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We can do no big things..
Only small things with great love ♡, Jaz
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A gift from a mother to daughter as she goes from being “kid to young adult”. The timely reminder to her beloved child that regardless of age, she is always blessed, loved and favored. ❤️ #sensibarSG
One of our favourite lines made into a gold-filled bracelet. Sometimes we need a reminder that we're not just enough. We're more than enough ❤️ #sensibarSG
Change is around us all the time and nothing in this world stops even when we spend our time in fear of the future that comes with change. Could your change be that of a school/workplace? Of relationships with people dearest to you? A season of breakthrough in a new business or project? How about starting a new phase in life of being married, a homeowner or even being parents/grandparents for the first time? Truth is, regardless of our time and age, everyone experiences change and we fear them. 
But keep in mind to never stop moving and to never stop trying. 
Do not fear. You've got this. 👌🏻 Blessed week ahead to one and all! #sensibarSG
Quite a significant number of our customizations carry such powerful messages. Though we do not know the battles each person go through, we're heartened that we can always drop an encouraging word to let them know that they're not alone. #sensibarSG
Good morning everybody! It's been a while but we haven't stopped working (promise we'll be less quiet on social media!) 😉

Spreading some love today to those who've been tired and doubtful of their own capabilities.. know that you can definitely move mountains. Here's a piece of our "Move Mountains" ring to spur you on ❤️ #sensibarSG
What a wondrous time is spring? 🌸

Inspired by iconic Sakura (cherry blossom) blossoming in spring, let us celebrate the beauty of fleeting moments. 
The Sakura season may be one that is short-lived yet well loved by many. Being in full bloom for only a maximum of two weeks, cherry blossoms remind us of both the beauty and fragility of life. 
Our Sakura collection features a ring and earring design, each made of sterling silver and covered in fine detail. Do visit our webstore for more details 🌸#sensibarSG
Our season-proof gold filled necklace out in the snowy fields of Hokkaido. Really heartwarming to receive these shots of Janna and Jillian's favourite Sensibar pieces, taken during their recent vacation. Thank you @giamsiap & @jillyooo ! We really love these ❤️ #sensibarSG
Happy Valentines' Day! ❤️ specially packed this for A to a lovely girl today! To all of you here, may your days be filled with joy and love. Not just for today but everyday! #sensibarSG
DREAMCATCHER💥 |  if you knew your dreams would come true, wouldn't you give chase? #sensibarSG
🍍Wishing you another year of good health and prosperity! #sensibarSG
It's been a wet day out there but we're so glad to be able to restock these Leaf Wrap Rings for you! Just in time for the coming Lunar New Year ☺#sensibarSG
There is nothing quite like the gift of words accompanied with our gold-filled necklaces to celebrate life's special moments and milestones. #sensibarSG