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Pre eclipse show. Fire in the mountains.
Boom! Back at it again with that sunrise. Can't decide which one I like better but check out that silly beagle. #💥 #sunrise #ranchdog
Hot days = late chores = views like this #lovewhereyoulive #scottvalley #summernights
We know Scott River Ranch can feel overrun with us #grassfed gals so here's a shoutout to the menfolk of SRR. Love you lots. #girlpower #canbeoverwhelming 📸: @iamstephensmith
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"Ginger meat sandwich" 
Real talk, could not have done #wholecow without these movers/shakers/doers/makers/laughers/lovers. So filled with gratitude for all three sexy hunks of meat. 📸:@iamstephensmith
Suki here with a helpful tip on how to beat the heat and whatever case of the Mondays you've got going on right now. #followthewater
The next generation. 📸: @buckskinacres
Something tells me tonight's barbecue just won't live up to last weekend's. Still dreaming of #wholecow
Hiding from the raccoons. The side porch next to the dog bed looks like a safe bet.
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A few tickets left for the Whole Cow Dinner benefitting the Siskiyou Land Trust hosted by @scottriverranch in Etna, CA this Saturday. Food by @twistedfilipino . Send @scottriverranch a DM for details. Gonna be fun and delicious ⚡️🐂🍷
Our resident back porch old man, Uncle Spotty, obviously looking forward to the weekend.  #isitdinnertimeyet #wholecow
Whatchu know about barbecuing a #wholecow ? @twistedfilipino Gunner and Donkey gathered two cords of wood for you from up in the backwoods. Hope it's enough! #🔥 Any idea how hard it is to get a 14 week old puppy to sit still next to his best friend??