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An oldie from 2015. The studio sale was incredible and sold out. It was really cool to see what I thought would be a bust, feel so uplifting and fun! I packed up my studio of 10 years and moved on out (almost) today. It’s going to take a little while to recalibrate, and it will include bodies of water ❤️
She went swimming 🦋.
#scoutcuomo #summerswim #selfcare
A time for rest. 🦋
Playful spaces. Tonight is that studio sale I keep rambling on about :) I’m a Leo, this is a little thing we do. 5-9:30 Studio 412 (fourth floor) 221 pine st. Arts & Industry Building . Florence, MA
Final Art Sale for my little studio today, August 9th! 5-9pm
🌈🐠 Starting to make sculptural paintings from layering resin and pigment and it just makes my heart so happy.
Modeling outtakes. 💅🏽
New big piece in process bringing in some new ideas from very well tried ones. 🦋
We interrupt this painting feed to share bebes playing at my uncles house in Mazama, Washington
Finishing up unfinished thoughts tonight on canvas for Friday’s sale. This 30”x36” is very affordable. (I think) but you’ll have to come Aug.9th to find out. .
Arts & Industry Building. 221 Pine St. Florence, MA
35 years baby. Come have a drink at Seymour with me as your bartender in Greenfield tonight and let’s celebrate our sweet journey in the world that we have yet to go.
Getting the studio ready for next Friday’s final sale before I move! Aug.9th 5-9pm Arts & Industry Building . 221 Pine St. Florence, MA 🦋