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Nature is a magical dreamworld. I like to travel, and photograph natural, elegant beauty. I write ambient albums and novels as well. I am an #artist.

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Cities have charm, and I've visited many. But I'm a child of nature. I need fresh air to bloom. I need clean rainwater to thrive. I need my world to be pure. I crave the countryside, where the frost bites in the winter and the wood stove crackles with warmth. #naturephotography
Work hard and be happy! It's such a joy to make my own sounds. Currently writing ideas down for an Ambient/Neoclassical album called "Daydreams" that encapsulates longing, darkness, beauty, whimsical attitudes, and the elation of being alive. This whimsy is going to be finished as the third song "Hero." #creatorstudio
I've delved into different art forms since I was little, but have always been attracted to security and stability. Being a full-time artist is anything but stable, in my opinion. I made a decision to make it work, however. I couldn't be happy doing anything other than what I love. I'm so proud of everyone who is pushing forward with their dreams. It's hard, and often feels unrewarding. But living with integrity is so worth it and that's what makes me love being who I am. I do exactly what I love. #portrait #artist #naturephotography
I know it looks like I take life easy, but I spend hours and hours hard at work in my mind until I've visualized my art. Then I work with a frenzied focus until it's set down somewhere in the real world. I'm a highly imaginative visualizer. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing my ideas take a tangible shape. #imagination #work #lifestyle
The pale purples and bright yellows of this Iris were so rich and tangible. You can see the droplets of rain still on the petals from the storm. The curled buds will bloom in a few days. Nature is the best artist!
#purpleiris #naturephotography
Hidden in the meadows
Apple pie picking and cooking in the kitchen #organic #lifestyle
I've always been attracted to natural beauty. People tend to focus on the lives of other people, but I see beauty everywhere, as nature is all around us. We're not above or below. Simply living on the same planet. #naturephotography
Elegance embodied. Horses are natural ballet dancers. I took this photo because he was so magical, I stopped on the side of the road and ran over to watch him shake his mane. He was like a beacon of light amidst an incoming cloudy sky. It's a little blurry because of that.
 #naturephotography #naturalbeauty #elegance
Peonies 5.16.2018
This reminds me of the home life I've never had. Every year, a new couple moves in and out, but the irises bloom all the same.