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I’ve been posting some older pieces the last few days as I rest and recoup from a weird neck injury brought on my going on 82 I guess. This piece was commissioned in 2016. This year I am booked for commissions until May/June, but I love love making peoples older memories come to more life and color. Commissioned paintings have been such a nice way to collaborate, integrate story, and attend to the precious moments of life in paint. (For me at least) I’m really grateful for those opportunities.
Old totems for this rainy day Raven Queen 2015 30”x30”
The struggle is real. 💙🌈❄️
Just a blast from the past (2014)Anticipating the green lake waters of Vermont as it tries to warm up here. 💚
One of the luckiest sisters to wander the Amalfi Coast last week with Gabe. #Repost @gabe_cuomo with @get_repost
Always Scouting.
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Happy Monday!  I’m spending the morning coming to life with my second coffee and painting this coral reef scene with all the bright colors. I’m making molds to experiment with shapes for canvases, like this one, and building up three-dimensional paintings through resin layering. I think it could use more hot pink, what do you think? ;)
I’ve been listening to Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison on repeat so here’s an oldie painting representing someone’s return of their Mack after the winter of the soul.... hahaha. Artist do melodramatic well and it’s my favorite.
Just getting home today and taking it slow before I start gearing up for four classes joining me in my studio tomorrow through next week! I’ll be teaching students how to paint using resin on glass and color dynamics. Excited to see what people make! Often, I hear new painters wish they were farther along than they perceive they are. I wish I was too many times! Each step of the art making process is at its own pace.
It’s my last night here in Rome. I made a little study of one of the many flower stands throughout the city 3”x5”. I have not been one to get to journey much— working much of the years with very little breaks until recently, as I expect many of you understand. Through @scottscheapflights I bought very inexpensive tickets, and afforded myself a new journey to paint in a city that is layer upon layer of inspiration. It has been an incredible blessing. Worlds of so much careful attention in each corner. I am in love. Thank you so much to one of my best friends, @gabe_cuomo. You are the best travel buddy a sis could have. We wandered so many miles each day, talked to new people, and marveled at how light plays along the way. I love you with all my heart brother. ❤️💚💙🌈🇮🇹 #rome #roma #romanart #scoutcuomo #artistsofinstagram #artistsofig #painterslife #colorinspiration #tinyscenes #tinyart #paintingaday #paintings #INSANELYINSPIREDINSTAGRAM
In Bomero, Italy on the Path of the Gods, there are people’s homes nestled into the side of the mountain. This goat is in the company of 35 friends and 1 doggie who watches over them all. You could hear the shrill whistle echo through the mountains as the local resident called them all home. Just like that, the dog led them up the mountain to their cavern up the path. 😍😍 I’m certain that this is hard work each day to live and work in this place.  The landscape of the southern Italy coastline looking out into the expansive Mediterranean is the place my family came from, and I am so grateful to re-member and remember the land that is the origin of many of my dreams — as somewhere in me, I didn’t forget this. I’m grateful always for paint and color as a way to let my joy spill over.
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