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Do you celebrate your big and small accomplishments regularly?  I've gotten good with the daily and weekly celebrations...except this one snuck up on me with intensity... I was reminded tonight that I didn't share when I got my official hypnotherapy certification (from my last upleveling,) so I could be celebrated by my Hypno Sisters.  My response was "I  forgot." While that is certainly true, I wondered why "I forgot?" What kept me too busy to take 5 minutes and share something I worked so hard at, while still serving my clients, and juggling the many business hats. Why was I "downplaying" this accomplishment? 
This triggered me harder than I expected, so I knew there was something there to explore. 
I believe when we uplevel, our muck, the stuff that may be burried, blocking and slowing our flow,  often comes up for clearing.

Tonight driving back memories began to surface.

I realized I didn't celebrate (or go to) my HS graduation, and almost did the same with my College graduation (and I had a 3.9 GPA while working full time!) The reasons may not have made sense, except that I beleived in them at that time.... ⚡My family was too busy fighting, so rather than having a celebration ruined, I chose to not take the risk at all.(protecting my heart from dissapointment) ⚡I didn't want to upset anyone by bringing attention to my success (my family/social circle)
⚡Safer to do things quietly ⚡I didn't want to be judged or feel guilt for my progress

Old beleifs can get in the way of our new life .... if we don't change them.⚡ I not only kept myself from honoring what I accomplished but also deprived myself support in being celebrated. 
Now, I can see these old reasons, honor their place in *that* time, recognize they are outdated and release them. #DoingTheWork ....I hope you join me in celebrating now... I took hypnosis to the next level and got my Hypnotherapy certification!!! 💃🏾🤸🏽‍♀️🎉🦄🤩👏🏽💫 I'm now training in Past Life Regression + Life btwn Lives. 🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽 #hypnosis #hypnotherapy #pastliferegression #lifebetweenlives #DoTheWork #release #NewBeginning #FreshStart #Clear #celebrate #processing #NextLevel
Universe has so many pleasant surprises!! Look at who I find WHILE ON MY FLIGHT today, @the_sacred_sinner , and "coincidently" our FB Friendaversary at that (we literally wished eachothera happy anniversary on fb before the flight!!)🤣🙌🏽 #UniverseAtPlay

Such a lovely surprise to catch up & share what we're brining to you so soon!! 🌟Save the date, December 9th in NYC for the next Sustainable Success, where I will be taking you through a 🌟Hypnosis Soul Experience on
⭐"Un-Learning" 👍🏽what doesn't support your business, life or relationships and create space for your inner guidance to have a clear, undiluted path to manifestations!! AKA👉🏽How to get out of your own way (and detox the excess mental baggage you've been carrying.😱) #friendship #hypnosis #sustainablesuccess #Lifestyle #detox #mentaldetox #clarity #hypnotherapy #uplevel  #universeknows #manifestation
I'm off to uplevel at Past Life Regression + Life between Lives training with my mentor @gracesmithtv . To me, it's the graduate level of Hypnotherapy + Soul Coaching. I am so excited to bring this back to you! 
There is so much happening, much of it under the surface, just as the current of rivers and oceans is infinitely moving, sustaining a natural and necessary flow.  Not always convenient, but certainly guided by a deeper wisdom and connection with all of existence. 
NOW is a time when the undercurrents are affecting us, inviting us to be more aware, concious and choose from our hearts. 
Where are we focused?  Heart centered or mind centered or a balancing of both?  Where are we willing to shift from want to gratitude, from desiring to creating, from taking or undervaluing what truly matters to giving and exchanging what supports our souls and earthly manifestations?

The past week has reminded me how much I have to be grateful for.  Yes, I have felt the waves of human emotions, anger, hurt, FOMO, comparison, joy, love, expansions and contractions.

