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Mother cannot be described in a statement or defination. She is a Universe in herself. Everything starts with her and ends on her feet. She is #life #knowledge #Oxygen #Persistence #Wisdom and moreover an avatar of God on this planet earth....
The EARTH does not belong to MAN. The MAN belongs to the EARTH!!🌍 #earthdayeveryday🌎 
Challenges are what make life INTERESTING and overcoming them is what makes life MEANINGFUL💓
Everyday is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier and to be the best version of YOU !!!
#stayfit #stayhealthy #staymotivated
Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good we really are !!!
#selflove #selfreflection #alwaysbehappy
I am in charge of how I feel and Today I choose HAPPINESS !!!
#morningmotivation #behappy #nomatterwhat
There are a lot of ways to save water.... And it all starts with you!! 🌍🌊
Shaping India is proud to be instilling the value of respecting water through our Movement & Me program for students!!!
Let's join hands to make India KINESTHETIC READY. Kinesthetic means to be Active, Agile and Observant. Shaping India is successfully implementing KINESTHETIC EDUCATION in schools for Life Skills & Values. More than 3200 plus students and 450 plus Teachers are transformed in 1year. Connect with us if you want to make your school KINESTHETIC Driven.
First and foremost let me take this opportunity to wish you all very Happy and Productive Women's Day.

Today while I pen my thoughts about what I think and feel of women's day, I believe that I am utmost qualified to write a few lines on the importance of acknowledging and celebrating this day with utmost dignity and happiness.

Right from my childhood till date to start with, my Mother to my very strong sister, wife and daughter in terms of character I have had a priviliege to witness an unparalled courage and compassion that women are capable of.  I have seen the transformative strength of goodness and the healing power of gentleness.

In this corporate world where one speaks about Gender Equality, I can proudly proclaim that Shaping India's team right from my valuable partner to core team to our trainers whom we fondly address as Movers & Expressers is completely women dominated. I consider my work with these heroic and beautiful hearted women a great privilege as it imparts dignity and purpose to my life.

I gain so much of confidence, creativity, happiness and optimism from all these women around, that at times it becomes my only source of energy and vitality. 
At times honestly I am also jealous of your abilities and find myself less privileged of not matching up to your thought process.

The fine balance which women maintain between home & work, simple solutions they offer to critical issues, empathy towards our beneficiaries Principal's through P.L.A.N and K.A.T.T and M.O.V.S for Teacher's and Student's respectively gives our existence as an organisation a very different meaning and sense of fulfilment. 
Before I signoff, I would again reiterate the fact that a life of a Man is incomplete without a presence of a women who brings in her substance, grace and wisdom at every step of his life. 
I feel blessed that I get to experience these priceless virtues everyday @ work and @ home with such powerful women been around. 
Thanks for reading and investing your time. Every word in here is my personal opinion with no bias or prejudice. 😊

Have a great day ahead!!! Heemanshu Doshi,
Founder - CEO
Shaping India
People who celebrate together stay together!💞
Progressive 5th year Anniversary celebration of Shaping India at office!😇
Thanks a ton to every one for your unconditional support, guidance and blessings. Today on this remarkable day of our journey we seek your continued patronage. You all witnessed our rapid growth in last 5 years. Today we promise to bring in more value and growth for all our associates in times to come. Rgds. Shaping India
HAPPINESS is watching our children SMILE!😊