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A moveable feast — part deux.
Until next year.🌸
I’m an odd mix of things, a big, bumbling bag of contradictions. For someone who oscillates between being an extrovert and an introvert, enjoying a cuppa in a cafe by myself has been the singular most trying public situation for me. When out with my tribe, I’m usually the tigress of the pack, always a little too passionate about everyone and everything; but once on my own, I quietly morph into the lost deer in front of headlights. Extremely conscious of the human gaze and always wary of doing something stupid in the public eye, the corner table is where I’d always take refuge. But thanks to the monotonous and often lonely business of motherhood, and, more importantly, the blessed anonymity that comes from living in a preoccupied city like London, I am beginning to feel a stir. As someone who rolls, wallows, and blooms in solitude, I’m rediscovering the joy of sitting with myself, but this time in a cafe surrounded by people. I’ve realised it’s a therapy like no other — to sit by the cafe window, cocooned in the languid warmth of caffeine and simply watch the world go by.
When a picture speaks louder than a thousand words.
Wisteria hysteria.
When your space cowboy dreams come true.🐎✨
Bucket list. ✔️
Showing off. ✔️
“A moveable feast.”
Believe in magic, you Muggle.
When flames bloom 
and memories don’t have faces.🌿
Spring/Summer 2018 trends for grumpy toddlers.🐰
Come spring, this moody city and I are friends again.🌿