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my first ever leather workshop. I love learning new skills 👌🏼😂✨ anyway congrats @ultima_id for new counter look decoration at Kota Casablanca , they also have new skin care product range “procollagen supreme caviar” for simultaneous regeneration for poreless supple skin. Cant wait to try the products! ✨#strengthinbeauty #ultimaiisogokokas
Throwback to Seoul in August 2017. Playing around with a film camera, not bad and no filter needed 😱✨ #filmcamera #analogphotography
Everyday i am struggle to survive and sometimes i want to give up but after knowing some sucessful people, they prove me with work hard, God will granted us with something. They motivated me a lot , so let's #StepUp! ✨
Welcoming the new Kenzo World Intense to my fragrance family! By the way, should i make a christmas giveaway? who wants this Kenzo World Intense, hands up!! #kenzoworld_id
Beauty Day Out with @tresemmeid was really really fun! 👩🏻✨ #TRESemméDetoxDay  #DailyHairDetox
My Tuesday AM #Pilates squad are so wonderful. As we know that work out make our hair is greasy galore or ya stink. Proper dirt 🙄 But dont worry, @tresemmeid has new variant “Deep Cleanse & Protect” , With Ginger & Green Tea extract, this product is enriched with antioxidant. My #DailyHairDetox because it cleanses my hair from pollution, oil, and dirts 👩🏻✨ #TRESemméDetoxDay
Cant move on from my festive staycation! Staying in @pullmanjakartacp is about experiencing the simple pleasure! i will probably write a little review on my blog about my stay in style at Pullman Jakarta 😌🎄🎁 #StayInStyleAtPullmanJakartaCP
These Sugar Plum Swirl by @bathandbodyworks_id are perfect for a Christmas gift or maybe just to treat yourself 😗 #perfectchristmas #bathandbodyworks #bathandbodyworksID #ilovebathandbodyworks #gifting #christmas
Holiyeay is right around the corner and I have the perfect holiday glam look! Here is the quick easy tutorial using @lakmemakeup , Product Details :
- Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse in Ivory Fair
- Lakme Absolute Hi-Definition Sculpt Matte Lipstick in Cinnamon Charm
- Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eyeshadow Palette in French Rose
- Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Creme in Mauve Hue
- Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist in Plum Pout
Happy Holiday gals !! 😚❤#lakmemakeup #instantglam #lakmeholiday
my cheeks r soooo chubchub, thats why i have the same angle every time i take a selfie. well, please excuse my chubby cheeks here 🤭
Product Details :
Contact Lens Albertine #Gray @mygeolens.official
Eyelash Extension @wonderbellebeauty
Botanica Air Cushion Mineral Botanica Matte Finish
Eyeshadow Clio Pro Layering Palette #3 
Brow Goof Proof Benefit
Blusher Tarte Peachy Pink
Becca Champagne Pop 
Lipstick Make Over mix Sasc Fulfilling Dreams
still cant move on from Beautiful Journey 😂😘 I incredibly grateful to grow & learn with all of #CharisCeleb. Thanks @Charis_official for creating this #BeautifulJourney for us, trying new experiences & sharing stories. Hope to see you guys again soon ❤️ #Charis #CelebCommunity  #CharisCeleb #BeautifulJourney @charis_official
Di tahun 2013 awal jadi Beauty Blogger aku udah punya mimpi untuk punya startup bikin media online. Akhirnya di tahun 2014 mencoba bikin media baru ( @facetofeet_id ) aku sempet mau nyerah karena kok kayaknya perjalanannya susah banget ya? kok kayak buang-buang waktu ya? Di tahun 2014 bikin artikel masih sendirian, di tahun 2016 udah ber5 dan di tahun 2017 udah ber8, still small team tho, tapi aku super enjoy ngejalaninnya. You are not doing what you enjoy doing. Because if you’re doing something that you love and enjoy, something that inspires you and challenges you, you wouldn’t feel as if you’re just wasting your time. ini adalah salah satu mimpi dari seribu mimpi yang sudah tercapai meskipun masih harus ngejalanin mimpi ini untuk terus maju dan berkembang. Nah guys, ceritain aku dong apa mimpi kamu yang sudah tercapai selama ini. Ikutan Ovale Dare To Dream, dengan cara bikin review produk Ovale Micellar Water (FYI, 500 orang bisa dapetin FREE sample untuk kamu review) dan ceritain mimpi yang kalian sudah capai dan pemenang akan mendapatkan beauty box dari @ovalebeautyid plus bakalan ada 1 orang yang bisa lunch date dan cerita-cerita soal mimpi-mimpi yang sudah tercapai dan belom tercapai❤ #BersihTanpaRibet #OvaleDareToDream