I also know those are just emotions, fueling thoughts that can/have created spiraling stories.  I choose to not engage in the spiral.  Many times this week I used a "life line" (lol) to call a friend and voice the spiraling so I can allow the feels to flow without letting them take over. 
Liife is so good, because I choose to acknowledge gratitude. The life I have now was not handed to me, and  I choose to do the inner + outer work and create most of it.  It's an ongoing journey, and the work is worth the experience. #DoTheWork

My awesome dad drove me to the airport this morning and I asked him about our past, apparently we moved back to India when I was a toddler, and we then returned bc India wasn't the right fit then. He said the one thing that stood out about here (USA) is how we value human life, in a way greater than many other parts of our world.  Just this simple thing is something to be grateful for, yet we have so much more to value and appreciate.  We choose to have a perspective of abundance and gratitude or lack and want. #hypnosis #hypnotherapy #pastliferegression
Final Call for next Sat., Oct 13.! Are you Ready to Create Your Own Drum?

A few ways I use the drum I birthed:
🌟Daily sound vibrational healing on self
🌟Grounding and focus
🌟 Shift from anxiety or worry states into calm and balance
🌟Opening to ground for my gatherings
🌟 Display on my wall (in my sacred space) 
Mia @Drumdoula makes it super easy to go through the Birthing of Your Drum as all materials are sustainably and ethically sourced and prepared for you.

I'll be nurturing you through the day with energy clearing and balancing and a nourishing lunch in Shama's Sacred Sanctuary (Staten Island 4 blocks from ferry from Manhattan.) Tremendous healing occurs in this space.  Come ceeate, release and embrace a beautiful new drum.

We ordered a few extra supplies so can accommodate 3 more attendees. 
Grab your seat today love 🙌🏽💖👉🏽 Link in Bio 👉🏽 To EVENTS page.

#Create #Build #Drum #healing #release #earth #elements #energy #shamanic #sacred #nourish #soul #sanctuary #workshop #dayretreat #receive  #learnhonor #shamaslight #statenIsland #nyc
My heart feels so full.  I am so humbled and proud of all of us for showing up fully last night.  This beautiful sister circle was magical!

We shed layers, we uncorked pasts that have no need to bottle in pain, and set ourselves on a path to more freedom. 
We got volnerable, raw and honest....because in this safe space..We Can.  Some of us simply witnessed and honored our sisters.

From this place we ripple out into the world creating more safety out there... With our compassion, our strength and our hearts, as we heal and strengthen from within...we have more to bring to the world.

We closed the circle with the intension of seeing all of men begining to awaken to their hearts, compassion and balancing their feminine aspects.... we did the same for women. 
We, Our World needs more heart centered unity. (Not a we vs. them, not another division.) So we hold the field for love, unity, understanding...and we begin within ourselves. 
We stand firmly in our value, our truth.

I invite many women to gather in as many ways and places as we can, through a safe space of healing, releasing and unity we rememberhow empoweredwe have always been. 
We know, the only way is through the work of facing our own experiences,  beliefs & fears... In Life.

In Relationships.

In Business.

There are no short cuts. (Dont believe the marketing my loves.) Avoidance/distractions can build the pain and keep it trapped. All of that old energy, your energy and our energy...taking up space.

Do Your work.  Choose to move through it.  Be supported.

It's time to release, move into freedom and use those resources in new ways.

With so much love💖

Ps - Next Month's Feminine First Friday will be held the following day, Sat Nov 3rd, 11am to 1pm.
(First Friday, Nov 2, we have a Chakra Meditation ans Chakra Dance in Staten Island - you're invited, of course!) #ibeleive #WomenPower #TogetherWeRise #Oneness #UniteFeminine

#Union #sacredspace #sacredunion #sisterhood #love #compassion #freedom #strongertogether #NeverGiveUp #honorself #feelthefeels 
#release #shamanichealing #drum #rattle #smudgefeather #sagesmudge #statenisland #SINY #nyc
Staten Island, BK and NJ friends....a Super special multimedia day of experience (includes high energy natural food), to raise 
your consciousness through healing sessions,
live musicians, and the most amazing 
people to grace Staten Island.
(Stop in to see me for a 2:30pm Group Hypno Soul Clearing Journey. 🤩💫) "Sangha" is the Sanskrit language 
word that means "Community"
❤️ Come to CONNECT to EXPERIENCE to RAISE YOUR CONCIOUSNESS. **Limited tickets available now.
Staten Island Sangha
Tickets are $25 on Eventbrite, $30 at door

