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“Call Your Mama” OUT NOW //
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Music is healing. It’s a special feeling  reading through these and seeing your #callyourmama stories. Thank y’all for sharing ❤️
It’s Monday, #callyourmama ☎️
hometown show.
Love seeing yalls responses to #callyourmama so far! Keep em’ coming 🙏
Well that’s pretty tight. Randy Travis, thank you for listening to the song! Means the world coming from a hero.
Appreciate it @applemusic 🍎 #callyourmama #breakingcountry [link in story]
this wknd.
@amazonmusic appreciate the love on #callyourmama // if y’all are at CMA fest I’ll be chilling in the Amazon booth at 4 today at Fan Fair X #355 🤘roll up.
Come thru and chill... #cmafest
@spotify just over here being the best again ❤️ #callyourmama
Last year my mama texted me “call your mama” on my way to a write in Nashville and I wrote it down thinking it might be a cool title. I ended up telling @michaelhardymusic about it a little later when we were at lunch talking about ideas before we went into a write later that afternoon. When i brought it up he told me we had to write that song right then and we went straight to the @lizrosemusic office and this came out less than an hour later. A couple weeks after that, I was opening for @littlebigtown in the UK and at the same time, my mama was visiting friends we met when my dad was in the military. She came out to a show and I just decided to surprise her and play the song that night for her. @karenfairchild and @ohgussie I guess heard it from backstage and told me I should play it for the rest of the tour. I remember them even giving me more time in my set at the Royal Albert Hall so I could do it (cause they’re the best and all). After seeing the reaction and how much I saw it mean something to other people too, I knew I had to find a way to get it out... so here it is - #callyourmama is out everywhere and I hope y’all dig it and it makes you feel something, whatever that is.