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2017 - Strong and steadfast

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Report day and our daughters owned  this school year.  Sitting together this afternoon, hubby’s strong voice becomes choked with emotion as he reads out loud each report.  The power of God’ blessings is in full force in our lives and neither of us can hold back our tears of gratitude.  He finishes reading, looks each of his daughters in their eyes and with tears in his own tells them how proud he is of them.  He reminds them to never stop praying.  He looks to me and simply says “we must continue to tautua our families, our villages and our God.” To ‘saili manuia’ especially when it is hard, not for ourselves but for our children.  As their father, your words and your actions have nurtured purpose and spoken truth to our daughters, that they will be nothing short of becoming strong, confident and beautiful young women.
The Good Word reminds me that as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  All actions, big, small, seen and  unseen the question remains how can I be of positive influence?”
I love this face and I love his purpose.  Life is lived when we listen to God’s whispers and when listening is then followed by action.  God in our distance si o’u alofa and God as our guide❤️😘
You and I together with God, will continue to weave our shared story because a chord of three strands is not easily broken.  13 years strong as Mr and Mrs.  Through all the good and all the hard times,  I’ll still always choose you. Happy anniversary si o’u alofa ❤️❤️
"A leai se gagana ua leai se aganu'u. A leai se aganu'u, ua pō le nu'u". As parents, we pray for moments that enrich our children's identities in their heritage and in God's purpose for them to do great things not for themselves but because He has called them to be bold and to be strong.  Our Sāmoan Language and Sāmoan culture brought together to worship and give witness to God's mighty hand in our lives.  Tausala 2017, to God be the glory.
Lord, bless the love between us❤️🙏🏾
Lotu o Tamaiti 2017. Children are a heritage from the Lord.  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one's youth.  Blessed.  Lord, in return, we raise them in Your ways to love and serve You always ❤️Happy White Sunday to my babies and all the children who gave God their best today during their White Sunday programmes🙏🏾
Such a lovely feeling to have most of our family babies together and although sadly we are missing some due to distance we are also happily awaiting the arrival of our newest family pepe!! Such a sweet thing to be growing in numbers.  All in God's good timing.  We pray for more moments together like this and praying that the next time will be complete @susanamuaiava ❤️❤️😍😍 Muaiava Family strong xx
On days like today we remember the positive impact of those whom we have in our lives.  The father figures who guide us with their wisdom and their love.  Father figures who are strong and courageous, steadfast and unshakeable.  Praise God for your presence in our lives.  Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Father in law and my brothers.  Happy Father's Day, too, to si o'u alofa.  God bless and guide you all.  With love today and always❤️❤️❤️
My husband and my son.  My husband is such a strong pillar of culture and language in our little family.  He is a wonderful example for our girls and our son.  Here he is reading his son the story of Sina and Tigilau.  Sharing with our children our stories of old.  For the love of our Gagana. 🙏🏾🇼🇸❤️
Bedtime reading.  Raising our children to be strong and confident bilingual readers.  Raising our children to be strong and confident  in both the Samoan and Palagi world.  For the love of our Gagana ❤️🇼🇸🙏🏾
Slow cooker Sunday.  It's my life saver when I need to have the kids ready for church and be on time as well as have piping hot food ready for when we get home.  Mama life and I love it!  Counting my blessings. 🙏🏾