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@vanityfairitalia (this is for you laura b). (you know who you are). (pour me another gin). (i love you). thanks @tyronmachhausen
one of my favorite shoots ever. period. we shot in a creepy af abandoned home outside of brooklyn, definitely felt ghosts in the walls, and ended with a dance party (obvi). @peggyrice you became my artistic MUSE ... i wish i could play with you all the time.  @mschwartzphoto you made me feel so comfortable. @tyronmachhausen thank you for the flower power.  @keithcarpenterhair thank you for knowing my hair better than i ever will. @yukomanicure thank you for making my nails look punk chic. thank you @vanityfairitalia.
A. L. O. H. A.  thank you auntie pua. thank you jason. thank you to my whole ohana over in hawai’i. i love you. 
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To all my friends and fans please watch our NEW episode link in bio  THIS IS MY HEART  Mahalo @cnn  for helping me spread the awareness. There is a growing movement in Hawai’i that cuts to the core of native rights to protect sacred lands and ensure the continuation of cultural practices. Mauna Kea was selected for the construction of the massive Thirty Meter Telescope being imposed by the University of California and CalTech along with the countries of Canada, China, Japan, and India. Despite another suitable location beyond Hawai’i, the TMT project is pushing forward to build 18 stories high and bore several stories into the ground over the island’s natural water aquifers in a conservation district. Hawaiians and their supporters have taken a ceremonial peaceful stance in solidarity with people around the world, not as an opposition to science, but as protectors of their sacred and revered mountain. 
Hawaiian people are truly children of the land, our history and language are infused in it. Our survival depends on what it can provide, and we look to our environment for spiritual guidance, it is part of our ancestral identity. To desecrate Mauna Kea is to do the same to the people. This is why we stand and say, “We are Mauna Kea!” Aloha J
oh. yes. we. got. this. HAPPY THURSDAY !!!!!!!!
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M A N A  W A H I N E⠀
Today, Mana wahine of the frontline gathered by the hundreds to honor the diving feminine, the Goddesses is the Mauna, the lineage of powerful women we descend from, the mana wahine line of the movement from 2015 to 2019...the mountain herself and the women we have become because of her. We linked arm in arm and and lifted our voices together. This moment will be carrying the intention of this tribute in my music video for my song Mana Wahine. Mahalo nui to all the incredible mana wahine that came to stand, to @jalena.kl, @ambiespino, @kapuleifloress, @malialia, @camidolly, @jamaicaosorio, Ezra, Aunty Nani, and @pangea.luka, @valenahlo for being such a loving team and working on project with so much love and support. Eō!
well here’s a good #fbf. look, @sofitukker , @isidora and i have danced around the bush for a year now trying to play it cool. liking your posts every now and then, coyly commenting on them... and it’s time we just tell you : we. fucking. dig. you. so. hard. and. hope. one. day. we. can. hang. out. with. you. and. that. giant. giraffe.
masking insecurity and pain and anger and vulnerability and avoidance in capitalism. #middleoftheatlanticocean @shanegrossphoto @greenpeaceusa
i tasted you before i tasted air.
triple water alchemy downloaded into my bones,
the day my mama 
gave me to this world
your language was the first i heard. .
that wisdom, 
that wisdom that has sat still for millennia. 
that rides the waves of sky. sea. 
of the basins and the rivers. .
that wisdom that has defied
all intellectual sense 
of time. .
that wisdom.
that kills and births. 
kills and births. 
kills and births. .
we build ; water. 
we sweat ; water. 
we pray ; water. 
we move ; water. 
we desire ; water. 
we starve ; water. 
we crave ; water.
we cry ; water. 
we devour ; water. 
we innovate ; water. 
we produce ; water. 
we rage ; water. 
we fight ; water. 
we war ; water. 
we make love ; water. .
pouring. .
and yet,
we seem to forget,
that you are still the only thing in this universe 
clever enough to .
return home,
each night. .
we can’t protect our earth, if we don’t first work on ourselves. .
emotional health
emotional safety 
emotional comradeship .
justice. .
may we learn from water 
as much as we
depend on it. .
this photo was taken thousands of miles from any continental shoreline by @shanegrossphoto the day before my home country failed to protect dozens of our brothers and sisters in el paso, dayton, and chicago. .
floating in the middle of the deep blue sea was this shotgun shell. .
nature never fails with her messages. .

#protectouroceans #endgunviolence @greenpeaceusa
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Aloha kakou, we have spent 19 days at the base of Mauna Kea in cars and tents in the middle of a lava field. We have in that time created a community who will stand for the Mauna as long as it takes. To all our relatives especially those whom we have stood with on moku honu and around the world, know that should you find yourself here we will welcome you. There are many who come daily from Hawaii and beyond and the support from around the world is so important. To all the nieces and nephews who have reached out, again we haven’t made a call out but if you feel the need to come, follow your ❤️ please keep praying for us, posting messages, organizing actions in kapu aloha, and staying connected in every way that you can. If you plan to come, let me know so I can prepare you for lava field living! Me Ke aloha nui I ka Piko o ka mauna.
my sister is so fierce in all them right ways 🙏🙏🙏. ever heard of HAWAI’I ?! i urge you to continue following the beautiful protection happening over there right now. 
@hawanemusic ・・・
▲ K I A ‘ I ▲ ⠀
⠀ “That trauma from having a sacred site built upon is real, and what we are trying to do is to protect the next seven generations from feeling that” - Hāwane Rios⠀
We are strong and fierce in our love for our land and people.⠀
Press Statement from Pu'uhonua o Pu'uhuluhulu*⠀
Puʻuhuluhulu, July 30, 2019. ⠀
Today we celebrate a victory that reaffirms our resolve. Governor Ige has admitted that he underestimated our strength, unity, and broad public support. Our numbers continue to grow and his ability to oppose his own people is becoming less and less justifiable. Ige’s rescinding of the emergency proclamation illustrates how he can no longer claim that we are threatening public safety. We are the public. ⠀
We also celebrate Governor Ige’s adjusted timing. It’s a stall tactic. Governor Ige has been forced to lean on this tactic because he understands we are not stepping away from this struggle. It is a struggle that communities across Hawaiʻi have faced for far too long—our government agencies who are supposed to protect what our society values are instead skirting the law and acting on behalf of private corporate interests. ⠀
Our movement of aloha ‘āina has ignited not just Hawaiians but people worldwide who want to protect Hawaiʻi from self-serving, big-business. ⠀
We value Maunakea, our culture, and our unity. Protecting them is a struggle we are ready to sustain for as long as it takes.⠀ Mahalo nui to @erinsitt for creating this powerful video. Mauli ola.