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Good times with @good_nyborg sharing some of his creations & experiences with various fluid systems at Swagelok today! #cannabiscommunity #gooddesign #safety #swagelok #quality
#cannacon #highlight Emmett and @future4200 get some hands on time with #xactxtract
Dorjee from #Filamatic was a pleasure to talk to. Precise machine, great specs, strong track record, and an engaging and engaged team. We defintely #reccomend. #Cannacon #sciphysystems
Headed to space with @goonbud the sky is the limit here at #cannacon ! #future420
Day 2 of #CannaCon is bumpin! Awesome folk from all walks of the industry coming together to make the future happen. #sciphysystems
Talking with allies is the best part of the show w/ @cascade_botanical #CannaCon
Day 1 of #CannaCon getting the lay of the land, making valuable connections, and saying hey to old allies and new friends. Find us to talk #extraction and #distillation tech!
Who will we see at #CannaCon? Our team won't be behind the booth, but be sure we will be on the floor!
Shoutout to @wilamettevalleyalchemy for pushing the craft out in Eugene and having such rigirous eyes for quality and ethical supply chains. Keep it up!
Sorbents? Adsorbents? Molecular sieves? @collectiveobjective on the hustle to perfect our blending technique to match our clients diverse needs, all in the spirit of taking your results and the industry at large into the future.
We build and engineer our industrial #evaporators to your exact specifications. #Multipass flow-through system? Continuous or batched operation? New things coming in Feb. we are excited to share! You've never seen #wipedfilm like this.
Some truly OG #distillation techniques! Can't have the future without the past - Content by @collectiveobjective