body stretches. .
Sure we all have a spicy side, but the bottom is quite a long ways from the top. The top is quite a long ways from where it was. .
And this friends is why it's called a practice. It continually takes practice. You don't use it you loose it. 
Inhale lengthen Exhale deepen!
This is my Mantra for awhile.
#yoga #beardedyogi #parivrttajanusirsasana #sidebody
Seriously though, you want to play a game of slaps??πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
Having fun with counterbalances.
Didn't realize I dropped so low? Definitely have to work on that. 
Recording or taking pics with no spotter is great for finding out where you need adjustments.
I need my hips back and up to be more squared and stacked properly. .
To be fair (and defensive we did just do a #hiitworkout right before this picture. .
Learn, Play and Balance.

#acrolove #acroduo #bettertogether #yogisunite
When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.
-Friedrich Nietzsche
Looking back through pics from October in Linville. Can't wait to get back out there. 
To walk in space over the void.  Above the abyss of wonder and doubt. Conquering and surrendering. Living and dying. .
This pic was taken by 1 of 3 people.....I think!?! πŸ“·@passarmike , @not_a_bicycle , or @jellynjamz
Either way thanks and love for being there.
@jennisaddler working on our partner flow. 
We have a class coming up @homegrownyogawr in February ending with a fantastic Thai Massage sequence. .
We've had fun narrowing down and finalizing our favorite poses. 
This particular flow in the video isn't the final but contains alot of the goodness... .
love flowing learning and connecting with this human
The kitten made the video in my opinion! πŸˆπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
#bettertogether #bringafriend #lover #mother #brother #sister #father #stranger #itdoesntmatter #justpractice 
#partneryoga #couplesyoga #flow #movementmedicine
To anyone I've ever had a conversation with or will one day in the future....
I struggle to make eye contact with who I'm talking to. 
I struggle to look at people in the eyes. 
I realized this a few years ago for the first time. 
I think I've only recently realized it bothers me and try to work on it. .
Psychologist say something about inhibitions and vulnerability.  Several studies talk about neuroses and the how there is a causation that equals correlation.  Freudians would surely bring the parents and upbringing in to it.  There could be something there I'm sure.  Where there was much physical contact in my family (We are all huggers). Conversation was scarce, so not a lot of eye contact workouts being done. There was also a good (bad) amount of comparison to others and not always living up to "ambitions". .
I claim my neuroticism. Eastern Philosophy helps with that. We are neurotic animals after all. Somehow though I still struggle. There are many reasons that all make sense and they probably all play a small factor. .
Wow. Not sure where that came from.........
Back to the beginning...
To people I will have conversations with...I am listening.  I do care what you have to say.  Yes sometimes I do have other things to do. If you're just talking about someone I probably don't give a fuck but if I have stopped and I'm with you I am listening. I just can't stop my subconscious from looking away. .
. #momentsoftruth 
#authenticity #instgrampsychology #lol #vulnerabilities #neurotic #tothecorenodoubtaboutit #dookie #doesanyonereadthese #? #iamoneofthose #eye
Authenticity! .
We are all students. We are all teachers.  We are always learning, experiencing and adapting.  That is our nature. .
We don't always nail it.  We don't always have everything in our wheelhouse.  That's why it's called a practice. 
The thing is we should look at EVERYTHING we do as a practice. Striving for a better version or technique. Striving for the acceptance of where we are today. .
I encourage you to post a blooper, post a fail. Post a lesson learned from experience, trial and error. Showing the student learning and the teacher teaching in one breath. .
#Authenticity #celebratefailing #laughabout #getup #tryagain