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Finals week and life in general is pushing me and at this point I'm just like it is what it is. IT ISSSS WHAT IT ISSSSSS HUNNY🐍🍯 no point in feeling bad about it, crying about it, complaining about it or anything really because it is what it is and if I stay hooked on the negative of yesterday I won't be able to enjoy the positive of today 🌞 "let it go before it get up in the way" - @liltunechi #beautifulday
Goes to a bar and asks for ROOM TEMPERATURE water 💦 swipe for #OOTD pic & some of my friends @courtland.ww new music!!! "Gettin better at gettin better" is my favorite line 🎸🎸& thank you @basicallyjj for your photography skills & company 💋💖 ilysm
I love my culture. I love everything I am. Good & bad. I'm gonna have to make a mixtape just so this can be my cover. S/o to my besties for taking this 💋 #mami
"She Björk cute
So she really fine, just sorta weird, and she got some cake" - @amine (handbag made by me @_sleeptalk_ ((I got the baag tell a friend) )
I turned 21 over my social media break. 🎉 I had the BEST DAYYYY with my Bitches 💘❤️💗💕💖 I was chillin Titties out, hairy af & SO FUCKING happy. Wearing my swimsuit design, my bamboo earrings, plastic crown & gold chain. Spent the day with my closest friends that I love SOOOOO FUCKING MUCH. We went to the beach and I was so happy, happiest day of the year. They bought me non alcoholic rosé and a power puff girls cake (': I'm grateful for my bffs that have always loved me and never judged me. Y'all stuck with me forever 💋 #21 #Leo #happyaf #freethenipplemovement
Working 🍑 #notjustamodel #vlog #artistlife #fashiondesigner #houston
||Old summer photo of me enjoying life at one of my favorite places ever, the beach. || So I'm currently feeling like I couldn't have picked a worse time to get back on social media. Life is really tumbling in. I've learned how to deal with times like this and I know I'll be okay but I probably won't be as active as I wanted to be on here. I know there's lots of other people in the world who probably feel overwhelmed about life as well and if you're one of them I just wanna let you know you got this, life is worth it, and this is simply a phase that'll pass so just try your best because that's all you can do. Sometimes it feels like it'll never pass and I've definitely been there, but I promise it will. Eat well, shower & everything else and continue with life as best you can, don't give up. Something that also helps me is thinking positively, I used to dwell on my negative thoughts completely and didn't even notice it. Trying to think only positive thoughts and cutting off negative thoughts completely helps tremendously. It can be pretty difficult at first but it'll really help once you get there. You're doing really well! You're very strong and I wish you the very best 💘🐮⭐️
These are some things I've recorded or taken pictures of that make me happy. I'm hoping my new content on this app helps people to get to know me better. Im a lot of things and I'm ready to be unapologetic about it 🐮🐄🐬🐣👼🏾🌸⭐️have a happy Sunday ☀️
❤️I'm stressed but life is great ❤️ vlogged today c: #vlog #artistlife #modellife #fashiondesignerslife #girlslife #justgirlythings #justgirlyTINGS
Check check 1 2 .. 💀💀LOLL Hello todos 💘 I really appreciate everyone who's still following me after my months off and I really appreciate everyone who checked up on me or wished well y'all are so sweet 😢💗. My life has been a roller coaster and so much has happened while I was off social media. A proper update and explanation etc. will be coming soon but I guess for now I wanna share that my life is completely different and I know my personality and mental has changed as well. FOR THE BETTER THO (insert huge smiley face here) :)))))) ok. I think I'm ready to be back and I'll be officially back on IG and other platforms as soon as I can figure out a healthy social media schedule for myself 👍🏼👍🏼 much love ❤️ #BacknImBetta
I'm a lot of things. And that's something I need to come to accept and love. I felt and still feel like I need to be one thing or feel one way but I'm everything and feel many ways. I've tried to compress everything I am into this mold of myself leaving out more than half of who I am and love. Forcing myself to feel that one way and be that one thing. I'm sure God will be smiling when I embrace everything I was created to be.