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Hair care is at the top of my list ☝🏾 So I'm always trying out new products that I feel will help maintain the mane 🦁 Now this product I highly recommend! I used this a few times and oh my gosh could I feel the difference. I tested out the samples but I'm definitely investing in the full size products. If you're looking for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that will keep your hair silky smooth in this humidity, try this, @alternahaircareuae! ❤️ ps. As you can see these are all used up since I only take pics and recommend products I really love after I try them! ✨✨
That Gucci Gal ✨
Can we just talk about how stunning the sunsets in Dubai are? ❤️#ScarletBindi
So true, think happy thoughts  for a beautiful life ✨✨#ScarletBindi
Here's a closer look at my look from my cousin's wedding last week! I stuck to neutral makeup since it was a day wedding, and a low ponytail as the suit was a-line and this hairstyle gave it a chic look ✨
Back in Dubai but missing Canada - this pic was taken at my parent's house which is on an orchard. Oh how I miss the greenery, mountains and fresh air! 🍃🍂
Mix it up! A little femme and punk with a pearl embroidered saree blouse and a leather jacket ✨ #ScarletBindi
When my stylist brother and I are together, this is what happens. Fashion shoots and laughs ✨ #ScarletBindi
Born to slay ✨✨ Tap for outfit details 💫 #ScarletBindi
1. Style says alot about you before you even speak. 
2. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with- pick your close friends carefully. 
3. Time is precious, do what makes you happy and takes you to where you want to be in life. ✨✨✨
Long weekend! I'm headed to Delhi tomorrow, what you guys up to?✨ #ScarletBindi
Here's another look at the duster jacket from - can't wait to wear it during my upcoming travels! ✨ #ScarletBindi #ISawItFirst #IWoreItFirst