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Pesto in Italy, potatoes in Peru, pho in Hanoi—we're a magazine about international food traditions. Tag #saveurmag & we'll repost our favorite photos

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Exec editor @stacy_adimando learned frittata making from her Italian grandmother. Holding the skillet handle in one hand and a large plate in the other, she flips the whole frittata by hand and finishes cooking and lightly browning both sides on the stovetop. (You can also bake frittatas in the oven if you don't have the grandma touch.) This one has zucchini, potatoes, and onion. Have a favorite filling? 📷: @stacy_adimando
New York, NY: Name these leaves! Don’t know? They’re amaranth, and when they’re this small, they’re an astringent, delicious addition to salads. As they grow and get larger and less tender, they’re better cooked. Have you ever tried amaranth? 
Show us what’s popping up in your local markets! #savmarketreport 📷: @kristymucci 🌱: @norwichmeadowsfarm
Beats a bowl of cereal. @Stacy_adimando's ham and cheese hand pies. #saveurstaff #eattheworld
Syracuse, NY: Mantoo, a ground beef dumpling, was the lunch choice today at the home of Tamana, 22, and Soniya, 21. They moved to Syracuse with their other sister, two brothers, and mother after 6 months at a refugee camp in Romania, 14 years in Iran before that, and 5 years in Pakistan before that. Their father is still in Afghanistan, but they dream of opening up an Afghan ice cream and BBQ restaurant together in Syracuse one day. Full story coming soon to 📷: @maheimerman
If only every lunch came with little quesadillas and fire-roasted tomatillo salsa ... 📷: @alextestere #eattheworld #showsaveuryourlunch
Editor @alextestere is in Jalisco, in the shadow of a volcano named “Tequila,” touring the distillery at @volcantequila. That also means tasting the roasted agave piña, still warm from the stone horno. Their lowlands agave piñas are slow-roasted for 36-48 hours before they’re pounded by a tahona, fermented, and distilled. #eattheworld
How could we go back to a boring desk lunch after yesterday’s martini-fueled feast? Thank you to @commanderspalace, @torymcphail, @lucydakwar_, and @happyg0laura for showing us your lunch, and thank you to @titosvodka for making he martinis possible! 📷 @smac315 #eattheworld #showsaveuryourlunch
We’ve got @commanderspalace in the kitchen today to recreate their famous New Orleans ¢25 martini lunches! Tune in on our stories to see what they’ve got cooking.
📸: @jasminepting #showsaveuryourlunch
In Amman, everybody knows Hashem, but unlike most restaurants whose illusory appeal dissolves as their notoriety grows, everybody still wants to eat at Hashem. There's no menu, no ceiling even—just waiters frenetically carrying towering plates of falafel, hummus, fuul, and fatteh from table to table. Writer @sabaimtiaz captures the lunch scene there, with photos by @gab, link in bio. #showsaveuryourlunch
One really is the loneliest number, especially when you’re talking about tacos. #eattheworld #showsaveuryourlunch 📷 @kaywhitt07
Can’t pick between salad and pizza? @smac315 has found the perfect compromise: this date, mozzarella, chili, and radicchio pizza from @loringplacenyc #eattheworld #showsaveuryourlunch
P.S.A. from editor @alextestere: Grilling shiitakes and chiles indoors on a grill pan will create a ton of hot pepper smoke but they’ll taste great!!! Next on his list, finding an apartment with a functioning hood vent... 📷: @alextestere