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Ancient Tools for Modern Success. Remover of Second Guessing, Procrastination & Overwhelm. Energy Healer, Shaman, Oneness Trainer + Mind Upgrader.


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Today's Lions Gate energy is so potent and Powerful.. I've been feeling this pressure headache getting more intense for 2 days. I close my eyes and there's an abundance of colors and insights - I can not make out clearly yet, yet I #Trust. Tonight I made space to go for a walk and went to one of my favorite places. As I walked around the gardens I found this beautiful being resting in peace, it's left the Earth plane... end of a cycle. It seems so very timely to discover this tonight as the Lion's Gate reaches it's Peak and I / we collectively release the old and are reborn.... if we allow it...with ease. 
My head only feels better when I'm in nature/outside or in meditation, the ways that allow for the downloads occurring now. It seems my body is making my path clear...so long as I listen.  Are you listening or distracting?  The time us now soul family, we have chosen to be here and continue to awaken. Let the blessings continue to be revealed.

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Join me, Shama Dhanani, Hypnosis Soul Coach this Sunday, July 29 at
11:00am: How to Stop Living with Distractions and Doubt; Activate Your Success Mindset Using Hypnosis.
Penthouse on the 16th Floor

Stay to explore more!
In its 17th year of educating people about holistic wellness techniques, the Awaken Fair presents both ancient practices and cutting edge technology.

Offering dozens of exhibitors, including compelling speakers, gifted healers, unique vendors and inspired readers at the 
Roger Smith Hotel, 
501 Lexington Ave. @ 47th St. in NYC on Sunday July 29, 2018. 
FREE admission – but you need a ticket - go to www.AwakenFair.com

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Fun and relaxation!  Do you want to feel amazing? Come to experience *Free* deep relaxation quickie at The BandShell (near The Bethesda Fountain!) Before 6pm today.  Team @gshypnosis is in Central Park y'all! 
@gracesmithtv will be leading the largest group hypnosis on record at 3:00pm! 
Come by and say hello to @shamaslight
@shonduh @gshypnosis
My girl @jennlederer killed it tonight @standupny!  I had to make it to celebrate her tonight and trecked it waaay uptown from another partay (Ya know I'm gettin old for that, lol) Which means I missed the beginning where there were more amazing Women comics opening the show. #womenpower #whoruntheworldgirls

If ya don't know Jenn, ya may wanna find out, because she's pioneering Motivational Comedy.  That's right Wellness folks, this comedy hits your sweet spot (over and over!) I laughed so hard, not just at her jokes but also because I had to laugh at doing that shit in my own life - and laugh at myself.  Exactly what helps me get over "being too hard on myself." Overachievers must experience Jenn's magic!  Thanks for an amazing night of laughter and hugs with amazing friends!

#comedy #stressrelief
#forcoaches #wellness #womencomics 
What a joy celebrating @gracesmithtv at her book launch party for "Close Your Eyes Get Free" with my fellow Hypnotherpist sistas + old and new friends! It has been inspiring to witness and be a part of this incredible journey she has set out on to make Hypnosis mainstream, lift the veil of misunderstandings, and shed light on the true power of regaining self empowerment (mind and body.) This book is an awesome way to get some hypnosis in your life and understand just HOW it works and how YOU can do Self Hypnosos - yup.... YOU Can!  This is an amazing tool...do not miss out on it!
Come visit us and team Grace at Ozy Feat in Central Park this weekend to explore some more!

Grace, I am so blessed to have found you and to witness the intensive journey you've been on.  The dedication and commitment you give to us, students trained through your cerrification to become the best Hypnotherapists, is impacting so many beyond us.  I am proud to have been taught by you!  Life is so much better, I am a much better person and co-creating a life I love so much more because of hypnosis. 
Thank you!!! It's still just the beginning love!

