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I'm in love with neon when it's cold outside.

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Same Millie, same.
So many memories behind that which adorns this year's fir. Some of the happiest, though bittersweet. You know that feel. Merry Christmas to you and yours. 💕
Idk? It cacti.
I tried to do a panorama and it still couldn't squeeze in all the beautiful plants at my local Chinese restaurant. I could sit in here forever. 😍
Yeah I'm in my cubicle physically, but mentally, I'm on the beach, salty wind in my hair, watching Bodhi and Johnny Utah shred the gnarliest waves. 🌊
Well that escalated quickly...🌨️
Have been oogling @margaretcross's work for years, so here's to hoping for a sweet holiday giveaway surprise win. #margaretcrossjewelry
Okay, Manayunk.
Happy 1st birthday to our baby Linus (as in Torvalds). Our lives are that much sillier and happier with you around! Enjoying some peanut butter dog ice cream to celebrate. Notice his back legs wiggling from the tail going like crazy.

In the fall, I believe again in poetry.
Tell me Linus (aka: Liney, Line, Mr. Maple, Baby Boy, Bubba, etc.) isn't the most handsome fella ever. You can't. #brindlebaby #lumberjack #dog #doge #goodboy