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Romantic garden in Denmark. Originally established in 1794. Restored and opened to the public in 2010. Owned and run by Susanne and Erik Vind.

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Holiday projekt 💙experimenting with leftover fabric! Hopefully I have enough to make a bedspread, but it will probably take a few years to finish😅
Blissful evening rowing with my daughter Nonni on the canals in #sanderumgaards_romantiske_have 💙There are nearly two km of canals in the garden. #beautifulevening #romanticgarden #danishgarden
Make the most of the beautiful summer with a visit in the Danish countryside🌳🌸☘️🥀🌿Come to #sanderumgaards_romantiske_have and bring a picnic or visit our Café and shop. Check our website for openings hours. Today Sarah is serving delicious cake, coffee and cold drinks🍰🥤☕️thank you @magicmomentsbymarianne for the 📷
Blush Noisette in #sanderumgaards_romantiske_have Our shop and cafe is open today💚
Close encounter with these busy 🐝 today. They are so fascinating to watch. #sanderumgaards_romantiske_have #macro #olympus #naturephotography
Good morning from the rose garden in #sanderumgaards_romantiske_have #rosegarden #historicroses #romanticgarden
💛💛💛 June magic in #sanderumgaards_romantiske_have I have just met two lovely ladies who, when they saw our big attraction sign on the highway, decided on some “spur of the moment” adventure💚I myself love spontaneity and not knowing what the next few hours will bring! They said some very nice things about our garden, and that just made my day 💚💚 I hope something spontaneous will make your day out there 😘#romanticgarden #danishgarden #lovelyday #source #kildehytten #visitfyn #opengarden
There is a lot of foraging going on today in #sanderumgaards_romantiske_have 💕#foraging #junegarden #macro #flowers #bees
Lovely midsummers evening with the traditional bonfire at my childhood home. The burning of the fire was banned in many parts of Denmark yesterday because of the unusual dry weather but luckily not at #havnø #midsummersnight #sankthans
I am so lucky to work with the talented caterer Ann Charlotte from @ac_mad 💚Apart from being stunningly beautiful, it tastes just wonderful!
When a group wants food after a tour of the garden, this is what I serve💚💚 Bon appetite! #sanderumgaard_romantiske_have #lunchisserved #catering #acmad
Girl on swing in #sanderumgaards_romantiske_have 💚 Have a lovely evening everyone #romanticgarden #fyn #visitdenmark
Yesterday was the grand finale of our one year photo competition🙌All photos had to be taken in our garden 🌿🌷🌳🌱Let me proudly present you with the winner of the 1 prize @selverphotography 👏👏👏👏👏! Selver won a @olympusdanmark 📷 for his amazing photo! As you scroll you will se the 1 prize photo, the 2 prize photo by @mr_kent_rasmussen the 3 prize photo by Ole Steen Petersen, the special prize category “best boat” photo by @conniegeert special prize category “out of the box” photo by @livsvisionphotography and special prize category “play” photo by Jens Møller. Congratulations to all of you for the outstanding photos💪👏🙌 A very special Thank you to @blomsterfotografering and @adambindslev for organization and making this competition possible and so we’ll managed💚💚Thank you so much to our sponsors @troelsolympus @olympusdanmark @nordic_digital_lab #clickrosengårdcentret @blomsterfotografering