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A eclectic and charming tea house in Miami, FL☆🍵
Teas, sandwiches, soups and sweets!
🕰 Tues-Sat: 11am-6pm

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Fun night!
Come Join Us Tonight!
Hope to see you all Thursday!
Hope to see you then!!!!
Poetry and tea!!!!
Come join us for a few hours of poetry and some delicious tea
Come try our new Empananda’s ... we have vegan and regular too! Delish
Come join us for an intimate moment of poetry, tea and then some.....
•TEA OF THE DAY• Today we are all about the Rooibos tea. If you have digestive issues this is the tea for you!!! Come and enjoy a cup with us! #tea
Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! 🍪
Come celebrate with a cup of your favorite tea and our freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!! But why stop there? Also try our Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies!
#teatime #friday #teahouse #miami #hiddentreasure #bestteas
Are you a tea lover?
Make sure you come check out our collection of teas & take all your favorites home! We also have our tea bags on sale! So hurry and get yours today!
#teatime #friday #teahouse #miami #hiddentreasure #bestteas
Need some caffeine to wake up? ☕️
Black Tea Fun Facts: drinking black tea after meals can help counteract the effects of eating too much fatty food. Black tea is low in calories! Drinking black tea reduces plaque formation and restricts bacteria that forms cavities and tooth decays among other amazing health  benefits!
Join us for some of our favorite Black teas here at Serendip-A-Tea
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