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You guys!!! I finally hit the Target!! 🎯@foodstirs Organic Chocolate Chippy Pumpkin Bread and our Organic Pumpkin Spice Pancakes are now available exclusively at Target (that's right ALL Targets!) These mixes will only be available for a limited time, so grab them while you can. (And look out, next month our regular mixes will be available there too) #foodstirs #Target
And then three years, and one day later I was gifted this spirit. If it was ever possible to be a stand up comedian at 5, then he is it. I have never met someone so young who takes such pleasure, in making other people laugh. Thank you for making me smile the moment you were born, and every day since. I ❤️this little man. Happy Birthday Rocky #happybirthday
How is my baby 8??? 8 years ago, you came into my life, and made me happier, than any person has any right to be. And now 8 incredible years later, you have grown into the most, kind, poised, empathetic, incredible human I know. Not sure how I got so lucky that it is me you call mom, but I will be forever grateful. Happy Birthday Charlotte Grace (aka CGP) #8isgreat
Who said Sunday was a day of rest?!? #trx
Guess who @foodandwine named as one of 2017 most innovative women in food and drink?!? I love sharing this honor with all the other incredible female entrepreneurs out there "raising the bar and reshaping our world" congrats!! @fortunemag foodstirs #foodstirs @galitlaibow (link in bio)
Rollin' with my homie (or co-founder 😂)
Some fun on the (blue) carpet at an incredible event. Thank you @UNWomen, @sapnextgen and @hp for inviting me to speak at such an inspiring forum. And another thank you, to everyone that came out and supported me today, both in person and online #femaleentrepreneurs #sheinnovates @foodstirs #foodstirs
This week I have the serious honor to join @unwomen and @sapnextgen for their innovation, technology and entrepreneurship forum, in an effort to advance gender equality and women's economic empowerment around the world. We will be live streaming it, so please join us!! #sheinnovates @foodstirs (you know I love me some female empowerment)
FINALLY!!! Rocky is back in school!! Thank goodness!! (Yes it's a lot of exclamations, I promise they are necessary)
While I will always think about those we lost on this day, I also try and think about all the amazing people, that performed truly heroic and selfless acts. As I watch all the coverage of these natural disasters this week, I try and take strength from the kindness I see in people. "Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster"
When your favorite sushi chef visits all the way from Yokohama, Japan - you know you are in for the dinner of your life (and probably some really good sake) Oishi (delicious) Check my insta story for some highlights of my meal!!
Oh Mother Nature, you are beautiful but very scary. This was the unfiltered view from my plane yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Irmas path. I have very dear friends, in danger of her and it's all I can think about. Please everyone, be safe.