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Society for Cultivation of Science and Humanities - A student chapter of NIT Surat.
We aim to inculcate correct scientific aptitude among people.

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SCOSH successfully organized a 2 - Day Workshop on MATLAB, on 20th and 21st October, 2018 at Applied Chemistry Department. It was delivered by Dr. Sushil Kumar Prajapati, Assistant Professor at Applied Mathematics and Humanities Department. Needless to say, it was an absolute success.

MATLAB is a software environment, that allows the user to perform what would be tedious calculations on paper, easily using commands. Furthermore, it allows plotting of curves, which are actually very hard to visualize, and work on them. Participants learnt, primarily this in the two day sessions. 
But as Dr. Sushil Kumar rightly said, the workshop helped it's participants form a base in MATLAB. We hope all participants will work and explore further the tool they can now use. 
SCOSH will be back with more such workshops soon.

Caption credits: Ishika Bhatt
On September 17th, 2018, SVNIT freshmen were invited to the SCOSH Orientation to learn about the student chapter. Second Year students led, organized, and conducted the orientation, with extremely invaluable help from the third and fourth year members. 
The attendees were told about SCOSH's purpose and the reasons why its members work as hard as they do. Events past and future were shown and advertised. Freshmen were given a chance to interact with their seniors and clear any doubts they might have had about SCOSH, MSc, or the college in general, which the seniors were more than happy to answer.
Hello first years! This is a special invitation to all of you to attend the orientation session of SCOSH.

The orientation will be an opportunity for you to connect with the team behind all the seminars and workshops you've been participating in so eagerly. It will give you a flavour of the things achieved by SCOSH in the past ten years after its establishment. Additionally, we'll be dishing out the plans for all the exciting future events we have in store for you.

So for all the science lovers out there, come and have a peek on the inside story. See you tomorrow!

Date: 17/10/2018
Venue: New CRC Building Room no. 604
Timings: 5:15 PM
Around a decade ago, there was an idea. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. Pop culture references aside, SCOSH began much the same way: to bring together a group of science lovers that were driven to better themselves and help others do the same. SCOSH today is what it is due to the work of every batch that came before, but it would not have been possible without the incredible work of its founder, Akashrup Banerjee. 
The current SCOSH committee got a chance to meet him on Sunday, October 14th where he shared stories of how SCOSH was founded, the foundations upon which the club's philosophy is built, as well as advice for the future. It was an incredible experience for all present, and we hope that many such meetings can be held with future SCOSH committees for years to come.
Hello People!

SCOSH presents a 2 - Day workshop on 'Introduction to MATLAB'. MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and proprietary programming language developed by MathWorks. The workshop will aim at covering the following topics:

1)Overview of MATLAB
2)Vectors, Matrices and Operations
3)Operators in MATLAB
4)Data Importing and M-Files
6)Function file

The workshop will be held at New Applied Chemistry Department Classroom on 20th and 21st October, 2018 from 9:30 AM onwards. For the same, you are required to bring laptop with Windows OS.

The link for the registration for workshop is given below :

The registrations will close on 14th October, 2018 (Sunday), 5:30 PM. There are only limited seats.

The selected participants will have to pay a nominal fee of Rs. 50/- to complete their registration, after they have been shortlisted.
The house was full on Monday evening when a seminar was conducted on "Research Internship Opportunities" by 4th year members of SCOSH, Aniruddha Deshmukh (AMHD), @archytripathi (ACD) and @nmnagarwal20 (APD). The speakers elucidated the various aspects of research internships and training programmes, the different channels through which one can get an internship, and also focussed on informing the audience about what qualifies as a good internship application. It was a pretty explanatory talk which included their own experiences too.

The audience, which included students from 1st to 3rd year, very well received the information being delivered to them, and were happy that many of the questions which naturally arise during this phase were answered.

SCOSH thanks the speakers as well as the audience for the extremely positive response to this tiny venture. We constantly try to orchestrate such seminars and workshops so that the right information can reach the right people.

Stay tuned for more such sessions.
We're not a group but a Team- stick together to spread the knowledge, unfurling the sail of Science & discuss and learn in conjunction. Not hierarchy but individuality of thoughts are celebrated & inquisitive questions are always appreciated.

These are the beaming faces of diligent and promising members of SCOSH 2018-19 team, who're working tirelessly to serve the purpose of SCOSH's raison d'être. Hope these smiles will prove contagious.

Here is the SCOSH family minus five very important people - @irfan24k , @_paaruu__7865 , @decimal_z.e.r.o , @menganinithin & @ashwin_225 (you all five were missed).
Science is after all only practiced to further our understanding of nature, so it makes sense to reveal nature’s secrets and pique students’ curiosity at the same time. 
Science in Nature is an event where students are shown videos that explain natural phenomena (for example, gravity and magnetism) and later are asked questions about the material presented, to check the retention of this new information. Amongst the other game-like events of Prakriti, Science in Nature was more academic, and students enjoyed this unique learning experience. 
Hosts: Ashwin Verma, Aditi Kaushik
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Bingo is a game where numbers are called out and checked off on a five by five grid and whoever gets a row, column, or diagonal complete first wins. Our version introduced a twist. The hosts gave definitions, and students had to check off the scientific concept it described on the board. This was the first time that these students had seen this version of the game and the focus on scientific concepts refreshed their knowledge. As more and more words were checked off, the students naturally grew more competitive, only to jubilantly declare ‘Bingo!’ when they won.

Hosts: Waseem Ahmad, Saubhagya Tripathi, Sandesh Yele, Shashi Tarode 
#scosh #prakriti11
While science is taught mostly through text in our textbooks, the ability to express and understand abstract concepts through the visual medium is crucial in today’s world. 
Science Pictionary is an exercise in exactly that, where students are given a concept or item and must explain to their peers through sketches made under a time limit. Students were exposed to this game for the first time, but it quickly grew on them and by the end they didn’t want to leave. Some students even said they’d love to play this game at home with their families.

Hosts: Rahul Nene, Utpal Kumar, S Chavan
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The last event of the first half of Prakriti was the Science Drawing event, where the creative energies of the students could reign freely. The students were offered three themes based on which they created drawings in any medium they wanted. The topics were based on current issues in the world (Go Green, Save Water, and Future World) and were chosen to make the future leaders of India think about how their actions shape the future. The resulting works of art were outstanding examples of creativity and each took the topic in new, unique, and unexpected ways.
#scosh #prakriti11
Our first event was the preliminary round of our Science Quiz, whose finals would be held later that day. This portion of the quiz consisted of teams of two taking a written test that consisted of general science questions from the entirety of their curriculum. The test was difficult, but the students showed their knowledge and 10 teams made it to the Finals.
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