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⭐️Full time painter soaking in the beauty of the water, the night, and totem creatures. 🌙

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I lied, I couldn't just stick to my animation project and worked here and there on the third layer of this starry sky as students worked on their paintings. I'm excited to kick off Art gym next week! It'll be a place where people can come work on their creative endeavors in my studio and receive some helpful (ideally) hints, feedback, and peers to work alongside with. Link in bio to look at the class. Starts Thursday, Oct. 26th 5-9pm. "We're gunna pump u up!"
Have a lot of time going into animation and the ArtSalon, so I'm sharing some older work as I keep drawing for a homework piece due next week. Next ArtSalon is Nov.15th and we're going to have an incredible line up of creatives sharing their work! What is The ArtSalon?
Another fantastic ArtSalon ❤️a pioneer valley thing where artist present their work to the public.
Only 15 of the 50 drawings looks like a lil skip. Feelin that in the step and the commitment to listening to all the podcasts while I draw n draw. Animation is magic.
Throwback to some botanical! Always nice to soak it up in the greenhouse @smithcollege
We have heard over and over about the need to address plastics in the ocean, so my tiny way of dealing with this tragedy has been making things out of plastics from my studio. I spend way more time doing this then I share, but meet Cthulhu. They'll be climbing up the walls of the third annual Monster Arts Project this year in the Eastworks building @eastworks_community. Sloan Tomlinson, the curator/creator/ring leader really saved this piece by incorporating the trunks up the wall.  Party time is Saturday! @sloantomlinson
Basically my brain exploded over the last few months and it's gunna be a process to reassemble the parts. Nice and slow. I don't know how you creatives who run a business do it. I mean I've been doing it over 6 years, but I think it was on pure adrenaline, and I'm certain that ran out. (Edit: I try to be emotionally transparent on this thing because I like a little space for people to not feel like they have to maintain a positive attitude at all times, or like the lesson was already learned. Emotional honesty is really difficult and has been critical to the creative processes -for me- so this isn't a poor me, this is like, god damn, this life thing! Amiright!?!) -(swallows antidepressant) - Happy Mental Health day.
A bridge between what was and what will be.
Here's to Bernice Cuomo. Born on an island in the south of Italy, and came here during WW2 to escape fascism. I will always carry her with me in my arms, eyes and prominent Italian nose. Thank you grandma for the lifetime of loving through food and forthright opinions. To say you'll be missed is an understatement, but I know we must all say goodbye and I'm grateful for the time we had and the family you have made. ❤️
I used to serve this finicky, gluten free, ex New Yorker guy eggs at the Green Bean. For 4 years I would tend to him and his cohorts every Saturday. At first I loathed him. A snarky, sharp man who had me tossing back sass, the perfect over easy egg, and tea water. Over the years we became friends who shared breakfast and stories. Today, I have designed his book. I love this man, David Chura.
Art Gym is here! Join me in my studio and be guided and coached in making your own creative projects come to life. Link in profile to find out more.
Round and round we go!