UPSTAIRS: Complimentary healing sessions (on a first come, first serve basis!!!) Thai Yoga Massage; Vibrational 
Sound Therapy; Shiatsu and Reiki; 
Acoustic Healing and mystical 
Frequency Readings (5 hours)!! DOWNSTAIRS: 
Vegan High Vibe lunch by Leslie, Jim, Katie, Rachel! (Between 1:30-3:30pm).
Live background music; introductions; 
special speaking guests; private tarot 
and astrology (X-tra=$) will happen 
in the BookCafe's secret nooks; music,
performance; mind expanding artwork; 
and a kirtan (5 hours)! SANGHA Features:  MC Michael O'Connell - MASTER  Elizabeth LaBue - Thai Yoga  Nancy Figueroa-Galarza - High Vibe Sound & Singing Bowls
 Evyan Streitfeld - Shiatsu/Reiki
 @LAURA LUKOS - Life giving Crystals  Vala Dawn - Acoustic Mystical Readings  GORDON REICHERT & TATFOO TAN & JENNIFER GALLO - Tarot Readers!!! DENORA INDIGOCRYSTAL - Astrologer Extraordinarie  AMAWALK - ** Electronic Music Sound ** SI GOLRAINE - illuminating Paintings  BORICUA GUITAR POWER *🌟* Shama Dhanani, Hypno Soul Coach & Success Shaman *🌟* A Hypno-Soul-Clearing Journey (at 2:30pm)  SIMONE JOHNSON  Mesmerizing Dancing  SANCHI BOBROW  Kirtan guide with guest guests!! LESLIE GREENWOOD's w/ a naturally  high vibration lunch.  PLUS Metaphysical Slide Show  and magical environs! 
And DIY connections to 50 others! 
Remember to connect now before 
you forget!!! Special Unique 
Connection Circle for Sangha
#StatenIslandSangha ❤️ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/staten-island-sangha-tickets-50247152586

#statenisland #siny #sinyc #statenislandny #sangha #sisangha @humansofny @hanuman
After 19 years in corporate, I found the power of Meditation and it's impact on not just improved focus, stress releif +, but also on how your relationship dynamics can improve drastically. 🌟I invite you to an amazing Free🌟 weekly meditation series, where you too can improve your internal mindset and more. 🌟Great for beginners and experienced participants. 🌟I'll be leading next Thurs Oct. 4th💖 and hope to see you at one or many!! The positive transformations I experienced from Hypnotherapy and Oneness Mediation + MIndfullness are what inspired me to launch a new career in wellness 5 years ago.  I am confident you will gain benefits of stress relief and find peace through these practices. (This series is meditation only, not hypnotherapy - if you'd like to know the difference please reach out to me.) #nyc #blessed #selfcare #meditation #focus #peace #stressrelief #Oneness #Awareness #Improve #Relationships #Goals #Lifestyle #mindset
Sunday at the SI Autumn Expo had me high vibing! I have been offering my hypnosis soul coaching, Oneness blessings/deeksha/chakra meditations + recently shamanic healings at events for years....but I didn't realize I was so nervous this time around.  It was the same, but it wasn't, because my external + internal worlds have changed.
This summer changed me...bc I let it... I dove into a "dark night of the soul"  journey, as many call it. 🌟I got better acquainted with the monkey mind/ego (spiraled down in that learning 🤦🏽‍♀️). Learned when it was afraid and tried to stop (or sabotage) me from the amazing opportunities that came up. #awareness. I helped myself move forward with ease to show up fully + 💕enjoy the opportunities ahead.
🌟I experienced depression taking me down, I reached for support, got back up in my time.
⭐As a healer + coach, I recognized the stigma of being afraid to share my volnerability  and encouraged myself to let my bare humanness be visible.
🌟I un-learned a lot of outdated/old paradigm ways,  and created space for how I want to show up for myself + my clients.
This Expo was my "ReEmergence/ Coming out," as the more aligned me, humbled and grateful in new ways.
🌟I changed all of my hypno soul coaching offerings so this healing is accessible in single sessions, shorter or long programs. #LoveOptions
⭐I started selling beautiful creations from my soul, Handmade by me with love + 🙌🏽 Blessed with yummy energy: 🚖Traveling Smudge Kits wSage, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass & mini feather. 🍃🦃Smudge Feather Fans w gems
🌟I started monthly goddess gatherings in SI, .... it's alive and needed more than ever before. 💕I invite you join me in these experiences or beautiful offerings💕
I had to let go of a lot for this all to have space to reveal itself.....and didn't know the joy this would all bring me. 
I'm so grateful for all the support from beautiful soul family, at the expo, over the past weeks and beyond.  You may or may not know it, but you had a tremendous impact on me and I am so very grateful. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏 #darknightofthesoul #evolve #newparadigm #smudgefeather #sagesmudge #palosanto #hypnotherapist #soulcoach #onenessblessing
This Sunday, Sept. 16th in Staten Island (11am-6pm)

