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When balmy summer afternoons bring out the poet in you.😉
PS. A big hello, everyone! My sincere apologies for not being able to reply to all your messages in the past couple of months, but here's hoping things will run smooth post this much needed, forced social media detox. 
Hope you're enjoying the sun wherever you are. Much love! <3
Door hunting,
sometimes quite literally.
The door to dream for.

Also, lately, there's been an unhealthy amount of fixation with duck-egg blue. So much so that the shade just follows me wherever I go.😄
Breathing dreams like air.
Afternoon light.
In a world of looming paranoia and shifting insecurities, light, I feel, is the only constant. That, and the joy of a good cup of tea.
Homesick. No, food-sick actually. 
Food nostalgia is the worst kind of nostalgia, I believe. And more so when the food in question is gupchup/puchka/golgappa. Sigh.
Chasing vintage.
Curtain raiser.🌸
The quiet beauty
of a beautiful chaos.
Curiouser and curiouser.🐰
एक पुराना मौसम लौटा 
याद भरी पुरवाई भी,
ऐसा तो कम ही होता है 
वो भी हो तन्हाई भी।
— गुलज़ार
Spring promises.