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St. Ann Church and Model Schools in Kaneohe takes a whole-child approach to students in our Early Learning, Elementary and Secondary education.

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Show some love to this Mermade 🧜‍♀️ and check out her awesome clutches and jewelry at our Ho’olaulea!! April 14 8-2pm 
#StAnnHoolaulea2018 #supportlocal #SupportStAnnSchool

IG: @mermade_in_love
FB: Mermade in Love
CALL OUT FOR ALL CRAFTERS!! We are currently signing up Crafters for the April 14, 2018 Ho’olaulea. If you are a Crafter or know of any Crafters, please visit to download a application or email Jocelyn Tamashiro at
Prayer Bible Bingo! Because Holy Spuit Week is still going on!!
Freaky Friday Recess! 🤪 Upper grades on jungle gym and field, Lower grades get the courts for morning and lunch recesses 
Equipment pic: Marissa Matsuda (3A)
Court pic: Ms. Shinsato
Field pic: Karylle Feary (8A)
It's Friday! 8A continuing to do a great job leading Stations of the Cross during lent. 
PC: Mrs. Desiree Tupou (8A HRT)
Thank you to our accreditation visiting team!! #YAYitsOVER #saintannhawaii
6A is displaying the exinction of the dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 in science class today! Just kidding😛 they’re doing a volcano 🌋 eruption lab for Mrs. Tupou 😁 Catch the LIVE footage on our IG story today. #science iscool #volcanoerupion #earthscience #6A #bestteacher #dinosaursarereallyextinct #6Ahashtags
Featured at this year's St. Ann Ho'olaulea (April 14): Thirty-One
Treat yourself to a Thirty-One bag or two from Vendor Carolyn Moriyama
"Since 2003, Thirty-One Gifts has been on a mission to celebrate, encourage and reward women for who they are, as we offer our fashionable, functional products to Customers."
Day Two of Holy Spirit Week!! Everyones racing to finish their school uniform scavenger hunt during first recess. Thanks for the fun activity Student Council!! #holyspiritweek #schooldpride
Starting off our Holy Spirit Week with The Prince of Egypt, to remind us of the Passover and Holy Week!
4 year old learning about the bible story “The Good Samaritan” (Luke 10). Here they arenusing pictures to retell the story to their table mates! 
PC: Kamaile Menza
Kinder on their way to get graduation pics taken!! #littlegraduates2018