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27 | Children’s Librarian | I read books and fight evil | 📚 2018 reading goal : 61/90
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LEGO(r) competition theme Government Buildings — or is it Places You Might Want To Work At Someday? Either way - the future home of the Tennessee State Library and Archives was the obvious build choice for me! 😊 #tennesseestatelibraryandarchives #legoatthelibrary #thelibrarygirlbuilds #llibrarian #childrenslibrarian #nashville #tennessee
Storytime planning process // this Storytime season I’ve been focusing more on my illustrators, using their excellent work to drive discuss with my kids during reading, and taking cues from their style to craft process based activities for afterwards. This month with #hervétullet we’ve mixed colors, followed verbal instructions in drawing, and in a last minute stroke of genius, made a life size looping, hopping and tiptoeing obstacle course à la Let’s Play. It looks gorgeous on our black carpet and is a LOT of fun. #storytime #childrenslibrarian #thelibrarylife #maskingtapecrafts
The last kids to leave after Storytime usually get more quality time with me 💛😊 -  Emma and Ewan are doing our Herve Tullet Let’s Play! Inspired obstacle course with me :) #childrenslibrarian #mykiddos #hervetullet #letsplay 
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Fun at storytime this morning! Emma sure has missed Ms. Sarah for the past two weeks! @sarahthelibrarygirl @sunmoonandstarwars
Today’s #mood brought to you by @bethanwoollvin ‘s Little Red, who, here, is seen giving zero cares about the wolf’s impersonation of her granny. That cold eye roll is one to be aspired to. May we all face our wolves with such cunning. #littlered #picturebooks #childrenslibrarian #bigmood #sideeye
High temps in the 50s? Time to break out the flannels. ☑️#fallbucketlist #🍁🍂 #flannelshirt #plaidflannels
Evening thankfuls : evidences of grace // for @arandameghan for being a pal and driving me places for @lynnautorepair for getting my car back on the road with no truly horrific news (y’all Jackson folks better have them at the top of your list for car repairs!) for @kingtireco for literally the fastest tire change I’ve ever experienced. For my homeschool crew who we patient with me and my Elmer Blunt of a Monday. For my wonderful boss for letting me do what I needed to do to take care of my life. For church friends who are willing to help me get home if needed (church folk gots your back, y’all.) for the perfect chilly fall night. For a good Father God who puts songs of joy in my heart and mind when I could easily be grumbling.  Tomorrow is a new day and NOT a Monday! #themondayestmondayever #eveningliturgy #eveningprayer #litanyofthanksgiving #nuncdimittis
And that would be my car up there on that tow truck.  #happymonday #yay #GuineveretheLesabre
Road trip reads - goal : finish Rebecca before book club on the 18th! #currentlyreading #rebecca #daphnedumarier #fallbreak #homewardbound
It’s been over ten years since our house fire but this brought back so much of the same emotion. Do hot water heaters ever spontaneously combust?! I need to know. #postitnote #tellbrittney #baddream
Paddle boarding 😄 #friendreunion #georgiaonmymind #standuppaddleboarding #morelikesitdownpaddleboarding
Lake light sparkling in the leaves 🌿🍃✨ #georgiaonmymind #fallbreak
Friends for 16 years 💛 #friendreunion #fallbreak #georgiaonmymind