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Sand | Gravel | Wet | Rough Terrain
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A piece of art @rachid_483 #sharkwheels
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Winners will he announced this Friday! Good luck! #sharkwheels 🦈
Thank you @afletcherfilm for this awesome commercial #sharkwheels
Multi-Color 60mm’s now available! #sharkwheels
Sneak peek at our 350lbs farming wheel going through soybean fields. Not digging a trench is the name of the game here and our SWIFT (Sine Wave Innovative Flotation and Traction wheel) is performing better than we anticipated.  The flexing 'lugs' of the design were modeled after a seagull's wings.

Shark Wheel won a government grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and they have funded our Phase I project.  We hope to bring this wheel to farmers next year to improve their ROI, downtime,  and trenches (ruts). We will release our behind-the-scenes industrial Shark Wheels soon, stay tuned.
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Here is a code to help you Labor a little less! Use code “LABOR18” for 20% off you ENTIRE order through Monday. Link is in bio #sharkwheels
Cruising the streets of Dubai with that Shark Wheel vibe 🤙🏼 Thanks @arineisk for the rad photo!
@gentle_frames 💦 #sharkwheels
@kevinsivpole is back again walking across the entire United States to support Childhood Cancer Oncology camps and raise awareness and funding for these camps.  Kevin is amazing and has already walked from Manhattan Beach, California through Arizona through Oklahoma through Illinois and he keeps going! Shark Wheels are on his symbolic IV Pole trying to take him to the finish line to the east coast.  Go Kevin!

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