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If they made a movie about our love story it would be a cross between The Notebook and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. #loveyou
#Shrinkage is a lie

When you cost your mom $80 because you have allergies. #shorkie
Can't tell us nothing
My baby brother isn't a baby anymore. 😭😭😭😭 Happy Birthday Reuel. At 17 you've  brought more positivity to the world than people three times your age.
Perks of joining NGC, excuses to see @jewel1213 more often! @musigmaupsilon #FortheloveofMU #MuSigmaUpsilon
Our National Governing Council retreat is in full swing. These ladies make it an honor to come back to NGC. This year is going to be lit. #MuSigmaUpsilon #FortheloveofMU
Lmao @blacknerdproblems
Happy Birthday to my angel!

In memory of Chanee, we are doing the Sarcoma 5K on September 10th to help fund cancer research at the Duke Cancer Institute where Chanee received treatment. Click the link in my bio to join or donate to our team.
Today's Boozy Book Brunch with my favorite bookworms. @balterthyme
Too many books, too little time.
I made it to work today. Clap for me.