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Don’t forget! Make sure you bring your cooler bags to the shop so you can keep your food cool! You don’t want to be stuck with food poisoning so don’t leave your food in a hot car. Put it in the coolest part of your car in an esky or cooler bag. #FoodSafetyFriday #ForgetfulFriday
Going to the @adlfringe? 💃🚌Public transport is a great way to get to events, but do you know how many germs are on the seats, handles, stop buttons? 🦠 🦠🦠Neither do we, but it’s a LOT. Festival season is when you don’t want to get sick. Make sure you practise good hand hygiene – wash your hands with soap and water 🧼 wash your hands before and after handling food 🌮 before you eat 😋 after going to the toilet 🚽 or after using tissues 🤧. If you do end up getting a sniffle, make sure you cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue to stop it spraying everywhere or getting on your hands that you then touch everything with! 🤲#WellnessWednesday
Getting portion sizes right is important for our health, but how much is actually in a “serve”? For this week’s #TipTuesday, we are going to look at some examples of a “serve” of veggies #nomnom. Here we go! A standard serve is 75 grams (or 100-350 kilojoules). But still, what does that mean? A standard serve of veg is equal to:⠀
• ½ cup cooked green or orange vegetables (like broccoli, spinach, carrots or pumpkin)⠀
• ½ cup cooked, dried or canned beans, peas or lentils⠀
• 1 cup green leafy vegetables or salad ⠀
• ½ cup sweet corn⠀
• ½ medium potato or other starchy veg (think sweet potato, taro, cassava)⠀
• 1 medium tomato⠀
Why not try counting your serves when you make dinner tonight?
⚠️‼️GROSS ALERT‼️: Mozzies can lay 100s of eggs at a time. 100s!! 🤮🤮 After you finish dry heaving at that fact, make sure you eliminate water around your home that mozzies breed in to #FightTheBite. Find out how to protect your home by clicking on the link in our bio. #MythbusterMonday⚠️
Taking notice and slowing down helps you to feel calm and relaxed. Learn to enjoy each moment. Visit a @nationalparkssa site and challenge your mates to take a photo of the nature you notice and hashtag #noticenature #naturehunt! #SelfcareSunday #5WaysToWellbeing
Can’t find a match this this #ValentinesDay? Need some #ValentinesSurvivalTips? 
Invest some time in maintaining a healthy mind and fall in love with yourself. 
Be active - Exercising makes you feel good and can help your mental health. It will also help you sleep better, and get the rest you need.

Reduce your alcohol intake - Over use of alcohol can increase feelings of depression.

Connect with friends and family (or puppies)- Keep communicating and interacting, and tell those you trust how you are feeling if you’re going through tough times. Talking to others and seeking help early can be very helpful in reducing depression, anxiety and distress.

Keep learning - To keep your mind both healthy and active learn a new sport, language, learn to play an instrument, read books and take an active interest in feeding your brain with positive information.

Link in our bio for more tips. #5Ways
#HumpDay, that time of the week where we share #SexuallyTransmittedInfection info with you, so you don’t share an #STI with anyone else. 
Before you start feeling the love this #ValentinesDay, make sure you don’t start feeling symptoms of #syphilis.

Stage 1:
**The person may not know they have the infection**
A painless ulcer develops at the site of infection (usually on the genitals). This usually goes away within 4 weeks.

Stage 2: 
Occurs 2 to 4 months after infection, lasts several weeks and often comes back in the following 2 years. The most common feature is a flat, red rash over the whole body.
After this secondary stage there are often no symptoms or obvious signs of disease for a prolonged period.

Stage 3: 
In some cases the disease may result in severe complications, disability and even death.

Find out more about Syphilis and other STIs at the link in our bio!
The weather has cooled off, but it is still important to drink lots of water! ⠀
Why not try adding some fruit to your water or give sparkling water a go?⠀
Do you know how much you need to drink each day? It is a bit different for everyone, especially depending on the weather and how much physical activity you have done, but the general rules are:⠀
Men: 10 cups⠀
Women:8 cups (9 in pregnancy and breastfeeding)⠀
Children: 4-5 cups⠀
Young adults: 6-8 cups⠀
Have leftovers? Doing some meal prep? Letting your food completely cool before you put it in the fridge? Friends, it is time for your #MythbusterMonday. DON’T allow cooked meals to cool on the bench. As soon as steam stops rising, refrigerate or freeze in a leak proof container. Keep that food safe before you have to learn about it the hard way!
Remember the thrill of learning something new? Learning new things and challenging your mind will give you a sense of achievement. Why not learn how to grow your own food or learn how to reduce household waste and live more sustainably? #SelfcareSunday #5WaysToWellbeing
Let’s talk physical activity for #StatisticSaturday. Are the kids in your life getting enough physical activity? 23% of kids have too much screen time. Why not visit your nearest @NationalParksSA for some exercise with the whole family? #5WaystoWellbeing
It’s a #FoodSafetyFriday kind of day and we are about to get personal! Have you been vomiting or had diarrhoea in the last 48 hours? Then DON’T prepare food. You would think it would be obvious, but unfortunately sometimes it’s not. Play it safe and stay away!