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said date @lapplefritter_public 📸
Darling Noo
I simply got a beer and secured my bag 
It’s exactly what you thought .
what happens in Kiev, remains there 
And in someone else’s camera 
Who invited us? 
Imagine how sad those five chips in the baked chips bags that the school line always had felt when your greedy ass opened it and deflated / flared 
I realize prolly not that sad but ..whatever
“Bring life into this world -  Oh,, GOD
In which way?? May I have them all..!?” Bring Life 
Give Life
Something like that

I’m planting
Baby said angles and I asked which ones
She Knows
She Loves

She is All of Yours
She is Only His .
Its still Libra Season.
@jasonbolden fuck, Boy, it’s a compliment
felt that , a dragon did that ⚖️ @samxmassey 
Ms. Brown secures the BAG at all costs . 
Ms. Brown is sweet as pie.. @_ryanhope 🖤✨
@prada - LEMME SECURE THIS BAG !!! #PradaCahier
“Woman’s Best Friend”
Episode 2 in the “Delivery Man“ series directed by this DREAM @_ryanhope 🖤 is on via link in bio or #IGTV

Secure the bag , always 
Son of a Bitch i feel myself so deeply sometimes (Sure, take that how you want)