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FUNKY. Hot sauce enthusiast. Single Malt Drinkin, Dean Martin Wannabe. MAS. LC.

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...and then we were here @brettgrace
Temporary Satisfaction
πŸ”ͺ😈🎢 #ohmydawg
First time seeing @depechemode play in LA! Still one of the greatest live bands. πŸ’«πŸ’œ
My friends at Cloak and Dagger are doing their first music festival Dusk Till Dawn, Oct 20-21! Repost this photo and tag @xcloakanddaggerx and a couple of friends who you want to go with, to win a chance at TWO VVIP Tickets! πŸ’œThe winner will be announced next Wednesday. 
For more info check out
Money Mark
Untitled recording w @deathinvegasmusic
Rehearsing. New track with @deathinvegasmusic
With my @temple_sf fam to see @bennybenassi ✌️
Here’s my photo submission 7/7 for the B&W photo challenge. 7 days. 7 photos. NO Captions, NO People. Choose a new person each day. I nominate @lustmord next. #35mm