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au revoir, paris. @maisonvalentino looks the best on you. every time. thank you for sharing your art with us ✨.
thank you to all the women who came before us. the bravery we carry in our bones was written long before we got here. thank you, to those who paved the way, for us to hold hands, and be so strong today.  it is an honor, to carry, the flags you sewn.
we are as strong as those we march with. as those we sing with. as those we cry with. thank you, #MLK for continuing to teach us so much. and THANK YOU to all those who had your back, your sides, your front as you did you. THANK YOU to all the men and women who boycotted, who protested, who were arrested, who sacrificed their lives for those of us here today. thank you for showing us what solidarity looks like. thank you for walking the walk. thank you for your courage and bravery and determination. thank you for uniting despite what they did to you. thank you, your sacrifice is not unnoticed. you are the ones we are learning from today, and the ones who’s messages we still carry on our tongues. thank you for paving the way.
i’ve been trying to find the right words for a week now... the right words to accurately describe what this years @goldenglobes meant to me. what it meant to walk that carpet hand in hand with my sister @calinalawrence as she spoke so fearlessly and gracefully about the realities indigenous women live with day in and day out. what it meant to wear responsible jewels from @forevermarkusa who donated a generous amount to @timesupnow. what it meant to witness hundreds of my colleagues & peers wear black in an effort to visually represent the unification of our voices & intentions. what it meant to witness an industry that for so long has been divided by competition, fear, ego, jealousy, comparison (all products of patriarchal conditioning) radically put aside these destructive paradigms in order to unite & heal. what it meant to witness that fiery truth @oprah shared in person while tears streamed down the cheeks of her audience. what it meant to see so many men standing tall & listening earnestly to women who for so long have been silenced-to see them genuinely care to help heal these scars both genders bare. from the week i took to process it all, i suppose i can say this: it meant that my children have a shot at growing up in a world where women, and men, across ALL industries put their seeming differences aside in order to support one another’s healing. it meant that we are learning to remove labels & stand united no matter what cloak we wear. it meant that we are slowly but surely ushering in sacred matriarchy. it meant that we are living in a time where our voices can be used to carry & amplify all those songs our ancestors sung as they too fought their battles & sacrificed their lives for us. it meant that we are realizing, divine love. to all of the artists who won last sunday: congratulations. thank you for moving us to our cores. & to all the people who stood in solidarity (& continue to) in the @timesupnow movement, thank you for your hearts. we’re only at the bottom summit of this mountain called Healing, but hey, we gotta start somewhere. and, this is what we were made for. we were born to do this shit.
when you facetime yo man first thing in the am only to discover he’s already wearing black in support of @timesupnow. damn i love him. #crushinghard
good morning!!! from @calinalawrence and me! :). #timesup @timesupnow
truth to power tonight at #heavengala by @theartofelysium. art heals. may we walk in kindness and in compassion with all those we encounter. @shanolahampton, thank you for your heart. i want to speak like you when i grow up.
three lil pigs. bring it, wolf. @isidora_goreshter @shawncaulinyoung
one in a million.
i donated to and signed this letter of solidarity to stand with women across every industry saying: #TIMESUP. the @timesupnow legal defense fund provides subsidized legal support across industries to those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace. join us!!! read the letter, sign, & donate: link in bio. ❤️❤️❤️🦋.