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Das about right 🌪☀️🔥
@art_to_art97 💫

Lookin real Vixanne here 👁⚡️🔮🕳 #WEETZIEBAT
my antennas miss u 🦕 @chronicflowers
phaerie @luchardii
The planet took off how I planned it
nY can either fuck me or feed me 
@luchardii reminds me im just fucked and fed daily
GOO D MOR NING 🌈🦕 @chronicflowers #itsaweirdone
🦕🦖🐋 G I A N N I L E E + M E 
a series. always.
Here’s the thing, I know you’re gonna say nah nah you would , but I would NOT HAVE SURVIVED IN NEW YORK EVER if it wasn’t for you . 
You’re truly a gift I feel the Universe knew I needed at the right time 
You’re my favorite producer in the whole world ( Lars don’t quote me on this hehe) and I wish I only could make movies with you involved . You remind me that just cause I’m an old ass tree doesn’t mean I don’t get to enjoy my young 22 yr old human self . I know no matter what,
If you’re involved -I’m good . 
Someone asked me the other night , “ he’s such a people person so how r you always down to be around “ - because ..I know whoever you bring me around, whatever you bring me around, wherever you bring me around ( Berlin next pls ) it’s a bonus in my life . It’s gonna bring nothing but something I needed or wanted and was too afraid to acknowledge . Don’t know what I’d do without you and I’m glad I don’t have to find out 
Cheers to many adventures to come homie 🌸✨🦄🧚🏽‍♀️🌻👀🌈🌚👽🔥 you gettin older but my legs are more bouncy these days SO MAKE SURE YOU STAY READY FOOL!! ♥️ pS .. the 2nd photo is a reminder of what I would be w/o you tellin me im trippin and can buy real cheese 🤣💀 Thank you for letting me be human but also knowing I AINT EVEN FROM HERE DOE 🌈
I promise you I’m in the second photo, I promise you that’s how I exist 
I promise you the grass is only greener if you water that hoe 
I promise you if you take out the bad only the good is left to come in 
And ion make a lot of promises. 
ps someone else hella special was apart of this night but he don’t get no photos till his birthday on Monday so I can be like overly embarrassingly emotional about it . Das all @mdotclark
welcome darlings, 
If I catch you 
Please linger #itsprettyhere 💕