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On #worldheritageday we celebrate Scotland’s historic buildings and monuments, many of which are unique and irreplaceable. #scotland #history #monument
Let’s take a moment to celebrate Scotland’s water on #worldwaterday.  Water is essential for our health and prosperity. As well as being used for drinking, it’s used in industry, energy production and recreation. It also supports habitats that contain nationally and internationally important species. #water #scotland
Scotland’s forests are something to be celebrated on #internationaldayofforests as we all benefit from this valuable natural asset. Find out more on Scotland’s environment website.🌲 #trees #scotland
Happy #springequinox, it’s officially Spring! #firstdayofspring #wintersover #spring
Today is the start of #meteorologicalspring Does it feel like Spring where you are today? #1stmarch #byewinter
Today is the start of National Nest Box Week. Why not consider putting a bird box in your garden, school playground or work to help support the conservation of the UK’s breeding birds. #NNBW19 #birdbox #birds
Happy Valentine’s Day. Why not spend the day enjoying the sights and sounds of Scotland’s beautiful environment with your loved one. #love your environment
#bemyvalentine #valentines
Tomorrow is #WorldWetlandsDay. Scotland’s wetlands are home to a wide range of plants and animals, and provide important environmental  functions, such as storing carbon and sustaining the supply of clean water. #wetlands #scotlandsenvironment
Happy Burns Night from Scotland’s environment website. #RobertBurns #BurnsNight2019
What is your pledge to #MoveTheDate? There is no planet B. 
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🌍 It was announced that Earth Overshoot Day will fall on the 1st August (Today) - the earliest it’s ever been. 🌍 Humans are using up the planet’s resources so quickly that the world’s population has used a year’s worth in just seven months. 🌍 Earth Overshoot Day marks the point at which we’ve used a year’s worth of resources. The day is calculated by the Global Footprint Network which compares how much carbon, crops, food, water, forests we’re consuming with the planet’s ability to regenerate and absorb the carbon emitted from the consumption. 🌍 This year’s date means that we would need 1.7 earths to maintain our current rate of consumption, and as the t-shirts all say ‘there is no Planet B’. TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE, CLICK ON THE LINK IN OUR BIO ☝️ 😊

#MoveTheDate #earthovershootday #earth #climatechange #noplanetb #overshootday #globalwarming #curious #sustainablelife #plasticfree
There's no better place to enjoy Scotland's environment than in our fantastic national parks. Find out more about the benefits of getting outdoors and enjoying our parks and environment on Scotland's environment website (link in biog - Our environment => People and the environment => Recreation) #scotenvironment 
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Exploring @lomondtrossachs this #NationalParksWeek? Tag your images with #DiscoverNationalParks, #NationalParksWeek
It's National Insect Week. Insects are so important to our environment - insect pollination services in Scotland are valued at £43m per year. Look after our bees like our insta friend @jmz0505 
View bee pollination data on Scotland's environment map

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Found this tired wee bee in the garden. A drink of sugar water and within a few minutes it's off to fight another day of pollination #BeeRescue 🐝 #scotenvironment