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I used to daydream for hours while I was in school. Wondering if we could ever build something like this.  I would doodle in my notebook while I was supposed to be studying. Drawing what a perfect wave would look like.  Well. @kswaveco has done it.  So happy I'm alive for this.
There is a saying "only a surfer knows the feeling". Well @kellyslater and Jeff have created something now that people from all over the world can experience.  I  believe that if more people got to feel what this was like, they would be happier and it would change their lives forever.  @seancstagram @aidstigram @culvernation @mike_reidy @kswaveco #manmadewaves #ifyoubuildittheywillcome
What an amazing day!!!! At the @kswaveco I want to thank the entire crew who worked there ass off today.  One of the most memorable days I've had in years. @kellyslater and Jeff , thank you for being visionaries and building what no one thought was possible!! Probably one of the most perfect waves on the planet.
Good day today!!!! Thanks @therussianexperiment
Inspired to make bad ass movies like this.  Thanks pops
Wow. I'm an idiot.  Look at that terrible air guitar.  Golfing at petco doesn't happen when it does I'm sure to embarrass myself like this, and run around the field hopeing to not get tackled by security.
These donkeys were amazing!! So friendly, they came right up to our car and actually tried to get in at one point.  So cool.  They were thirsty so we gave them some water.  They weren't very helpful with directions tho.  #thatwilldodonkey
On March 23, a new generation will rise up. Watch the trailer for #PacificRimUprising now!
Great day on the water.  Got our dinner for the night.  2 wahoos and a yellowfin. #sushi #gettyourowndinner #oceantotable
This is the kinda fun we have on movies.  It's important to remember that we aren't solving world problems, we are just entertaining people.  Hope you all like this movie.  I'm excited about it.  Great partners like #legendary and #universal made this all possible.  @charliedayofficial thanks for the great times. "Wear your wetsuit to work day" funny not-funny  #march #pacificrimuprising #riseup
Rest In Peace you legend.  To a man, who was bold and daring.  A pioneer and a visionary who stayed true to himself till the end. What a badass.
Super excited for this one!!! Making movies for the fans is what I love to do.  I'm soo lucky. And when I see it all come together after months of shooting I get pumped up!! So, Y'all better #riseup !  Let's get out there and take down some Kaiju !!!!