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Here I am dreaming About Australia 汞ヲ汞コ....... because I窶冦 getting there in a few days to start our worldwide press tour for @pacificrimmovie  we started this journey filming in Australia and it only seems fitting we kick off our press tour here!!!#pacificrimuprising #riseup
Are you ready for March? My partner in crime @johnboyega and I are.  this is for all the fans.  Real behind the scenes. #pacificrimuprising #riseup
Checkout my awesome trip to Tokyo! Thanks to @jnorthproductions for making this amazing video! @allnipponairways_official #ExperienceANA #Partner
The heart of the world窶冱 greatest hero lives on. Gipsy Avenger
 reporting for duty! #PacificRimUprising
Whatever floats your boat.....
Great couple days to get in shape.  Good to see buds @vosburgh14 and @moviemort #closerthanyouthink 汞イ汞ス
So cool to go to fashion week in NYC as a guest of #LiNing. I got to meet all of their incredible designers of this iconic Chinese brand - the new line is hot by the way. Cool to see fashion from a different culture. #NYFW @lining.official
Great night with my family. Dad your new movie is great. The true story, told by the real heroes.  #15:17toparis
Never forget: 1) when I didn窶冲 know how to dress my the way still don窶冲. 
2) when Paparazzi catches you stuffing a hot dog in NYC down your throat.  #throwback #hotdog
Cut the dead bait in your life.  You only get so much time on this planet.  Only positive people who push you to be the best version of your self.  Only people who inspire you!!
Great day yesterday at the #peterson museum.  Lots of great people.  Lots of great cars.  #shelby
This is so dead on!!! People want it easy.  They don窶冲 want to put in the hard work. Risk falling flat on your face. But to succeed you have to risk failing. It窶冱 part of it.  Any one can sit back and criticize.  Those who criticize don窶冲 do.
This March, it窶冱 survival of the biggest. Check out the new trailer for our movie #PacificRimUprising