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Shamanic based retreat and healing center 🌟
For information about organic skincare, sweat lodges, weekend retreats visit us at:

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“All of these elements are integral parts of matter or the physical universe, and the human body is a physical creation existing in the material realm.” 👣
Sacred space surrounds us as told by a prayer: “Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, Teach me how to trust My heart, My mind, My intuition, My inner knowing, The senses of my body, The blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things So that I may enter my Sacred Space And love beyond my fear, And thus Walk in Balance With the passing of each glorious Sun.” - Lakota Prayer
Come celebrate womanhood during our rejuvenation day! We’ll be connecting with the natural elements, engage in a talking circle and explore voice weaving. RSVP at 🌸
Do you ever feel a connection with someone? An instant connection? It’s like when the water flows and the pieces fall right into place. It’s a form of energy you may feel with another human. Harness that energy and heal your emotional soul.
The new moon symbolizes new energy. Harness it.
Hi spring! We see you peeking through the window 💕🌸
Consider your altar as a symbol; how you show up and take care of it can become a compass for how you are showing up and caring for yourself. The more you tend to your altar, the more its healing and clarifying energy swells. Do you have an altar? 🌿🕉
What we wouldn’t give to be in this tub 🛀
~ Perspective is an opportunity for growth ~
Waterfalls have traditionally “represented in it's downward force heavenly activity emanating from the still center, the immutable, a display of infinite potentiality.” When you think of a waterfall, what does it remind you of? 💧
Deluctter. Depending on the items you’re removing from your life, decluttering could serve as a kind of catharsis, or releasing of pent-up emotions. We’ve upgraded our office space and feel a little bit of all these emotions at once.
Breathing: an exercise 💆🏼‍♀️