#hypnosis #mainstream
Wow!! I am so so so humbled and filled with joy. Tonight was a the icing to a very challenging yet fulfilling week.... it was a celebration of life....an honoring of life. 
Thank you Mirabai Moon + Tejas Monteverdi
For bringing your magic and
Music. ~We meditated to clear our Chakras.
~We blessed eachother with Deeksha energy. ~We sang, led by Mirabai and Tejas, and raised our vibrational energy...and then...
~We gave back, to our selves and to our world, all the goodness +strengrh needed for us all now, in a beautiful circle of expansion. ♡(Yo, the energy was off the hook - yup so good I am using my 90's slang! Lol)♡ We know that many gather just as we do, and my desire is that we collectively raise the vibration of our communities, creating a better world.  While that does sometimes involve going thru the muck, the conflict and discomforts, we continue to remain vigilant and keep the faith...and gather....and love...and support.  #WeGotThis *Annd, I had some very specific requests to bring more meditation to Staten Island....so lets make that happen too! 😍💖🙏🏽 Also...I *Just* got my crown in the mail minutes before everyone arrived so of course I had to put it on (#SoExcited)....and remind everyone we each have our own crowns... We ARE all  #Queens #Kings #Goddesses #Gods #ISeeYou
#BlissedOut #StatenIsland #SINY #NYC meditation #chakras
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And sometimes we're so blissed out that we end in a lil dance partaaaay and send blessings to our loved ones and all on planet earth and beyond.  The power of our collective is capable of blessing vibrational ripples beyond us.

Community is everything.  Our soul families make this earth journey so so so much better.  I am so grateful for my many soul brothers and sisters 💗. I hope to see so many more amazing souls at deeksha.... next "official" Downtown Deeksha is Aug 1st in NYC.... And... look out for Pop Ups from @andreaserbonich in NYC...
And an outdoor gathering +  Deeksha (and maybe Kirtan too!) at my building on SI.

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#light #journey #dothework
All are welcome at Downtown Deeksha. (Every 1st Wed of the month.) **NO DEEKSHA on July 4 or Sept 5.**
I am overflowing with love. What an amazing experience supporting the Native American Pow Wow, witnessing + feeling the energy of ceremonial dance, embracing adornments for our body and soul, All with a beautiful tribe of goddess sisters 💗  How can life get even better than this, Universe?! I'm sure the more I ask that, the more you show me...and I am so open to receiving all the blessings you bestow with grace and gratitude 🙏🏽💞🔮🎉💫🦄👑 #tribe #blessed #nativeamerican #powwow #community #adorn #sacreddance #tribal #feathers #sage #palosanto #ritual #fieldtrip #soulmates #love #indiginous #ceremony #HypnoSoul
*Deep breath...bc this one is super volnerable even for me.* 🙈

My best friend teases that everyone thinks I'm *Always* so happy
*Always* so positive...
and... I'm not ALWAYS.... She says, "they don't know you crack too and I get stuck with you" (in a super playful + loving way. Lol)

Truth is,  I work at it,  as we all must. 
Perfection is a false illusion.  Progress is Real...this is continued progress...but we weren't taught to share that because we'd be judged (men and women)...
*too weak, insecure,..(insert all the BS...) My natural disposition is to be more positive, and I cultivate that every day. 
As a healer, a Hypnotist, someone who loves studying the way our thoughts impact progress and how you can harness that to change your stories and reach goals.....I know the importance of staying positive for the sake of training the mind.

The more I stretch myself past my comfort zones, (which is daily!) the more I'm challanging myself, and the more I'm growing/evolving It can be a lot all at once sometimes.  To do it being a "solo" entreprenuer when I'm social and mostly an extroverted person...oh my! *This moment, tonight was one of those.* I was keeping it positive and holding it together until someone I trust asked me how I am... Someone else offered support and held space for me... Then deeksha happened and many healing souls blessed me and us all with energy... Then the "floodgates" opened... This is ALL part of progress.  This is not weakness, rather it's a contributor to feminine paradigm #Strength.

As I allow myself to be with this moment fully, I allow myself to enhance the next moment.  If I still need someone to hold space for me, I allow myself that too.  I am already stronger and wiser for it, and tomorrow will be amazing with the expansion that continues. 
So incredibly grateful for all the souls who I can call on in my journey.  We aren't meant to do this earth life thang alone.

