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Sweet Orange helps improve mental health 🍊 
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“Important reminder! You are worthy because you exist. There’s nothing you need to do to EARN it, you don’t have to work for it. Several of my clients are chronically ill, and I hear their worries about not being able to “contribute” to society through traditional work. I challenge them to rethink their ideas about what makes them worthy. The idea that we need to be productive in order to be worthy is bullshit! What an overwhelming and paralyzing value. Just exist, survive, be authentically you, do what you can, whatever that looks like. Let that be enough. 🖤”
—@selfcaresolitare // thank you for this truth
Sometimes, you just need to add a little life to your home. We are sharing a blog in our bio on plants that are beneficial to your health that you can add to your home. These plants help remove toxins from the air!
Mental Illness does not discriminate. This Month is Minority Mental Health Month, and we are standing with NAMI in fighting the stigma on mental illness. How can you participate this month? Be kind & compassionate to everyone. Reach out to your friends & family who are affected by mental health conditions. We are continuing this conversation on our private Facebook page. Join with the link in our bio!
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Do you believe you deserve self care? These are the questions and topics we talk about in our 🖤Self Care Club🖤 private Facebook group. If you would like to join the conversation, click the link in our bio.
✨A little reminder, it's ok to be in process. It's also ok to enjoy that process even when it's messy. Lately, most of my morning intentions have been around having fun and ease✨⠀
✨What’s your daily reminder?

Thank you @init4thelongrun for this reminder! Self Care is all about extending grace to ourselves and taking on life, one day at a time.
What is one thing that allows you to “reset & refresh”? Plan a 15 minute break everyday to mentally focus on centering yourself. 
This could look like 15 minutes of yoga, reading an inspirational chapter of a book, diffusing a few drops of rosemary & peppermint essential oil or even as simple as focusing on your breathing in a beautiful space.
🖤Happy Father’s Day🖤
It’s only fitting that Men’s Mental Health Month takes place the same month as Father’s Day. @TherapyThreads is launching their new line of Men’s Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelets that are the perfect gift. Whether it’s for a father figure in your life or an encouraging gift for a man in your life to focus on self care, these bracelets are a perfect & simple gift.
Shame is a big barrier in people seeking mental health treatment. We are digging deeper into shame, and how we should respond to it. Checkout this article to learn more..

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June is Men’s Mental Health Month, and we are here to support the men in Self Care Club. published a blog post in support of men focusing on their mental health and wellness. Checkout the link in our bio to read more on Men’s Mental Health Month.