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<< from “Lies Women Believe,” chapter 4 >>
On this Good Friday, may we be reminded of the WHY our merciful, loving Lord took the impossible path to the cross & surrendered Himself to death.
Easter is not about candy, bunnies, & decorated eggs. May we never forget—may we never desensitize the sacrifice Christ paid FOR US. Just the thought of that SHOULD BRING US TO OUR KNEES.
Are you truly ready for Resurrection Sunday?
#goodfriday #easter #REDEEMED #thepowerofthecross #nancydemosswolgemuth #quotes
This photo is late (again!), but Gabe is over 16 lbs, is now crawling/scooching around & standing as much as he can (and falling), and is eating solids like a mini pro. He is so observant, loves to smile, has the cutest laugh, & enjoys working with his daddy outside & on the job.
In these photos he needed his daddy to get his attention  And he certainly paid more notice to his sticker this time than previously. The second pic captures his smirk right as he began to slowly pull it off. 😏😂
#BabyGabe #sevenmonthsold
Love my little #QOOC baby-food maker. The peas take a little more work because you must strain the hulls, but all other veggies are a breeze!
#babyfoodmaker #homemadebabyfood
Baby v. Grass
#babiesvsgrass #BabyGabe
📷: @ej.cnossen
Gabe loves his cucumbers.
Garden prep this evening! Can’t wait for the harvest of FRESH, homegrown veggies & herbs.
We planted Cherokee Purple tomatoes (THE BEST), cucumbers, Marconi bell peppers, green onions, basil, parsley, zucchini, & squash.
Also, Gabe was a GREAT help to his mama & daddy. 😂👍🏻
#inthegarden #gardenfresh #freshfromthegarden #freshhomegrownveggies
Apparently, it’s #nationalsiblingday.
> > > >
So I just wanna say I’ve got some amazing beans I call mine & I’m thankful every day for their love, support, & friendship. We had a great childhood & now we’re grown up & going our different ways. I’m so grateful we’re still close enough to hang out & play & joke.
> > > >
So proud of each of you! I love you all more than I can possibly say! It’s a joy to be your big sister. Forgive me where I’ve failed you & don’t ever forget I’m ALWAYS here for you.
> > > >
“Till the end of the line.”
📷: @jodysdake
“Let’s go on an adventure!”
My little Hobbit & his weapon of choice: a baster. 😂
#BabyGabe #littleHobbit
Hammocking this evening. Can I just say I’m LOVING this Spring weather??
Also, in the first photo, I think Evan looks like one of those one-legged Duffers from the Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Anybody see it?? 🙋🏻‍♀️
And Gabe was too cute in the second pic. 😊❤️
#hammocking #enohammocks #BabyGabe #meandmyboys
Daddy see, Daddy do. 😆🥤
Gabe was on the floor & we gave him his water, so Evan joined him there.
#BabyGabe #gabeandhisdaddy
Lovely evening at the park. Not sure what these trees are with the gorgeous blossoms, but certainly picture-worthy. 
#athensregionalpark #cityofathens #eveningwalk
This was last Saturday. Gabe & I went with my parents & Auntie Jen to the Uncle Gus’s restaurant & the lake. The redbud trees were too lovely NOT to take pictures. 😍 And Gabe does quite well in posing. Love his smile!