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You don't even know how long it took for me to find a hammock thats color matched my Nike color on my shirt.
How come the first thing my eyes go to are those Kettle Glazed Jalepeno chips beside me?! #jalepenochipproblems
This wasn't what I meant by pass the grass! #420
Perfect caricature of myself by both 🎨: @jopenheart 📸: @paulkhoury
Couldn't find a filter to enhance the drool on my shoulder. #DrunkOrAsleep #OneEyeAlwaysOpen
Yoshi for the win
#FamilyFriday. Love them
Mimi called an Uber shortly after this pic was taken. Didn't wanna cuddle apparently.
Walmart glamour shots
Almost time for Coachella, Neon Carnival and a wristful of bracelets. Who's going? #throwbackto2012
It's #WCW time @jesvarg
Starting my Instagram modeling career.