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🌴 OTG 🌴 
Officially Off The Grid for 13 days. 
#pinecone to #vivamexico
Somewhere along the line, I decided I was not pretty. I can't remember how I came to this decision or why I just never felt pretty.
I always thought my friends were way prettier than I was. I was never really girly.
I liked playing rough, getting dirty and being bossy. I liked skateboarding and BMX. Did I think for some reason that being girly equaled pretty? Was I not pretty because I had short hair and wore baseball tees? Did my skinned knees make me not pretty?
I did always feel beautiful. I felt beautiful because I felt loved and I knew I was cool. I knew I had unique talents. I was good at making things. I knew inside there was only one me in the world.
Lately, I'm trying to access my more girly energy. I'm trying to soften. I'm trying to feel things like a feather as opposed to the high horsepower muscle car energy that I'm normally operating from. I'm trying to listen better and ask for guidance from my wise native ancestors. 
I'm looking deeply at my definition of pretty and working on what that looks and feels like for me now. 🧝🏽‍♀️🧙🏼‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧚🏽‍♂️
How do you feel? What makes you feel pretty or beautiful?
⚡️Been doing this for 18 years! ⚡️ Why don’t y’all Download our Check Yourself app. (Link in KAB bio) and help me out by telling a friend! #checkyourself #keepabreast #warpedtour #warpedforever #checkyourselfie
“Weird is a good thing” is something this kid says.  I love that about him.  I love that at his age he appreciates his own weirdness. I saw him and myself in another light these last few days. I related to him in a new way. I realized we had something in common. We are both the oldest. Being the oldest sibling comes with so much responsibility.  You get blamed and you want to take the blame.  You’re expected to set a good example and look out for the younger one. As the oldest you pave the way but it never matters cuz the youngest always gets away with everything anyway.  I love being a big sister and I wouldn’t trade my brother for anything in the universe. Although when I was 9, this kids age, I just may have traded him for a puppy if I had the chance.  Who else is a big brother or sister? #familyvacation #freshcrab #crabcouture #oldestchildproblems #empathymatters #namaste #namaslay #couture #hautecouture #beachfashion
Looking back at the beginning of 2018 like..... #newhouse #newcity #newlove #newlife Loving my family time in #oregon before I’m off to Mx for for deeply lovely soul exploring with a bunch of babes. 🌈⚡️ #spitfirewheels
Not really feeling patriotic but totally feeling the love. #purplerain💜 #dardens #familygoals #newportoregon
I am so grateful to the @vanswarpedtour and @dickiesgirlofficial for having our CHECK YOURSELF booth out on the entire tour this summer. This is our most important work. Nothing can replace face to face education. I ❤️ the opportunities I have to build friendships, foster trust, educate young people and most importantly just listening. Letting people who have been impacted by breast cancer heard, seen and in most cases hugged. Pic: @ashleehussey #foreverwarped #warpedtour #keepabreast #checkyourselfie #earlydetection #cancerprevention #mydickies #dickiesgirl
THIS BLOG IS IMPORTANT! Please read and share. Link in KAB profile. 🌈#Repost @keepabreast ・・・
Lesbian & bisexual women do not differ from straight women in their bodies, so why do studies suggest that queer women are at a higher risk of breast cancer than straight women? This #pride month, we explored these discrepancies in or newest blog. ❤️💛💚💙💜
Link in bio!
#Repost  so amazing!! Check out this bike my brother just built. Beautiful. If you check the original post on @santacruzbicycles you can see all the detail images. Proud of you Burl. You never just do something for the sake of it. You always put your very best into it! You grew up to be a very talented human. xoxo
Long time friend of the brand, Burl Darden/@againstthegraininc just built up this new custom #BurlCC (You read that right) and DAMN is it nice.
We've always marveled at Burl's attention to detail in all the things he does, like fabricating all the fine wood furniture for our tradeshow displays, or with art installations for his day job at @obeygiant/@obeyclothing, and this build is no exception #Dialed.
• Frame: #BlurCC
• Fork: 120mm @Fox Factory 34 Step-Cast
• Shock: Fox Float DPS
• Dropper: Fox Transfer 150mm
• Drivetrain/Hubs:@rideshimano XTR 11spd
• Cassette: Shimano XT 11/46
• Brakes: XTR Trail 180mm Rotors
• Cockpit & Rims: @envecomposites
• Tires: @maxxis Minion SS 29 x 2.3"
• Saddle: @ergonbike SMR3
• Frame Decals: Orange SC DT decals (available on our webstore)
🔝Photos by @wheat_meat. Thanks Chris!
🎸 #TBT 🎸 
That one time in #2009 When I cast @Josieoutlaw1 on the @vanswarpedtour
#checkyourselfie #keepabreast #warpedtour #foreverwarped #breastcast
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