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Scouting's National Honor Society for western OR southwest WA, and northwest CA. Download the Section W-1S app from Google Play.

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NLS and DYLC starts tonight right here in our own section. We wish all our brothers a great time at the Portland NLS. 
Are you attending? Share with us how you #TakeTheLead.
Our thoughts are with our brothers and the victims in Las Vegas, Nevada following the tragic events last night. Let us always remember to #LoveOneAnother.
Follow our new Section officers on Snapchat as they attend the Section W-1N Conclave at Camp Pigott. @sectionw1s
In our darkest time, we stood together as brothers, united as one. Let us always remember to #LoveOneAnother. In darkness we shine brightest.
#together #brotherhood #service #United #remember #NeverForget #September11th
Today we honor and remember the lives lost 16 years ago on September 11, 2001. 
We will #NeverForget
Where were you when you heard the news?

#honor #remember #NewYork #Arlington #Pennsylvania #United93 #American11 #American77 #American175
Our Section Communications Team did a fantastic job this weekend at #2017W1SConclave. This team of 7 members took on the task of running the social media accounts, website, mobile app, online map, and texting service to keep over 400 Arrowmen informed. A huge THANK YOU to you to Jordan Jefferis, Ryan Mogensen, Aidan Jewett, Shane Rooker, Matthew Shumway, Jeffrey Knierim, and Tyler Inberg!
That's a wrap! From all of us at Section W-1S and the W-1S Communications Team, THANK YOU for attending #2017W1SConclave! We look forward to seeing you again next year for #2018W1SConclave. Have a safe trip back home and thank you.
Good Morning #2017W1SConclave! Make sure to pick-up your training degree and auction items before you leave. See you at flags & breakfast.
Goodnight #2017W1SConclave! Day 2 has come to a close. Tomorrow, it all comes to an end. See you for flags at 8:30 AM.
The Memorabilia Oral Auction will be happening right after tonight's show. Head to Building 17 and Bid High, Bid Often! #2017W1SConclave
Head to the auditorium for the #2017W1SConclave closing theme show. Reminder that food & drink are not allowed.