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When life hands you lemons, make a painting? Working along on building layers to this little lemon terrarium. :) What are you doing to get cozy for snow day this weekend?
Painting in these little sections is like mosaicking pigment right now... that’s how you spell mosaicking?
Layers. #wip 30”x36” painting in practice for Bistro 63 early February. Painting Class registration is open for early February 6 week program and late January two day course! Students will learn how to work with resin and color. ✨
Details from works in progress. Happy Tuesday!
Layer 4 down and 8 to go. Interested in learning about the resin layered painting process? Join my class and jump start your creative mojo! Link in bio. I have two courses available. 3 spots left for my two day course and 5 for the six week program. Come kick some of that winter S.A.D. 🥳🌤 let’s learn about color and composition and letting the process carry you.
Doesn’t look like much, but this is the beginning of a new year of mold making and shaping clear resin for three-dimensional paintings 😘 color on color on color. On color. First comes the silicone mold making, them the layers. This little familiar shoal shape will be easy to hang, lightweight, durable and beauteous! ☄️ and will be affordable available in my shop in February. Just kept swimming...
I was told not to touch my mural of its bold color, but I can not help it. Working out some new ideas for the year! And it’s sooooo fuuun
Yesterday I installed a few big paintings @breadeuphoria, but I liked the texture of ‘man of fire’ around the concrete of the loading dock. This piece was made from a time when Gabe and I couldn’t go swimming because there was a hurricane and big riptides, so we made our own fun by diving into the pool at night and taking photos. This painting is one I keep for me, but am happy to share.
Did a little photo shoot today of the amazing @haleystorm of @home__body for the impromptu styling session of this new unisex @straussmalcolm canvas jacket I painted. The blank canvas jacket launches out of Brooklyn Jan.22. So you can wear your works of art too. You a picture! A star shine! An artist! ✨
🎵 can’t take a selfieee! It was 2am post amazing dance party of @colliderworldmusic ... and I went back to the studio to pick away at some projects and tried to take a pic wearing the jacket, but it didn’t go so well. Refer to image 2. But I loved me some serpentine inspiration for this @straussmalcolm canvas jacket.
Working on painting my canvas jacket Strauss Malcolm kicking up out of Brooklyn. @straussmalcolm. At first, I did sit down for several hours and made a whole.....thing... but then got up and looked at it.... aaaannnnd now I’m veering into the cosmic serpent direction.
Happy new year y’all! I spent the day putting down my new stair rug and painting the walls of my first home and three family apartment. Here are some of the first stages. 💚💙❤️ it’s come a long way from the mostly abandoned home that was once day dreamed by a neighbor to become a parking lot. New life and new stories to be made!