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A cool reprieve. These days are heating up! I am 9 days away from closing on my first home and I’m terrified. 😨It is a big renovation project—asbestos, knob and tube wiring in the entire 2600 sqft unit, plumbing and so on... this is one of the most exciting parts of my adventure that has ever happened. I envision a house full of queer artists and love bugs—mosaics of color and light and porch hangs. I’ve been moving from place to place for years, and I think it has spread me thin creatively and in my relationships. I’m looking for the excitement to come hang out with me again today. Fear and thrills are in tango to send my stomach lurching these days. I think there’s a reason not many solo folks with no building experience take these endeavors lightly. What advice has worked for you when you’re overwhelmed and afraid you bit off more than you can chew? Breathing? ;)
I will miss you Mazama, Washington and most of all the family that makes you so great to meeeee. Love you @elke_w7
So many of my projects are remaking pieces to fit to custom spaces. This is a 36”x36” resin layered painting on lucite going home this week. Steel frame is created and made by @hammeronsteel. Yesterday I spent the day delivering to Boston and making sure to get to the aquarium to remember again how tranquil it feels to watch these little guys— a rhythm to the world that pulses endlessly, gracefully, and without human intervention. I’d love to make a piece just for you. Link in bio. 💙🐟🐙
Hannah Gadsby’s “The jokes on me,” is powerful to witness. There was lots of standing ovation for this performance since it aired, and so I finally checked it out. I am coming away from it with more ideas and inspirations about being a queer woman living amongst misogyny—both lateral and direct. How do we came to love and understand amongst so much of the anger from sexual violence and verbal abuse? Through these years in my career painting, I’ve been finding a way to use the creative process to transform fear and anger. Gadsby’s words,”There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself” —really give me hope and praise to the people who are doing this. There is so much good work out there and incredible people leading the helm. So many diamonds who have been formed under tremendous pressure. I love you. Thank you for showing up daily to yourself and doing the work. You can find this Gadsby on Netflix. #intersectional #misogynykills #racism #homophobia #righttochoose #xenophobia #transphobia #genderequality #createspace #creatinganewworld #youmatter
Glorious day to drink in a rainbow 🌈
Catch you catch me. 💙💚❤️ we jumped together.
Swimming eryday ☀️ a painting that went home layered with resin and pigment on lucite for an office space countertop divider. 30”x60” also a reminder to just keep swimming ;)
“Beneath the surface in the darkness there is peace and solitude, but the light is always accessible.” — just candace talking @serendipity_kid @jennifernicoleherman
A very good day to jump in.
When I hold one project in front of the other :) shimmering shoal  on lucite 36”x36” and under the water skin 40”x 72”