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A little flower —
for the weather-beaten
and the star-crossed;
for the ones forever 
joining the dots
of their unfinished stories.
Auntie C, watch out! Someone is busy planning his own Provençal holiday.😆
When summer begins to die a quiet death and autumn is waiting in the alleyways to stride in, my heart begins to crave for all things old. Old and comforting. Much like old friends, there are certain books too that I go back to again and again. Almost ten years back, I and 'Unaccustomed Earth' met, and it had seen me through a solitary and very emotional journey from Calcutta to Seattle. So much has changed over the years and yet, in so many ways I'm still the same. From a foolhardy daydreamer to a somewhat responsible adult, life has taken so many surprising turns. And with each new turn, like all things true and magical at the same time, this book has remained by my side.
"रंग बदल लेना मौसमों की आदत थी 
मौसमों की आदत है —
ये मौसम गुज़र जाने दो।"
– गुलज़ार
(To change colors has been the forever habit of seasons; let this season pass too.)
Hello, August.
Let my favourite chunk of the year begin!
The pigeon chaser. 🤗🐦
And continuing with the Edinburgh obsession. 
Here's Sir Walter Scott watching over his people.
'Tis the season. 🌸 
Also, learnt this bit about hydrangeas from a Jhumpa Lahiri short story: most hydrangeas are a lovely green when they bloom but as they age, and also depending on the pH level of the soil, turn either blue or pink. Not that many care, but hey, more power to reading. And botany nerds.🤓
When the lovely Jessica (@northwanderings) posted this beautiful and very relatable post about our insecurities and awkwardness of "being seen" on Instagram, it struck a chord. A big one, big time. I've been here for at least half a decade now and I don't think I have showed my face more than five times. Most of them have been stories — thank god for their 24-hours disappearance deal! 
Over the years, Instagram has grown and changed quite a bit and so has the boundaries of user anonymity. I realize it's no more only about peeping through the tell-tale curtain of your words and photography and fades and hashtags. So for someone who's more than shy about sharing their own picture as an individual post, this is a big deal. Maybe I'll delete it later; maybe I'll let it stay forever as a piece of candid conversation. But for now, I'll just let it be. Thank you for getting me to do this, Jessica. Here's winking a big hello at all of you! <3
Why so pretty, Edinburgh?!
You had me at hello, Edinburgh!
When English grey meets summer greens.🌿