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In light of the events that took place in Charlottesville last weekend, to Trump’s refusal to condemn the white supremacists and neo-nazis, and to the general unease, anxiety, and sadness that is pulsing through the country, we wanted to make a statement:

We at The Keep A Breast Foundation stand in solidarity with the Anti-Fascist movement, with Heather Heyer, with Black Lives Matter, and with any and all individuals who are taking a stand in any capacity against racism and bigotry.

As a non-profit organization who is rooted in caring about people, we have a responsibility to use our privilege and take part in dismantling these oppressive and toxic structures that are so rampant in this country. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or any other ideology which is situated in hatred of any persons based on their identities.

We believe in the acceptance and equality of all peoples. We are a diverse organization with affiliates all over the globe. We do not discriminate. Love is at the core of our organization. We firmly believe that love is more powerful than fear or hate.

It is truly up to us, those with privilege, to stand up and take action in times like these. Use your voice, use your privilege: post on social media, talk to your friends and family, donate, rally. We cannot and will not sit quietly.
Artwork by @tsurufoto
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🤘🏽Wille 🤘🏽
He was seriously shredding!!! So lucky to see this legend tonight! #thankyouwillie #countrysong #willienelson #legend
💓💓#Repost @pushing4pink can't wait!!! 💓💓
This coming October marks the 3rd year of Pushing For Pink, and to celebrate we are broadening our reach with events not only in San Francisco but in New York and Los Angeles! Stay tuned in for more info and visit @keepabreast @spitfirewheels @gcode_tb4l @rastaclat 🎥 @natedeez @alohajahkoda 💕💕💕
Once an angel saved my life.
That is why I have these wings tattooed on my back.
They wrap around my shoulders because I need to be reminded that I am being held and supported in this lifetime.
I need to be reminded that I have a path, I live in service, my life has meaning and my days can not be wasted in helplessness and despair. Things are hard right now in our world, but I just have to look around and be grateful that I am surrounded by a diverse and compassionate group of people. Thank you all for the PMA!!! 📷 @ileanamirandapintora 
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I believe in #diversity and #inclusion, so the violence and terror perpetrated by white supremacists in #Charlottesville on Saturday is incredibly disheartening for me; as a nation, we should not be completely surprised by the actions of the emboldened alt-right if we have our eyes wide open and honestly acknowledge and examine their escalating hostile rhetoric and actions toward non-whites, immigrants, and Muslims. 
@realdonaldtrump spewed vitriol toward groups like Muslims, Black Lives Matter, and Latino immigrants while he also courted and allied himself with alt-right and white nationalist groups during his campaign and gave white nationalists like Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Miller, and Jeff Sessions, positions in his administration. Trump’s scapegoating has emboldened white nationalists and normalized a degree of bigotry that since the civil rights era has mostly lived in the shadows. If you have any doubts that Trump’s sympathies lie with the white nationalists, examine his double standard when it comes to quickly categorizing violence perpetrated by non-whites as terrorism while refraining from the use of the term “terrorism” when a politically motivated violent act has been committed by a white person. 
#Trump attempted to equally blame white power protesters and those assembled to protest against the white power rally. Imagine if the roles had been reversed and a Muslim or non-white driver had plowed into a gathered crowd of white nationalists… Trump would have instantly called the act terrorism! The way it appears to me is that Trump only wants to use the term “terrorism” when it supports a racist and xenophobic perspective. 
Trump has encouraged hate, but all of us who have stayed silent have created an environment more permissive of hate. We need to stand up for the values of diversity, religious freedom, equality, and human dignity. The future is ours to shape if we have the courage to use our voices and take action. Thanks for caring. - Shepard
☠️GFL ☠️
Grind For Life. 
Friends helping friends that help friends with Cancer. Supporting @grindforlifeorg today at the 11th annual @clashatclairemont Love these amazing humans! #grindforlife #clashatclairemont #cancersucks #keepabreast #checkyourselfie
Hyped to be out here today at @clashatclairemont supporting my friend and his amazing organization @grindforlifeorg check them out! They help families with cancer cover costs when they have to travel long distances for treatments! Angels are real and the skate community always rises to the occasion. #grindforlife #thankyouskateboarding #keepabreast #cancersurvivor
❤️ choose love ❤️
Is there really any other choice? By choosing to love all of me allows me to truly and honestly love you. What else could be more magical? What else could I imagine living for? This is part of the finishing process of making the Keep A Breast casts. I've gotten so many blisters on my hands over the years from trying to cut plaster that is drying fast with wet hands and crappy scissors.  #keepabreast #breastcast #pma #ily #fsu #seductiondisruption #knuckletattoos #chooselove 📷 @updateswithkat
Even when you feel small, stand tall in your heart, let your heart shine cuz there is only one you and I need you and I'm pretty sure the world needs you too! Your light helps me shine mine. Thanks @ponysweat & @spooksband & @mel_cakes for the heart explosion crazy dance super sauce mash up tonight! I loved every second of it! I see you. #ponysweat #ponysweataerobics #breastcast #keepabreast #pma #danceallday #dance #dancemoms
Natalie (my palm tree) shedding limbs. Nature gives lessons loud and clear. You gotta let go of the parts of you that are not flourishing to make room for new growth to flower. #palmtree #nature #patio #leucadia #theanswerisblowinginthewind #bearcupcake
💓home sweet home 💓
Oh my gosh....Thank you to all the bands that came by to see us at Warped Tour today! We were so lucky to have Ashely Osborn shoot portraits for our upcoming October Campaign! Great to be home on the road today! #ashleyosborn #creepercult #warpedtour #vanswarpedtour #keepabreast #checkyourselfie #fuckcancer
Smiling straight into the weekend. Thank you @newimageart for letting us crash out at your pad! #roaddogs #bearcupcake #dogmom #workanywhere #gypsy #ontheroad #poodle #pma #smile