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What is your pledge to #MoveTheDate? There is no planet B. 
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🌍 It was announced that Earth Overshoot Day will fall on the 1st August (Today) - the earliest it’s ever been. 🌍 Humans are using up the planet’s resources so quickly that the world’s population has used a year’s worth in just seven months. 🌍 Earth Overshoot Day marks the point at which we’ve used a year’s worth of resources. The day is calculated by the Global Footprint Network which compares how much carbon, crops, food, water, forests we’re consuming with the planet’s ability to regenerate and absorb the carbon emitted from the consumption. 🌍 This year’s date means that we would need 1.7 earths to maintain our current rate of consumption, and as the t-shirts all say ‘there is no Planet B’. TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE, CLICK ON THE LINK IN OUR BIO ☝️ 😊

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There's no better place to enjoy Scotland's environment than in our fantastic national parks. Find out more about the benefits of getting outdoors and enjoying our parks and environment on Scotland's environment website (link in biog - Our environment => People and the environment => Recreation) #scotenvironment 
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Exploring @lomondtrossachs this #NationalParksWeek? Tag your images with #DiscoverNationalParks, #NationalParksWeek
It's National Insect Week. Insects are so important to our environment - insect pollination services in Scotland are valued at £43m per year. Look after our bees like our insta friend @jmz0505 
View bee pollination data on Scotland's environment map

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Found this tired wee bee in the garden. A drink of sugar water and within a few minutes it's off to fight another day of pollination #BeeRescue 🐝 #scotenvironment
Scotland’s soils are an important natural resource. They play an essential part in all of our lives, providing us with a wide range of benefits. You can find lots of information about our soils on - part of Scotland's environment. #ScotSoils

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We eat 3 times a day, 7 days a week. 
Soil isn't sexy but it plays a big part in our lives. 
Did you know that our soils are degrading? 
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#FactFriday - Did you know Scotland's biodiversity contributes over £21.5m to the Scottish economy AND insect pollination services in Scotland are valued at £43m per year... #GoBees 🐝 👍
Scotland's environment web has loads of info and data about our fabulous biodiversity - link in biog.  #scotenvironment 
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An un-beelievable buzzing bee haven is being created by two farming brothers. 
They are aiming to feed a million bees this year to help reverse the decline in these vital pollinators. Wildflowers have been planted in blocks between the rows of pig arcs and in the fields.
Have you planted any bee-autiful bee friendly plants in your back garden this spring? 🐝
#FactFriday - Did you know a 30 minute walk 5 times a week can reduce the risk of depression by 30%. There's no better place than Scotland's environment to get outdoors and get active for positive mental health benefits  #mentalhealthawarenessweek

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“In every walk with nature one receives far more than she seeks.” John Muir .
#FactFriday - Did you know there have been 31 earthquakes in the British Isles in the last 50 days and 8 of them have been in Scotland? Our friends @britgeosurvey operate a network of over 100 seismograph stations across the UK. Why is this a fact Friday? Well.... it was #RichterScaleDay yesterday -  honouring the birthday of American seismologist and physicist Charles F. Richter, inventor of the Richter magnitude scale which measures the size of earthquakes. 
Find out more about Scotland's rocks and landforms on our website (link in biog - Our Environment => Land )
Happy international #earthday2018 
Make everyday earth day. There is no planet B.

Beautiful pic @i_sargent

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Loch MacIvor with the Rum Cuillin on Rum National Nature Reserve. Just back from a beautiful couple of days on the isle of Rum. This was taken just after sunset last night with the moon bright in the sky. .
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Happy #JohnMuirDay 
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John Muir - naturalist, writer, climber, inventor and conservationist - would have been 180 years old on 21 April! 🎉 Visit the link in our bio for 10 ways to celebrate #JohnMuirDay
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Scotland's land and soils are a vital natural resource that have evolved over billions of years and constantly changing. Find out more on our website => Our environment => Land  #ScotSoils #ScotEnvironment 
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Land and soil pollution affects our ecosystems and human health. Here’s what can be done to help #BeatPollution.
#FactFriday - Did you know Scotland has around 18,000km of coastline. Find out more about Scotland's seas on our website (link in biog - Our environment => Scotland's seas). Fantastic bird's-eye view from Marra the white tail sea eagle. Great video @elitefalconry 👍

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Marra the #elitefalconry White Tail Sea Eagle exploring the cliffs of the Brough of Birsay on our goose abatement trip to Orkney. Sit back and enjoy the ride. #eaglecam #eaglesofinstagram #orkneyislands
Find out more about rocks and landforms on Scotland's environment website => Our environment => land
(Link in biog)  #ScotEnvironment 
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Did you know that 1,700 million years ago magma was intruded into the gneisses of South Harris and Western Lewis, to form veins and sheets of hard, pink granite. This granite is less easily eroded than the surrounding Lewisian gneiss, and forms well - developed sea-stacks at Mangersta on the western side of Lewis. #scotnature #scottishnaturalheritage #geology 📸 : @harrymartinphotography These stacks are one of the most impressive locations we visited on our recent photo holidays to the Isle of Harris & Lewis. We sat here for a couple of hours just watching the impressive waves smash into these fragile looking spires of rock.