Excited to share we just added this FUN Interactive Workshop (Come on in and get cleared!) 🔮4:00pm -4:40pm
🔮Experience Sage, Sound and Chakras to Clear Your Energy Fields🔮
w/Shama Dhanani, Hypno Soul Coach & Success Shaman 💫Experience clearing your energy with tools like sage, palo santo, salt, healing sounds of the Drum, and Chakra Hypno Meditations. 💫Learn Why and How these practices help you move out of stress and into clarity + and how they have evolved from their origins. 💫Join us so you can truly connect with your higher self and leave feeling lighter, happier, soul aligned! 💫As you practice this calm, cleared state in your life, using the fun tools that resonate for you, you will experience more peace and make better choices every day!
🌟There will be smudge kits, smudge feather fans, drum making workshop and so much more to explore and take home!

#smudgestick #smudgefan #sage #palosanto #drum #nativeamerican #indian #indiginous #american #sciencemeetsspirituality #spiritual #reiki #Deeksha #blessed #cleansing #clear #balance #selfcare #statenisland #nyc #nj #thingstodoinstatenisland #makeyourowndrum #drum #soundhealing
Come experience 45+ energy healers, lightworkers, explore holistic products and connect with new soul aligned friends!

There will be 🌟gemstone jewelry,🌟holistic healing, 🌟cbd goodies, 🌟oracle and tarot, 🌟art creations 🌟sage and smudge tools (feather smudge fans, traveling sage cleanaing kits and more at my table!) along with 🌟amazing speakers and expereinces throughout the day!

Arrive early to sign up for 🌟15 minute Experience with me (last time 15 min sessions sold out by 3pm!) 🌟Explore Esesential Oils, Sage / energy clearing tools, and 🌟enter a {Free} Raffle at my table! 🌟PLUS, if you've been waiting to work with me in private sessions, I will have an Exclusive Single Session Promotion at the show! (If you can't make the expo, you can still email me and claim your session before the end of day on 9/16!)
🌟LINK IN BIO - Come explore (NJ, this is right over the bridge for you too!!)
An amazing free weekly meditation series from our NYC Oneness Community!! We kick off tonight with the lovely @catherine_scherwenka
And flow weekly with an amazing new teacher every week.  Each guide will resonate with you differently so come experience each week anew! 🌟Great for first time meditators and practiced meditators
🌟Experience peace
🌟Meet our Oneness Community
🌟Experience deeksha
🌟Open to all faiths 💖, All accepted!
🌟Every Thursday, 7pm-8:30 until Dec. 13th

I'll be there tonight and many Thursdays to  meditate and enjoy the great juju 💫🙌🏽🙏🏽
🌟I'll be leading Nov. 29th at NYU
🌟1st Wed Deekshas are stillon for Oct 3 and Nov. 2 at Sheen Center in our usual format so you can opt in for double the meditation and energy healing those weeks! 😉

#meditation #oneness #presence #conciousness #evolve
#community #connection #Deeksha #blessing #acceptance #WorkStudy #takeabreak #meditate #NYC #nyu  #mainstreammeditation
In just a few hours, I look forward to our first small gathering of women, tonight, Sept. 7th in St. George, 5 blocks from the ferry.
We may end the evening with some hands on energy blessing (Deeksha,) as we have some blessings givers in attendance. (It's not to late to join! 3 spaces remain, so if this calls to you, please register via eventbrite below before 6:30pm to receive address + info. LINK IN BIO) 
There has been a deep calling for women to gather and support eachother in the undeniable evolutions impacting our lives at this time and I know doing it in community is so much more powerful than struggling isolated (even if you're isolating things in your head!) Come be in community.

#Women #gather #community #strongertogether #receive #unconditional