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•Designed by Shayote Carter• maker of jewels + objects • offroad adventurer • land for wildlife • australia


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✨Crafting eucalyptus smudge sticks for purification on National Eucalyptus Day🌿 I’m setting boundaries and clear intentions today!With Mars out of bounds raising intensity, anger and passions it seems like the perfect time to smudge my body mind and soul! Have you encountered any out of the blue experiences? Would love to hear from you below 🙏🏼✨ #shayotedesigns #metaphysical #jewelry #ritual #intent #selfcare #smudge
✨NEW BEGINNINGS.. living in the tropics I relate to the Spring equinox as opposed to the south of Australia heading into Autumn.. the cyclone that just passed has cleansed the earth and made way for new seeds of intention to come on through... 🌿 Blessings to you all 🌟 Gorgeous capture of my girl @jahlach in my Eagle Dreamer Shawl.. by @thatdann #shayotedesigns #consciousclothing #jewelry #design #naturelovers #australia
✨Grateful for blue skies today.. thank you so much for all of your DMs and concerns.. still cleaning up around here but we now have power and reception!.. see you in a few days x Shayote #shayotedesigns #jewelry #design #blueskies #palms
✨BALANCE✨ finding the balance between work and play can be tough on the mind and soul sometimes.. my Balance ring is the perfect reminder for me on the daily to take time out in nature... x Shayote #shayotedesigns #jewelrydesigner #jewellerywithmeaning #balance #australia
✨CREATION TIME✨ Gypsybelle creations in the making here at the Doo today!.. filling orders and re stocking for the Market Season here in Darwin! 🌴🌾 #shayotedesigns #jewelry #handcrafted
✨CONNECTION✨ universal energy flows through us all and puts the right connections on our path as we journey through life.. grateful for all those I have had in this lifetime so far.. including this magnificent owl 🦉 My girl @jahlach soaking up the vibes 🙌🏼✨ What connections are you grateful for? I would love to hear from you xx Shayote #shayotedesigns #jewelry #design #metaphysical
✨VIBES✨weekends are for music n magic .. hope your day is a good one! x Shayote x #shayotedesigns #jewelry
✨My two favorites from my online store.. I very rarely take off my Balance Ring it’s such a good reminder to stay focused whenever I feel overwhelmed in my everyday.. it’s got loads of dings on the surface but I love the extra character!.. 🙌🏼 Today I’m diving into the realms of my new Hormonal Health book by @ahealthyview .. being international women’s day I’m going to dedicate the day to all things women! 🌟 what are you up to today? Shayote x #shayotedesigns #jewelrydesigner #australia
✨SOULSHINE✨#tbt to one of my favorite shoots with my fairy 🧚‍♀️ @jahlach .. sending love to all on this international women’s day 🙌🏼💕✨#shayotedesigns
✨SOUL SISTERS✨ Magical connections made through energy & essence.. 🙌🏼.. not by blood or race.. so grateful to have them in my life.. to listen.. for support.. to share that unconditional vibe in this lifetime! 🌟 Tag your soul sister below! Let’s keep the energy flowing 🙌🏼✨ Gorgeous capture of the Balance ring by @passerellamodels #shayotedesigns #jewelrydesigner #australia
✨GOOD VIBES✨ sending good vibes your way for the start of the week!.. a little capture of the full moon rising last week as I set my intentions for the month.. 🙌🏼 I love that time of day when all the birds have settled into their nests.. the flowers have closed .. bats are chirping and the sky begins to fade into the night.. 🌙✨ #shayotedesigns #crystals #jewelry
✨SUNDAY STACK.. loaded up with all my favs from the online store.. have you read the Charm Story Online? Every single piece from the ground up is created with love and intent formyou and our Mother Earth 🌏.. have a beautiful day x Shayote #shayotedesigns #jewelry #gemstones #gemstonejewelry #jewellerywithmeaning #australia