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Part time #teacher

On site demonstration for use of #spreadsheet for quantity Estimation
😁 #Laptops on #construction site

Sometimes it's just not possible to print stuffs and so you have to carry the PC along, even while takin measurements.
#surveyor and their prism.
I'm in love with the shape of you 😂

#dream #workstation
The giant computer with 2 screens, 32GB "RAM". High graphics and processing power. It might consume a lot of electricity but ideal for graphical and designing works & if you want to make it work like a BIM server.

It's like the BMW of computers.
#EngineerForTheDigitalCivilization #iecivil #civilengineering
Results declared, Finally now I am I. E. CIVIL

I'm extremely grateful to parents, teachers, friends and relatives (and also the strangers from LinkedIn, etc.) And yes even I had received the #gift PEN as a farewell gift from the best person whom I often call Iruka Sensei, (Prof. DHULE sir). Thank you sir for supporting me throughout the journey of Engineering.

Also the piece of technology, my laptop which always accompanied and helped me navigate through the difficult termwork and studies.

Our #BE #project on #BIM for construction scrutiny and sanctioning. #Nostalgia the days and night we spent #modelling, #documenting and # coding.


We made a #prototype #website for demonstration of sanctioning process. We proposed a #BIM based sanctioning procedure for #PMC, #PMRDA #pcmc
#teaching, a way to express my skill at Microsoft Excel and Quantity Estimation.
#civilengineering #site #survey #iecivil #EngineerForTheDigitalCivilization
Finally done
#be #thesis #bim4be
Fake it before you make it

I don't have much idea about coding but with the little data and logic I made a login page for my BE Project thesis website prototype.

This way I actually fooled a couple of people in believing that it worked until I sat down with my brother (@_saif_shaikh._) and fixed the code for once.. As always

#MadeByAI #AI #MachineLearning

How the algorithm learned human behaviors and clipped a few minutes to make a an awesome video, feels like were we some kind of back the stage celebrities 😂

BE Project review phase 1 in semester 1 of BE Civil, infinite #nostalgia
Worth reading, #sapiens

How our species evolved from a worthless creature to the dominating species on this planet.
How we shaped and destroyed the natural ecosystems, the new inventions, the cognitive and Agricultural revolution..
How the imperial colonialism and discovery of new lands affected the pace of the history

The bloodshed and series of struggles by natives only to face extinction... A very good compilation of the history in an extremely lucid language by Yuvah Noah Harari

Not only the past also a few predictions such as humans artificially modifying their genes to unleash superhuman capabilities and the likelihood of our species to be replaced by some others much better than ours, not to forget the emergence of cyborgs. -----
Thank you @ Seeba di for sharing this wonderful book