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my man  @iganagueye 🙏national team time 🙏
Praying for all the families in Mexico who lost their relatives and their homes - Sending hope and strength to everybody involved!! Pensée pieuse à toutes les familles mexicaines qui ont perdu leurs proches et leurs maisons lors du tremblement de terre. Nos encouragements à tous ceux qui sont impliqués.

@Angeles Monroy de Bezemer
😁Gini 🙏
I hope and wish Ederson a quick recovery. I am so sorry he was hurt during our accidental collision on the pitch and am sorry for him that he could not complete the match because of it. I pray he heals fast and is back playing very soon because he is highest quality player.🙏☝️
Let's go again 👊🏻
☝️Great team performance ,well done boys🙏
🙏🙏avec Mon Cousin🙏
Allah ❤️☝️