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@theatlantic Race+Justice featuring Bree Newsome
"You can live in one area of Charlotte and be completely oblivious to what's happening in other areas." #RaceJusticeCLT
@openstreets704 with my shadow.
When everyone is home sick but apparently there's only room in bed for one of you.
Oh hey 31, I didn't see you there.

I'm late, but thank you to everyone that took time to wish me a happy birthday. Still figuring this adult thing out, but I've obviously got a lot of people in my corner cheering us on.
From @cltgov -  Charlotte, One Year Later. We review the underlying factors that led to our city being ranked last in upward mobility in a 2014 Harvard study, as well as the September 2016 officer-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott and the events that followed. Click the link in our bio for our stories, our reflection and our commitment. #CLTOneYearLater
Local Elections Matter #ivoted
Nothing in moderation. 😐
Shout out to today's 5K crew for the sarcoma awareness walk and everyone that donated to our team. #TeamChanee #strikeoutsarcoma
If you told me I was going to be a big sister again I would've said only if she's as cute as can be with a little fiery personality to match. Happy Birthday Kaylee.
Playing hide-and-seek with a 3 yr old. #Imcrushinghim #secondtimeheshiddeninthesameplace