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I mean....y’all thought I came to play ?
I asked a cowboy to be my girlfriend 
He smiled + said “What am I gonna do with you” 
I said , “Let me be,  and Enjoy” 
Let me teach you a lil sum about how to pull a pot of honey with ya eyes 🍯🐐 #honeygoatRose 🥀

#heartsbeatloud @kiersey hey boo
We Good 🚀
GANG. 🤟🏽♥️
The fire in my tummy burns brighter 
It’s traveled it’s way to my eyes.

Where’d she go?

She comin back...she just dips out a lot🔮

Photographer: @ioulex
Stylist: @savwhite
Hair: @larryjarahsims
Makep: @makeupvincent
Manicure: @thenailmom
Location: @mondrianparkavenue

what a day 💫💕much love guys
Antenna ready shadow siblings
This soul glow needed a nap and MUJI is wit the shits on comfort yo
Love comes in many forms, hits you at all angles 
Love breaks your heart
But when the love is pure and unconditional , love always WINS. 
BABY GIRL BABY SPICE HUMAN LIGHT BEING RAY OF SUNSHINE !!! Happy happy birthday  You stepped in the LANE life adding your own sparkle and I love you for it 💅🏽💗🔮🚬🔨💸
Miss you + have the bestest day without us that you can (; P.S. in the last video..our voices sound like recordings of fairies and unicorns and 2 year olds
I originally wrote this to David Leavitt .
But if the shoe fits, I hope this helps ya’ll as well ♥️