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Zoo keeper, Vic. Australia.
Born in the African bush,
married to @macro_passion member: @nature_skyshotz @your_best_birds @bella_shots

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I'm pretty pleased to say that I recorded the first #pacifickoel in Werribee this evening!
They are normally found as far south as the eastern side of Melbourne with two records in Geelong. I arrived home to hear the unmistakable call... the rest was a kind of involuntary twitcher reaction!! 😜 ...enough said!
Thank you @everything_animals for featuring my Cisticola. Chosen by @silviaribguincho It is much appreciated! 🤠 ☆Please follow and tag your shots #everything_animals for your chance at a feature☆
Beautiful little #goldenheadedcisticola ...they are about 10cm in length and more often than not they drop into the grass when trying to get a picture like this! #cisticola_exilis #wtppr
A broody #brolga at #werribeeopenrangezoo (We were removing a heat shade when the opportunity arose to take this photo) the bird was not stressed and it has chosen to nest right beneath one of our slumber safari balconies! #wzbpr #grus_rubicunda
When you take your breakfast slow like...
#pugsley #dogdrinking
Have you looked at your hands lately?
...hopefully not quite so scratchy! 😉🐨🙂
#koala #dropbear
The #crestedshriketit is a charismatic little bird with a decent hook on it's sturdy beak which it uses to pry out invertebrates from under old bark among other food. Here he's posing with a White-plumed Honeyeater. #falcunculus_frontatus
Free!! ...enjoy your weekend 🙂
#superbfairywren #wzbpr
Huge thanks to @nature_skyshotz for featuring my mistletoe bird! 
Chosen by @silviaribguincho.
... what happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe 😉... ☆Please follow and tag your shots #nature_skyshotz for your chance at a feature☆
Hi folks... let's break out for the weekend! 😎

#superbfairywren #malurus_cyaneus 
The mystical #mistletoebird is a treasure to behold! Ecologically speaking they are responsible for spreading mistletoe plants by eating the fruit, then when passed through the gut, the sticky seed is deposited or wiped off onto a would be host branch and the cycle starts once more. #dicaeum_hirundinaceum
Saw this beautiful #paintedhoneyeater for the first time last week 🤠