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Live to serve, love to serve ❤️
We're a community service based organization at SDSU! Our meetings are Thursdays @ 6:30pm in Hardy Tower, Room 022 :)

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A HUGE thank you and congratulations to our Members of the Week so far!! Our events and meetings would be nothing without you :') 1: Kyrielle 😘
2: Pinky 😍
3: Yuji 😇
4: Justina 😄
Congratulations to our first member of the week for fall semester! 💞 Kyrielle has gone above and beyond in joining us in multiple service and social events that our club put on not only during Rush Week but the following weeks after!

It's Tenet Tuesday for Circle K week! This past weekend we celebrated a time of bonding and fellowship with our Torrey Pines Beach hike #cnhcki
Welcome to the new semester! Add 'Sdsu Circle K' as a friend on FB to get added to our group page.

Miss last week's meeting? Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter (link on FB) and come out to tomorrow's meeting (location TBA on FB)!
HEY YOU! If you're coming out to today's Chili's Give-Back Fundraiser, use the hashtag #ChillinAtChilis!! Event is from 11a-11p at Mission Valley Chili's. Check out the club page for more info!
Congratulations to this week's member of the week @chhitmeister!!! He helped feed the homeless and plant plants. He is a first year electrical engineering major and part of the awesome Volcano fam!!! He is one smart cookie and has one dope car so go talk to him. #sdsucirclek #hesthechhit
Congratulations to our member of the week @cjgalero!!! She has helped out at RC and our yogurt fundraiser. She is a second year pre-pt major and part of Storm Chasers. She is super cool and awesome, so go say hi to her when you get a chance! #sdsucirclek #patrickneedstotakebetterpics
Here is last week's member of the week Olivia!!! She is a third year Hearing, Speech, and Pathology major and part of Mega Meteors!!! She is super friendly and awesome and go talk to her when you get a chance. #sdsucirclek
LOOK HOW HAPPY EVERYONE WAS AT FALL TRAINING CONFERENCE!! 😛 thank 👏🏻👏🏻 you 👋🏻👏🏻 very much for all the memories, #ftc2016 #cnhcki
Congrats to our new member of the week @megan__oleson!!! She is a second year, kinesiology major, and awesome member of the awesome family Volcanoes!!!! She helps out at RC every week, helped clean up OB Pier, and was super fun at retreat. Go talk to her at this week's awesome events! #sdsucirclek #MeganOregano #tssssss
Congratulations to our member of the week @lucybrunswick!!! She is a second year liberal studies major and one of the awesome family heads for Storm Chasers!!! She is super nice and super awesome so go talk to her! #SDSUCircleK #StormChasers
Wow what a guy part 2. Congratulations to this weeks member of the Week @jack_meow33. He is a first year and currently his major is undeclared. Talk to him at this week's events. He is the cat's pajamas!! #sdsucirclek