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Mama of Meadow Faye & Another On It’s Way 🌻🌷 | In Love And Married To My Most Amazing Twin Flame 💖💍

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You are so wonderful🧡
I love this girl so much! .
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Cinnamon and Ginger latte for sore throat relief 💛🧡 #yumm #byebyecold
Meadow doesn’t seem too happy about the news.. 😂❤️
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Happy first anniversary of being married to my best friend, love of my life, father of our beautiful baby girl, and my twin flame. Here are a few pictures of my favorite moments spent with you over the past year. ❤️Although the best times we’re those when we we’re too busy having fun and spending time together that we never got out our phones to take pictures. 😚
I never had thought that so much could happen within a years time! We have definitely had our ups and downs this past year.. That’s easy to understand considering we spent the majority of our first year married apart from each other (Wooo! Military life!! 🙄). Despite the distance, we have grown closer as a couple and as a little family than I ever thought we could. I love you more than words could ever describe. I can’t wait to see where our journey takes us next through life! 💕😘
It feels like we’re always saying goodbyes..😩hubby is on his way to Germany right now. They’ll have him for a few weeks. Lil Boo and I miss you! ❤️
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These pictures are back from New Years.. Baby girl why do you have to grow so quickly!! The changes come on so fast it’s hard to remember you were once so tiny 😭❤️
Who needs bath toys when you have toes? 😂 #sillybaby #thatsmygirl ❤️
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Meadow gets overjoyed by animals and it’s the sweetest thing. 💕
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