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Documenter of growth: Plants & personal. Residing in ATX. Mama's girl. Old-souled. Doggo devotee. Just a tumbleweed blowin' in the wind. ♒👩‍💻🐉🏜️

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Just when I thought my armadillo dreams couldn't get any more fullfilled!
We out here.
Happy #MotoGP weekend, my pickle friends! May your days be filled with sunshine and vroom vrooms galore. (No braps plz) 🏍️💨 #sarahdoesletterboard
1) 🌼 A sweet old man sold me the pressed flowers. 2) ☕ It's fun when you match your drink. 3) 🌱 My elephant ear is sprouting its first little ear!
Lovely gusty day spent in the Bluebonnet Capital of the World.
#OTD in 1973, 'Aladdin Sane' came out. Without it or #Bowie, @sinktheseine's and my imaginary motorcycle girl gang wouldn't exist. Thanks David for the perpetual inspiration. ♥️⚡
Most 'gram-able dermatologist award goes to...
I missed these goobers so much! #linusandmillie
Things I enjoyed while in Orlando.
She's a lady. Oh woah oh she's a lady.
We're Flordians for a few days. #locoincocoa
I am hopelessly obsessed with these. Good work @ohsnappickles!