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Society for Cultivation of Science and Humanities - A student chapter of NIT Surat.
We aim to inculcate correct scientific aptitude among people.

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Science is after all only practiced to further our understanding of nature, so it makes sense to reveal nature’s secrets and pique students’ curiosity at the same time. 
Science in Nature is an event where students are shown videos that explain natural phenomena (for example, gravity and magnetism) and later are asked questions about the material presented, to check the retention of this new information. Amongst the other game-like events of Prakriti, Science in Nature was more academic, and students enjoyed this unique learning experience. 
Hosts: Ashwin Verma, Aditi Kaushik
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Bingo is a game where numbers are called out and checked off on a five by five grid and whoever gets a row, column, or diagonal complete first wins. Our version introduced a twist. The hosts gave definitions, and students had to check off the scientific concept it described on the board. This was the first time that these students had seen this version of the game and the focus on scientific concepts refreshed their knowledge. As more and more words were checked off, the students naturally grew more competitive, only to jubilantly declare ‘Bingo!’ when they won.

Hosts: Waseem Ahmad, Saubhagya Tripathi, Sandesh Yele, Shashi Tarode 
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While science is taught mostly through text in our textbooks, the ability to express and understand abstract concepts through the visual medium is crucial in today’s world. 
Science Pictionary is an exercise in exactly that, where students are given a concept or item and must explain to their peers through sketches made under a time limit. Students were exposed to this game for the first time, but it quickly grew on them and by the end they didn’t want to leave. Some students even said they’d love to play this game at home with their families.

Hosts: Rahul Nene, Utpal Kumar, S Chavan
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The last event of the first half of Prakriti was the Science Drawing event, where the creative energies of the students could reign freely. The students were offered three themes based on which they created drawings in any medium they wanted. The topics were based on current issues in the world (Go Green, Save Water, and Future World) and were chosen to make the future leaders of India think about how their actions shape the future. The resulting works of art were outstanding examples of creativity and each took the topic in new, unique, and unexpected ways.
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Our first event was the preliminary round of our Science Quiz, whose finals would be held later that day. This portion of the quiz consisted of teams of two taking a written test that consisted of general science questions from the entirety of their curriculum. The test was difficult, but the students showed their knowledge and 10 teams made it to the Finals.
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Over 170 kids from various schools in Surat (Kendriya Vidyalaya Ichchhanath, SVP School, D.R. Umrigar Memorial School) attended Prakriti 2018 organized by SCOSH. The inauguration was hosted by Saubhagya Tripathi and @ashwin_225 , to whom the kids responded well and grew even more excited for the coming day of science fun.
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SCOSH on September 2nd led an all-day workshop in the Applied Mathematics and Humanities Department aimed at giving participants the ability to express themselves through LaTeX. 
LaTeX is a typesetting system used in academia and other related publications that aims to make the process of document creation easier, and includes support for mathematical equations, figures, tables, and even poster creation. The workshop was aimed at beginners and led the over 40+ attendees through initial set-up to being able to create full-featured, multi-chapter reports, Scientific articles and much more. Shubham Yadav, @ashwin_225 , @_paaruu__7865 and @menganinithin were the facilitators of the workshop. We hope to organise more such workshops in future..
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"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes."
And in science you make mistakes to learn something new.

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Hello Everyone!

As you all might be aware, SCOSH (Society for Cultivation Of Sciences and Humanities) is a student chapter under the APD, AMHD and ACD. We work for Science popularization and outreach by organizing - Workshops, Lectures, Contests, etc. across the year. As each year sees changes in leadership and responsibilities, this year too will. 
SCOSH presents The Interviews. Exclusively for 2nd Year Students.

Date: 1st August, 2018
Time: 5.30 PM 
Venue: New APD

Fill out the form by clicking on the google link below, so as to register for the same:

The link to the form will be revoked at sharp 11:59 PM, Monday night.
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Note: It is mandatory to register for the interview.

Interviews on 21st April 4:00 pm, New Applied Physics department.
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Scosh successfully organized a one day Hands-on Training Session on LaTeX. It was encouraging to see the students actively participate. Naman Agarwal, Aman Bakshi and Shubham Yadav were the facilitators. We thank them for their time.
With the completion of the event, we conclude this year with hopes of an even better future. Till then, stay curious!
The inaugural event of Prakriti - 2k18, 'Introduction to Scientific computing using Python', which was conducted in collaboration with Fossee Nmeict (IIT Bombay), on 17th March, 2018. Here are some moments from the event.
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