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Thank you 💖I love y'all so much. Email/ Text me to book as well. Thank you
I'm a lot of things. And that's something I need to come to accept and love. I felt and still feel like I need to be one thing or feel one way but I'm everything and feel many ways. I've tried to compress everything I am into this mold of myself leaving out more than half of who I am and love. Forcing myself to feel that one way and be that one thing. I'm sure God will be smiling when I embrace everything I was created to be.
Learning to love myself all over again. This time internally. Without pain of past without holding grudges and trauma against others and myself. I'm trying to free myself. It's really difficult but I'm trying my best ✨👼🏻✨
Shooting with @zabaay was such a dream, I followed her for years and had always admired her from afar not even knowing she was from Houston. I'm happy af I got to shoot with her 😩💘 fucking visionary 💘
Photography: @zabaay
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Freshly trimmed 
Photography: @zabaay
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I had a full out anxiety attack yesterday. I almost forgot what it was like. It wasn't the worst i ever had but my body was in complete shock I could bearly think straight. I really hate that shit. I read my old therapy notes afterwards and kept telling myself I wasn't crazy and it's okay. Shout out to everyone dealing with this bullshit & shout out to my insurance that doesn't believe in mental illnesses u can kiss my hairy ass. I feel so much better today thanks to my true ass, straight up HEAVEN SENT friends. I hope that one day I'm able to write a book about my life and talk about the things that I can't right now. Blessings to all in need.
 SINCERELY- Im trying
Happiness is something that's created not found💓 these are my bestest friends😂❤️🐶👧🏻🐶❤️
I had fun while doing this! Even though it's probably the worst sketch I've ever done LOL (its been a while) I freaked tf out while recording when I realized I completely forgot how to shade the body and also when my pencil mixed with my copics (I lost my pens) so its pretty rough but I'm really proud of myself bc I kept going even though I felt everything was falling apart lol. This is supposed to be me in my @_sleeptalk_ design: Nena lingerie piece & future handbag collection? 👀  I wanna post more of these videos, hope y'all enjoy!
My mom be showing me all her mémés 😂 lowkey looks like my tío 💀💀💀 feliz lunes!!! 🏍
Amor de mi vida ❤️ mi abuelita. The one that raised me, always looked after me and so much more. I'm not anyone's family favorite but I always knew I was hers and it would make me so happy. She always made me so happy 💕mi Angelita 💋☁️👼🏽☁️❤️☺️
I'm tired of life. Fucking annoyed if I'm truly honest. Like anyone else that's conscious of the World around them. I've never prayed so passionately like I have recently, for the world, my people and myself. It's insane. Also let me touch on this. I decided to post things other than my photoshoot pictures on here and When i did I was like holy shit this entire time people only see me done up. That's not completely me. So my content will be pretty different now and you can love or hate me & if you hate me feel free to unfollow. I truly don't give a fuck not in a "fuck you" way but in a "if I'm not ur cup of tea I understand and am unbothered, move on bb xoxo" so yeah here's a photo of me without a filter or makeup, haven't washed my face today either so imma lil greasy, also my hair is always either like this or down which gives me a sea creature look. Im looking quite upset bc life has been unhappy for me. I'm going through life trying to stay sane and continue working and trying not have anxiety attacks that'll keep me stunned for months. Life is difficult. Enjoy your parents while you have them and your friends. Pets. And other family. Get off your damn phone, stop posting about how much you love them and actually spend quality time with them. Cancel negative people and do whatever you like and makes you happy. Even if it's just watching the clouds move outside ( I recommend). I've written a lot. I just had a lot to say to my followers I guess. Thanks for following me and I hope you enjoy the raw content me. I hope you have a great day. (feel free to comment your fave animal emoji under this, that'd be cute) also don't ask me if I'm high bc I'm NOT. I don't do any drugs. Yall stay asking when I just post raw content. Just let me be me damn.