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Blanket bog is an important feature of Scotland's wetlands. Find out more on Scotland's environment website (Link in biog) => Our Environment => Land => Wetlands.  #Scotenvironment 
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Scotland has so much wet ground as our position at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean means we get a lot of rain and our rocks, soils and landforms stop rainwater from draining away quickly. Blanket bog is one of Scotland窶冱 most common semi-natural habitats, covering some 1.8 million hectares 窶 23% of our land area. Scotland holds a significant amount of the European and world resource of this rare habitat. #scotnature #scottishnaturalheritage #peatlandaction 沒ク : @craigniblock One of my most recent drone shots - such a fun way to shoot! It was actually taken in the middle of the day, but it was one of those soft winter light kind of days that the mountains had a nice pleasant look to them throughout the day.
This picture from our Insta friend @riversflowandriversrun  really captures the beauty of Scotland's natural environment in the winter season. #scotenvironment

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What a weekend, Scotland, what a weekend...
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Best wishes for the festive season from all the Scotland's environment team. We're taking a little break over Christmas but will be back in the New Year. Until then we'll leave you with this fabulously snowy pic of Rannoch Moor, one of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe and home to a wealth of plants, insects, birds and animals. Don't forget to keep tagging your photos with #scotenvironment
It's farewell to autumn and hello to the first day of meteorological winter tomorrow. What's not to love about the changing seasons of Scotland's environment. #scotenvironment 
Great pics from @fcscotland @visitcairngorms @riversflowandriversrun @nationaltrustforscotland
#FactFriday - Did you know you can view any combination of over 200 data layers on Scotland's environment map? Mapvember is our celebration of maps and spatial data. During November we are shining a spotlight on the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to provide you with access to such a wide range of environmental data. Check out our Mapvember blogs for more info (link in biog)
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The clocks have gone back, it's November and winter is well on its way. A good time to look back on our Scotland's environment "on tour" bag pics. Just because that's the summer hols over for another year, you can still take Scotland's environment website with you wherever you are, with our new mobile friendly view.  #scotenvironment
Photo credits to Karen Dobbie, Jane Ferguson, Judith Clarke, Nathan Critchlow Watton and Alison Maxwell.
Love Food Hate Waste. 1.8 million pumpkins were carved in Scotland for Halloween last year with over 1.1 million thrown away - that's enough pumpkins to stretch from Edinburgh to Stornaway. Don't let that lovely pumpkin go to waste, check out @lfhw_uk for some tasty recipes. #saveourpumpkins 
If you want more info on waste and recycling in Scotland go to our website (link in biog) Our Environment - Waste and Resources.
Photo credit to Alison Maxwell - Scotland's environment comms officer.
We've had some great #scotenvironment shares that really make us appreciate how beautiful Scotland's environment is at this time of year. 
Whatever the season, we'd love to see your insta pics - tag  #scotenvironment.
Thanks @riversflowandriversrun and @travelsfrombelow for the photos
Nothing better than a woodland walk to kick the weekend off. This  great pic of Pucks Glen in Argyll Forest Park by @missdaisydawg is enough to inspire us to get out and enjoy Scotland's beautiful woodlands and forests.  #scotenvironment
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Hope everyone's had a simply pawesome #muttbuttmonday!

I sulk and do 'guilty-eyes' at the hoomans on a Monday morning before they go to work, but come Monday evening, I've had such a great time at #doggydaycare that I've almost forgiven them!
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#FactFriday - Did you know Scotland's environment website  was awarded one of the top five Best of Best projects by the European LIFE funding programme AND recieved an award for ICT project delivery? 
A big part of these accolades is down to the hard work of the delivery team in SEPA. Find out more about SEPA's role in this project on our latest blog - the first in a forthcoming series of profiles about our partners. (View 'our latest news' on website - link in biog)
For such a small country, Scotland has some incredibly diverse landscapes which provide us with so many benefits. This beautiful landscape would help anyone get through their daily commute - great pic @riversflowandriversrun

You can to find out more about Scotland's landscapes in the State of Environment report on our website (link in biog - go to Our Environment section) 
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When your commute is an hour across the hills, into the sunrise, it frequently takes even longer for photo-breaks.
Driving 2+hours a day for work is draining, even with the beautiful dawn and the best of Scottish scenery, but I'll be sure to appreciate this journey over the coming weeks, as I just found out on Friday that I successfully interviewed for the same job/ same organisation but based wayyyy closer to home!  Woohooooo!
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BREAKING NEWS! New Scotland's environment website launched today.
We have been working hard to find out what our users want from Scotland's leading environmental data portal. As of today we have a new website with lots of great new features and enhancements. 
We've come a long way since we had the idea of developing Scotland's first 'gateway to everything you want to know about the environment" back in 2009. We hope you like the fruits of our labour. 
New web address in biog.
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