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Society for Cultivation of Science and Humanities - A student chapter of NIT Surat.
We aim to inculcate correct scientific aptitude among people.

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Join TEDxSVNIT community! To volunteer for TEDxSVNIT
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Last date to register - Friday 20 April 11:59 pm

For queries, email:
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Note: It is mandatory to register for the interview.

Interviews on 21st April 4:00 pm, New Applied Physics department.
See you there. ✌🏻 #tedxsvnit #ted #svnit #surat #ideas #innovations #instadaily #instagood #picoftheday #tedtalks #tedx
Scosh successfully organized a one day Hands-on Training Session on LaTeX. It was encouraging to see the students actively participate. Naman Agarwal, Aman Bakshi and Shubham Yadav were the facilitators. We thank them for their time.
With the completion of the event, we conclude this year with hopes of an even better future. Till then, stay curious!
The inaugural event of Prakriti - 2k18, 'Introduction to Scientific computing using Python', which was conducted in collaboration with Fossee Nmeict (IIT Bombay), on 17th March, 2018. Here are some moments from the event.
#prakriti2k18 #surat #svnit #python #fossee
"The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities."
But we can surely have a glimpse of the past of the writer of these famous words. 
#prakriti2k18 is giving us a chance to have a peek at his life through movie- 'HAWKING'

Save the date , grab your favourite seat and be ready for the spellbinding performance of Benedict Cumberbatch!

Kindly register yourself for the same by filling the google form below:
"I'm a wolf and will not be afraid." Unleash your inner wolf, hunt your treasure and grab your throne.
Participation in teams of 3.
Here's the registration link: 
If you break the laws of humans, you will go to jail!
If You break the laws of god, you will go to hell!
But if you break the laws of physics, you will go to sweden to collect your Nobel Prize!

#prakriti2k18 presents a talk on 'Nobel Prize in Physics - 2017 ' by Dr. Pruthul Desai.

Don't miss this awe-inspiring session! Can you comment to whom was the Nobel Prize Physics in 2017 given? 😉

#svnit #scosh #prakriti #physics #nobelprize #lecture #open #surat
Have you ever thought of extending the idea of integration beyond the Euclidean space? If not, well, here's a chance. All you need is a sound mind and this lecture.
For more information on the speaker, visit:
What a sad day for the scientific community! We have lost a gem, a legend who had not only made innumerable contributions to theoretical physics but also ignited the spark of love for science in thousands of budding researchers. Thank you, Stephen Hawking. Rest in peace.
#rip #stephenhawking #science #respect #scientist #theoreticalphysics #theoreticalphysicist #greatscientist #physics #blackholes #cosmology
On completion of 10 marvellous years of SCOSH, we're presenting the much awaited grand fiesta - PRAKRITI 2K18, which celebrates your inquisitive side that worships science. Gear up!
#inquest #scosh #svnit
#inquest #scosh #winners
Finally, the wait is over! 10 hours of immense research and thrill have come to an end. Here are the winners of InQuest 2.0
#inquest #scosh
Third presentation
Team Name : The pi rates