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27 | Children’s Librarian | I read books & fight evil | 📚 | MLIS student @ UT Knoxville 🧡 | runs @booksweneverread

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New shoes - I’m in love 😍 #whatthelibrarianwore @modcloth #oxfords #librarianfashion
My Thursday Storytime has grown litttle by little 💛 so thankful for each of my Storytime families! #childrenslibrarian #storytime #ilovemyjob
My first class starts Monday but as I’ve already had pre-class homework and a bout of crippling doubt and imposter syndrome, school is officially in session. *Despite* the feelings of inadequacy and internal monologue of “what were you thinking?!” I’m excited to start working on this goal. Here’s to the kid sitting in homeschool book club at Lake Jackson library who saw that diploma on the wall and said “that’s what I want to do.” Here’s to the two cool lady librarians, Karen and Sarah, who made me want to work with kids. And here’s to everyone else along the way that’s either given me a chance to prove myself or told me to go for it! Thank you for being my people 💛 #thelibrarygirlgetshermasters #childrenslibrarian #backtoschool #firstdayofgradschool #libraryschool #letterboard #coffeecoffeejoyjoy
Found Ursula Nordstrom in the Little Dreamers book by @vashtiharrison - DAY MADE. Can’t help but wonder if @fuse8kate has seen this? #youknowyoureachildrenslibrarianwhen #kidlit #womeninhistory
Real life: coffee and animal crackers are the only thing in my system at the moment and I’ve got school papers and conference registrations and summer book lists and Storytime crafts and an Elmo look and find book covering my desk.#librarylife #coffeecoffeejoyjoy #ingredientsforachildrenslibrarian
This girl got her first summer performer booked like YAASSS - starting the new year out ahead of the game, ready to slay at my FIFTH summer reading program. How have I been doing this for almost five years already? #childrenslibrarian #summerreadingprogram #sarahslayssummerreading
This Saturday morning light 🥰 #bookstagram #saturday #naturallight
Sister date at @coffeeshophumboldt followed by movie at @humboldtplaza3 #siplocal #shoplocal #watchlocal #coffeecoffeejoyjoy
Oh hey, self-care! How about we get rid of this cough? Dying romantically by cough like a Victorian heroine is all fine and good when you’ve got nothing but a bad marriage ahead of you, but I’m a 21st century gal and I’ve got programs to run and people to see and degrees to work on this year. #selfcare #sickday
Best first book of the year - the Story Collectors is everything I wanted it to be so far! .
Our stories are what make us unique. The combination of stories in our lives - the unique mix of the stories we choose to read, choose to live - makes each of us just a tiny bit different from everyone else on the planet. Vivian I knew that we are our stories. #thestorycollector #nypl #library #booksaboutbooks #bookstagram
Silliness abounds when I’m hanging out with the teens 😂 #abba #supertrooper #karaoke #teenlibrarian #winterbreak
If you’re interested in buddy-reading #littledorrit with me check out @booksweneverread for for more info! #bookstagram #bookclub #charlesdickens #bookpodcast #podcast