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Eva on her way to Shaw University! Coming from Bayern Munich´s youth Team she will continue her Career in the united states and start her studies there! All the best for you! #Bayern #munich #bayernmünchen #shawuniversity #raleigh #ncaa #division2 #Soccer #dream #USA #Germany
Our participants of the Scholarbook Showcase are doing a great job performing in the spotlight
@finn_tharandt is ready for @sterlingcollege! The german golfer 🏌 will compete for @sc_warrior_golf and will show his talent against lots of college players! Go for it @finn_tharandt💪🏼
Amazing! @_der_niels was named swimmer of the year! After winning ALL his races at the conference meet, Niels was the obvious choice! We are proud and sure @lynxswimming is, too! Congratulations to @_der_niels and his team @lynxswimming 💪🏼💪🏼
What a great day for a great chance for @christian.hubs! The ambitious swimmer from @vflsindelfingenschwimmen is ready to perform for @rollinsswim at @rollinscollege! We are very proud and we wish you all the best! #sifispeed
Get ready for YOUR perfect future! @bojo47 reporting from his experience as an athlete in the US! Sign up on and get your chance to explore the joy of competing for an US college!
Check out the amazing colleges who will come from all parts of the USA to our annual men's and women's soccer showcase in Cologne this year! @wisconsin_university @lynn_knights @ncstate @youngstownstate @wingateuniv 
Get your once in a lifetime chance to meet your perfect college in person! @jnlca_ahillen @lucapuster @niko_kloster @max_wilschrey @elisa_dgr
@jnlca_ahillen played 2 seasons in the ACC conference for @packmenssoccer. Beside he finnishes his bachelor degree @ncstate What a perfect way to aim for the dual career! We are proud!
University 📖 Beach 🌊 AND soccer ⚽️! Sounds like a perfect combination? @lucapuster made the perfect strike and full filled his dream, matching for the @lynnuniversity @lynn_knights 🙌🏻 get yours on
Congratulations to @lynxswimming for rocking the mid season meet! The mens team finished second in the NAIA! Lots of swimmers went their personal bests and qualified for the Nationals! We are proud of our german swimmers! Keep it UP!💪🏼
Wow!  @timkubel wurde beim @mls super draft vom @torontofc verpflichtet! 
Nachdem er in Deutschland bereits für @s04 und @bvb09 auf dem Platz stand, 
startete Tim sein Studium als Rechtsverteidiger bei der @universityoflouisville , eine der 
renommiertesten Unis der Divison 1! Als Leistungsträger der Teams war es nur eine Frage der Zeit, 
bis die Proficlubs aufmerksam werden! Beim MLS super draft wählen die Profiteams Collegespieler 
aus um sie dann verpflichten zu können. Durch die Auswahl vom Totonto FC hat Tim jetzt die 
Chance auf einen Profivertrag in der MLS! Wir sind begeistert! Viel Erfolg, Tim!
What a great experience! Nothing comparable to the teamspirit of an US soccer team! "You feel like the whole university is supporting an cheering for you! Its really amazing!" Get your chance