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Cultivating the bond btw people and plants for over 75 years. 8500+ kinds of plants. 55 acres in gorgeous Golden Gate Park. #sfbotanicalgarden

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Peak Magnificent Magnolia bloom is on and it is a beautiful year! Do not miss it! These photos are really just the tip of the iceberg... they are only a sample of the trees in the Temperate Asia collection... Rhododendron, Moon Viewing, and Camellia Gardens are also loaded with many diverse trees in bloom... Photos here: M. dawsoniana and M. sprengeri var. diva are in full bloom simultaneously next to each other (1-3 - @fcubano with the first absurdly floriferous photo!), M. sprengeri var. diva closeup (4), M. campbellii 'Darjeeling' impressive closeup by @hucklejerrylinn and a more pulled back look of the same tree (5-6), M. 'Wada's Memory' (7), M. stellata 'Rosea' (8), M. campbellii (9) M. floribunda (10). There is so much more! Go check them all out! #magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden
Yoga in the Garden this Saturday amongst the peaceful, serene scenes with magnolias everywhere - start your President's Day weekend off right - sign up link in profile 沍ク#sfbotanicalgarden
Happy Valentine's Day! Magnificent Magnolias are now at PEAK BLOOM! Peak bloom should last for a week or so and there will be blooms beyond that, but not quite like this... It's magical out in the Garden NOW! Don't miss this! Come enjoy! 洟歴沍ク汳役沍ク#magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden #magnoliacampbelliidarjeeling #magnoliacampbellii
笘ク keeps shining and more 沍クkeep blooming... and you all are getting the shots 沒キ汨卦he time to get out there is now folks - it is gorgeous - peak bloom next week!#magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden
Like plants? Love people? Become a Docent at the Garden! You will learn a ton of fun and interesting information about the collections and skills for how to share with people of all ages from all over the world. Training runs on Saturdays from March 3-April 28. Help share the Garden! More info and application link in profile. 
If you want to learn more about becoming a Docent or many other amazing volunteer opportunities with local environmental organizations in person come out this Saturday to the County Fair Building for Volunteer for the Environment from 10-2. #sfbotanicalgarden
Magnolias continue to progress, there are hundreds of flowers out now, and it is absolutely gorgeous outside... peak bloom is still a week or more away but these 70 degree days are making things happen fast and hard to predict... Magnolia sprengeri var. diva in Temperate Asia is close to, if not at peak bloom, M. campbellii 'Darjeeling' has its first flowers with many more buds to come, M. denudata and doltsopa are near, if not at peak bloom in the Camellia and Moon Viewing Gardens, there are still some M. campbellii flowers in the Rhododendron Garden and on the younger tree near the Bamboo Pond in Temperate Asia, and finally M. stellata 'Rosea' has many flowers up high on the tree with many lower buds yet to flower... get out there and enjoy! #magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden #magnoliasprengeridiva #magnoliacampbellii #magnoliadenudata #magnoliadoltsopa #magnoliastellatarosea
More and more Magnolias coming into flower every day and will continue with above average temperatures and no rain forecasted through mid-February... not so good for our state water supply situation but the makings for an epic Magnolia season here 沽ャ洟キ沛ス窶坂凾ク条沍クCamellia Garden is still the best overall spot with M. campbellii (photos 1-3, big, pink) and M. denudata (photos 7-8, smaller, white) near peak bloom, and M. doltsopa (photo 10, white, evergreen foliage) blooming above the adjacent Moon Viewing Garden... the little M. campbellii cultivar that could near the Library Terrace (photos 4-5) also has a big, beautiful, fresh flower at perfect eye/nose/camera level, and M. sprengeri var. Diva (photo 6), M. stellata 'Rosea' (photo 9) and more are starting to get going with lots of flowers higher up and lower buds starting to open up... stay tuned! Things could start moving really quick! #magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden
It's a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning in San Francisco - get out in the Garden and enjoy it! Main Magnolia show continues to be the two Magnolia campbellii in the Camellia Garden but the amazingly fragrant and beautiful Magnolia doltsopa (pictured here) are giving them a run for their money on the hill above the Moon Viewing Garden. Magnolia denudata are also really starting to pop in the Camellia / Moon Viewing Gardens. Peak bloom still looks to be a couple weeks away with many more flowers to come but this first wave is lovely. #magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden #magnoliadoltsopa
Happy sunny Saturday - get out to the Garden and enjoy! Still very early in the season but the couple magnolias that are in bloom are gorgeous - here is proof from you lovely humans: @mccallen @vincentjlai @lindseys_lens @quyen_tat @christinedonley_artlover @ornerypiglet @mikecstocker #magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden #magnolias #magnoliacampbellii #magnoliadenudata
Suggestion for a blissed out Saturday: stretch and breath out any stress from the week at Yoga in the sunshiny Garden from 9-10am, go grab a morning snack/breakfast/warm beverage of choice in the neighborhood, come back for the Magnolia Curator Tour at 11am... your mind, body, and soul will thank you later... just a suggestion 沽會洟歴沍クSign ups for Yoga and Tour via calendar link in profile. #yogainthegarden 
#magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden
Lots more to come but the two Magnolia campbellii trees in the Camellia Garden - which are often among the earliest to bloom - are near their peak, look amazing, and are worth a visit now - rain or shine 沍ク泗 Sun looks to come out Saturday for the Magnolia Curator Tour and there are still a couple spots available - get the inside scoop on these beauties and learn all the fascinating historical and cultural connections! Ticket link in profile. #magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden #nobadweatheronlybadclothing #raingear #winterincalifornia
Sun came out this afternoon to wish everyone a happy first day of magnolia season... nothing like big, pink magnolia flowers against a blue sky... 洟歴沍ク笘ク#magnificentmagnolias #sfbotanicalgarden #tgif #friyay #magnoliacampbellii #magnoliaflowers #magnolias #camelliagarden #winterincali #lovetomontecito