Off to clear what's not mine first  #Sage 
I'm gonna sleep so well tonight.✌ Progress Is Worth Every Moment of Expansion. 
#ProgressIsReal #BreakdownToBreakThrough #feminineparadigm
#processing #volnerable #divine #divinefeminine
"A guru (teacher/guides) purpose is to hold the vision for a beloved until she/he can hold it for themselves." Blanca Beyar, these words you spoke months ago have given me more insight into how I can expand the space I hold for my clients - and it shows in their success...as it does in mine because you continue to hold my vision with me.  Life feels magical! 💫

I am so blessed and still integrating the morning of activations and release.  Cutting ancient cords (calling in Isis and Kali for deep support...they helped get it done), returning to my home of Avalon and Egypt, opening seals of ascension - most of which we both didn't expect...yet it also didn't "surprise." Our souls knew. Many remembrances and so much empowered love.  Today, I had the priveledge to embody my goddess warrior in many forms.  Thank you for being my beautiful guide 🙏🏽💖. Thank you for a physical manifestation of my wings 😘 Love you 🦄💫💗 As a healer, a coach, a channel, a Human BEing, it's even more important to make self care a priority.  Why? Because I want to love fully, to embrace and thrive at living fully...not just survive, to be a clear channel for myself, my clients and because it just feels oh soo good to be loved on.  It took me a long time to embrace receiving and bring self care to the top, and now that I have, I am fueled and expanding more and more Rapidly!  It's accelerated my life in so many ways!

#Ascend #CordCutting #healing #guru #guide #teacher #coach #spirit #pastLife #gratitude #selfcare #Unconditional #Love #HoldSpace #Empower #Vibration #Alignment #Eqypt #Avalon #Shaman #IsisEgypt #IsisGoddess #Kali #Goddess #maatgoddess #wings
A Special Pop Up Deeksha for Thursday, May 24th near Union Square + a special announcment about date for upcoming 64 Deeksha with Margaret Nichols! 
Experience this supportive space created by committed, loving souls as we continue to raise our vibes together + receive oneness blessings.  Come to connect back INTO You, your higher self, your clarity and release what doesn't serve you. 
We welcome all faiths + backgrounds!  Come as you are, we will hold space for you with love.  No labels, no titles, no explanations, expectations or demands...only love, Oneness.

Raise your conciousness + practice Human Be-ing, Connection, Community + Hugs! 
What is deeksha?? Deeksha is a Divine intelligent energy transfer that causes a neurobiological transformation within the brain of the recipient.  A hands on blessing (think Indian form of Reiki,) this transfer helps people move away from the sense of separation towards a sense of connectedness and oneness with all creation, allowing feelings of bliss, ease, peace, joy, and love to be more fully experienced in one’s daily life. It is not a teaching or concept, but rather an experience or process that supports all paths or beliefs.

Deeksha, Oneness Blessing
When:  TACT, 900 Broadway, Suite 905, Between East 19th and East 20th Streets, a few blocks from Union Square!
(USUALLY the *FIRST* Wednesday of Every month) 
Fee: $10 (cash at door)

For Questions, email:  Shama@ShamasLight or PM Shama Dhanani

#Deeksha #diksha #Oneness #onenessuniversity #onenessblessing #raiseconsciousness #align #release #unconditional #love
"Just Enough," an inspiring documentary created by  my dear friend @jennlederer and @triciabrouk.  A reminder we are enough, it is safe to be who we are, in this moment, and the next.👣 Movement, courage and inspiration.
I am so grateful to know this unicorn and the light she radiates in the world - reminding us "It's Safe to Shine." So much love for you 💖 and excitement for a magical journey! 💫

And of course, such courage gathers the most amazing people!  Happy to see so many goddesses I adore. 💗
I was just thinking about how I missed @daniellemercurio and want to see her in NYC and there she was! 
How can life get better than this? (That's my order placed with the universe, in case you missed it. It always can get even more magical!) #JustEnough #SafeToShine #alignment #soulalignment #sister #community #celebration #being #love #manifesting