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Thank you for this . Gonna rest better . Be proud . Enjoy this Saturday & continue on with the voices ♥️proud of all the cast & crew . Bulgaria was no joke!  @withrepost • @millajovovich It’s always stressful on opening weekend and @hellboymovie is no different. You work super hard to make something fun and entertaining and have to absorb the negative reviews by movie critics, but hey! THAT’S SHOWBIZ BABY.😎 All I’m gonna say before going to bed is this: All my raddest films have been slammed by critics. It’s fucking hilarious. Dazed and Confused? Seriously? Classic movie. The Fifth Element! You would have thought that was the worst movie ever made if you read the reviews in like ‘98😂. Zoolander? Slammed. Joan of Arc? Disaster. Resident Evil? Let’s not even go there. Anyway, every one of those films is now a cult classic. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And this will be too. Mark my words. Why? 1. Because of the amazing actors.  David Harbour. Ian Mcshane. Daniel Dae Kim. Sasha Lane. They are all so damn wonderful and talented, the movie is worth seeing just because they’re in it, especially one that’s so much fun to experience as this is. 2. @mikemignola who created the #Hellboy comics helped write the script and was on set every single day to make this film as close to his vision as possible. 3. It was directed by one of the greats. #NeilMarshall who brought us “The Descent”. One of the greatest horror movies ever. Trust me, you’re gonna have a blast watching the new @hellboymovie. I mean, one critic said “it’s a loud, gory mess only a teenager would love.”😂👍🏼👊🏼HELL yea Hellboy! Let’s have some fun! And with that, I wish you all a good night! Xo m😘
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lives life in the last line
Hellboy Love ♥️🖤 truly grateful @lionsgate 
@actordouglastait - I love us in this aha !
#hellboy ( Alice happens to wear Custom @prada on premiere days ⚡️💙)
press day. #hellboymovie 
Excited to see you guys again 😭🙏🏽⚡️ @danieldaekim @millajovovich @dkharbour
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I forgot to pick up my pom poms at the cheer competition 
This 2nd photo is the only record I have of ever joining a dance team , I moved shortly after. ~ a series of the half finished ~