Scott Eastwood
A little Texas football....
I hope everyone is having an amazing week!  We have a brand new podcast up on iTunes featuring the always amazing @tiphanyadams  Tiphany lost the use of her legs at 17 years old in a 130mph drunk driving incident. As the sole surviver she had to adapt to her ‘different ability’ and build a new life. Click on the link in my bio to check out the full episode. #livelifebetter
Wow. I’m in complete disbelief.  This is by far the best supercar on the planet.  I am honored to have gotten accepted to own this piece of automotive history.  Any of you who know what I’m talking about.....know. #GT Thanks to all the legends that made this possible. #carrollshelby #dangurney special thanks#fordracing #fordperformace  #northcountyford
You may have heard of him before.  The ice man @iceman_hof  Has challenged science with his own body.  Make sure you check out this episode of live life better to see how this outlier is doing things his own way. Link to podcast in my bio.
What an incredible time I had getting pushed to my limits and beyond with @beargrylls He is a badass and I love this stuff!!! Getting out of your comfort zone makes us all grow.  Embrace the fear.  Hope you all enjoy.  Tonight 8/7c on NBC
I said goodbye to California and moved to Texas. Couldn’t take the crowds anymore.  Now everyone can surf even with no ocean. Thanks @bsrcablepark and @americanwavemachines for the killer tubes. @redtide83 you are the man. 📷 @grantellis1.  #allmyexesliveintexas
This week on Live Life Better with Scott Eastwood I sit down with @jessegolden . Jesse is thriving with rheumatoid arthritis. She is a holistic health professional, yoga teacher, author and mother. Check out the full episode in my bio. Or go to my IGTV NOW! #LiveLifeBetter #podcast
Throw back to last year when I was in Tahiti shooting for @davidoffparfums  The gym is where you make it.  You can do push-ups anywhere any time.  Don’t feel embarrassed cause your doing something healthy.  Get those pushups in wherever you can. Here i was on a ferry boat. Getting pushups in!!
I’m hoping for a unicorn 🦄...... what do you think??
New podcast is live!  Check out my interview with @adamgazz as we talk about some of the video game tech he’s working on to improve brain function on my IGTV It’s literally mind blowing.  #LiveLifeBetter #ScottEastwood #IGTV 
Link in my bio!
Everybody else has been having so much fun making podcasts I thought I would join in on the fun and make my very own.  I get to interview cool people who are doing interesting things with their lives.  I’ll be posting new episodes every Tuesday!  Check it out now on iTunes or watch on IGTV.  Link is in my Bio. #LiveLifeBetter
Are we asleep or are we faking it?