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🌲 // Inside the lodge // 🌲

This week we’re focusing on sweat lodges. We’re sharing its uses and spiritual significance:

The ceremony inside the lodge is often divided into four parts representing different spiritual challenges. The sweat lodge is a communion with the Earth and the renewal of social and cultural bonds. What usually takes place? Chanting, drumming, and meditation empowers participants to endure the heat and teaches participants to overcome physical and mental challenges as well as deeper spiritual connections on multiple levels.
We’ve got an exciting series for you this week! We’re sharing the secrets of a sweat lodge. 🌲

First up - did you know sweat lodges have traditionally been used for training purposes? 
Training – Indigenous cultures with sweatlodge traditions require that someone go through intensive training for many years to be allowed to lead a lodge. One of the requirements is that the leader be able to pray and communicate fluently in the indigenous language of that culture, and that they understand how to conduct the ceremony safely. This leadership role is granted by the Elders of the community, not self-designated. This leadership is only entrusted to those who are full members of the community, and who live in community. It is never given to outsiders who then leave to sell ceremony.
Do you have a sacred space in your home? What does it look like? Feel like? What emotions are evoked when you enter that space? Reflect on your space. Find its beauty and find its place ✨
Grounding Yourself with A I R 🌬

When fall manifests itself deep into November, how can we ground ourselves with the air & the air around us?

Try to feel the wind on your face. Let the spread-out pieces of you be picked up by the wind, and pushed back to you. Let the wind carry the unnecessary stresses away. Feel the A I R.
✨Get out there ✨ #Adventure #Explore #LookWithin
How to cleanse crystals and gemstones:
1. Use a ceramic bowl or cup. Do not use plastic or metal containers.
2. Place about a tablespoon of sea salt in the bowl and whatever else you feel calling to do. I like to place dried rose petals in mine. Some people like to pick plants native to where they live to enhance the energy.
3. Put your crystals in the bowl, then fill it with water until it covers the crystals.
4. Place the bowl next to a window or outside so it can absorb the energy and cleanse from the sun or the moon.
Don’t use this ritual for soluble crystals! The sea salt will damage. For those gemstones and crystals you can sage them or place them next to the bowl under the moon/sunlight. ❤️ - @smileyykailee
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Hey ✨#Lawrence ✨ visit us at #SouthPark today! 
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Hello brothers and sisters! Our next Community Lodge is being held on September 15th at 10am. Be sure to clear your schedule for some self care that weekend and join us at the lodge! DM us for details and address. We can’t wait to see you there ✨💛
Do ✨YOU✨ have a #practice, a #meditation, an community exercise that you are passionate about and want to share with others, but have never had the space, land, or support? ⭐️This is your #calling.⭐️Message us NOW! We are calling all teachers from near and far to come and bless the land with their compassion, love, and different teachings. Message us on our Instagram, Facebook, or our email ❤️
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